Is Voile Fabric See-Through? (Explained)

Voile is a type of cotton fabric that is sheer and lightweight. It also has a certain crisp feel. Voile is commonly used to make clothing items and curtains.

Voile fabric is a bit see-through.

Here is What Makes Voile See-through:

Voile fabric is somewhat see-through. It is what people would normally call “semi-transparent.” This fabric is see-through because it was made by loosely weaving cotton threads together. The loose weave makes the fabric thin and see-through.

Just How See-Through is Voile Fabric?

This fabric is not completely see-through. Voile fabric is semi-transparent.

This means that they are not good to be worn independently when made into clothing items. Clothes made from voile fabric need to be worn with inner wear.

As curtains, voile fabric is not the best material if you want full privacy.

Does Voile Fabric Give You Much Privacy?

Voile fabric is normally used to make sheer curtains.

Because the material is naturally lightweight, these curtains allow diffused natural light to enter the room. These curtains add a softness to your interiors.

How much the light is diffused and filtered depends on the color of the curtains. Generally, lighter curtains let in more diffused light. And the darker the curtains are, the more light that lights get diffused.

Because voile curtains tend to be light and airy, they also let in some breeze in the room, which is great during summer.

During the day, voile curtains can give you some privacy. These curtains may be sheer, but they have a layer of filter that can prevent people from being able to see the inside of your home.

However, at night, these curtains do not provide any privacy at all. When the curtains are closed, and the lights are turned on, people from the outside can see what is happening indoors.

If you want privacy with your voile curtains, you can layer them with blinds or blackout curtains as additional window treatments.

Doing so will give you a lot of benefits. You can pull back the thicker curtains while keeping the sheer curtains closed, so you get some light during the day without compromising your privacy.

What Is Voile Fabric Made Of?

Voile fabric is a sheer and lightweight type of cotton fabric. It is usually made of 99% cotton, but it can also be made of cotton blended with either linen or polyester.

This fabric has a higher thread count compared to ordinary cotton fabrics. This is what makes them so soft.

Voile fabric is more loosely woven than other cotton fabrics, making them so sheer and light. However, they are still more tightly woven than other sheer fabrics like chiffon.

Voile fabric can come in different colors. Voile fabrics made of 99% cotton are usually dyed with natural dyes, while those blended with synthetic fibers normally use chemical dyes.

Is Voile Fabric Considered Breathable?

Voile fabric is considered breathable. This fabric is light and airy, and it can let some air pass through.

When made into curtains, voile is perfect during summer because it allows a light breeze to enter and circulate in the room without having to compromise your privacy.

What Else Is Voile Fabric Used for?

As curtains, voile is a good fabric to use.

They make sheer curtains that are great during hot summer days. Plus, they can instantly brighten your room and make it appear bigger and more spacious.

Because they have a high thread count, they look more elegant compared to other types of sheer curtains.

Apart from curtains, voile fabric is used to make other items:

  • Men’s clothes – Many men’s dress shirts and work shirts are made of voile fabric.
  • Women’s clothes – There are lots of women’s clothes made of voile fabric. Some examples are blouses, tunics, sundresses, and skirts.
  • Baby clothes – Many baby dresses are also made of voile fabric.
  • Accessories – Voile fabric can also make accessories such as scarves, ribbons, and hair clips.
  • Inner clothes or lingerie – Voile fabric is also used to make lingerie like bralettes and nightgowns.
  • Linings for gowns – Many wedding gowns and formal dresses have linings made of voile fabric.
  • Table cloths and table runners – Voile fabric is also used to make table cloths and runners, especially in formal dinner settings.
  • Mosquito nets – Voile is a good material for making mosquito nets as they can block mosquitoes but still allow air to pass through its fibers.
  • Wedding decorations – Voile fabric is very common for making wedding decorations such as drapes, coverings for arcs, and even wedding souvenirs.
  • Wedding veil – Voile fabric is also a popular choice for wedding veils.

You can also use voile fabric for making arts and crafts.


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