Why Are Mailboxes So Expensive? (Explained)

You might have been blown away by some of the mailbox price tags. $300? $600? Even $900?

How is it possible for a mailbox to be so expensive?

Here’s Why Mailboxes Are So Expensive:

Custom mailboxes use decorative elements, security features, and decorative materials that can drive up the price. The more unique your mailbox is, the higher the price tag. If you choose a standard design made from sturdy plastic or a common metal, you can buy a much more affordable mailbox.

How Much Do Average Residential Mailboxes Cost?

If you are looking for a functional mailbox without all the bells and whistles, you can find a quality choice between $30-$100.

Mailboxes in this price range will feature a standard design approved by the Postmaster General. They probably won’t have added safety features like a key to open the box or intricate, decorative designs.

On the lower end, you will find boxes made with heavy-duty plastic. You will find mailboxes crafted from aluminum or galvanized steel on the higher end.

If you are looking for a flashier material or design, you must prepare yourself to spend more than $100.

If you want a mailbox that goes beyond the standard design, it will cost you an average of a few hundred dollars.

Are Some Mailbox Materials More Expensive than Others?

The materials your mailbox is made from will directly impact the price.

The cheapest mailboxes will generally use plastic and lighter metals. More expensive boxes will use stronger, decorative metals, and they tend to be reinforced for safety.

If you are looking for an affordable mailbox that will withstand the weather, you can try a heavy-duty plastic box.

Gibraltar Mailboxes makes a Patriotic Rust-Proof Plastic Box. This mailbox has an affordable price tag but will get the job done and last you for years.

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Some homeowners aren’t impressed with the look of the heavy plastic boxes, even though they are durable and affordable. If you want a step up from heavy plastic without breaking the bank, try one of the popular metal options.

Galvanized steel and aluminum are both popular choices. These metals will withstand the elements and provide a degree of protection against tampering or damage.

Many brands produce quality aluminum mailboxes. These are designed to resist rust or corrosion and last the homeowner for many years.

To get a sense of the aluminum style and price, you can check out the Admiral Mailbox from Gibraltar Mailboxes.

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You can find lots of mailboxes made from galvanized steel as well.

To get a sense of a galvanized steel box, you can check out the Mail Boss 7506.

This mailbox has some additional safety features but still maintains a level of affordability.

The Mail Boss 7506 requires you to open it to retrieve the contents with a key. If safety is a top concern, you can choose this mailbox or something similar.

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Are Custom Mailboxes More Expensive?

A standard mailbox design will be less expensive than the decorative, custom options.

You can get a standard mailbox from a good material for less than $100. For a custom or decorative box, you will likely need a few hundred dollars in your budget.

Although this example is made from aluminum, the design and personalization make its price tag much higher. The Personalized Whitehall Capitol Mailbox will custom print your street address on the side. Its appealing, ornate design allows it to cost much more than a standard aluminum box.

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You can also find intricately decorated mailboxes if you are willing to spend a larger budget.

As long as you follow the USPS regulations completely, you are free to design and customize your mailbox however you like.

Your imagination and your budget are the only limitations for creating custom boxes.

Can I Build My Own Mailbox?

If you have a specific vision, you are free to build your own. However, you will need to make sure that it completely fits USPS regulations.

If you install a mailbox that doesn’t have an adequate set of dimensions or an approved design, the USPS can refuse to deliver your mail to you at your address.

To get the most up-to-date information for your mailbox project, you will want to contact the USPS directly. They will be able to provide you with the exact dimensions required and any restrictions in design.

If you have any questions, you can bring your mailbox design to your local USPS office for a consultation. Your local postmaster should be able to help guide you in meeting all the requirements.

Where Can I Buy a Somewhat Cheap Mailbox?

Luckily, you can shop around as much as you need when you’re in the market for a mailbox.

As long as the mailbox you select comes with a seal of approval from the United States Postmaster General, you are free to purchase it from the store that has the best price.

Local and chain hardware stores will have a wide selection of mail slots, door-mounted mailboxes, and post-mounted mailboxes. You can also find countless options through online retailers like Amazon.

To get a cheap mailbox, you will want to choose a basic design with lightweight metal or heavy-duty plastic. You will want to forgo any extra safety features or decorative elements. These will all cause the price to rise.

Before making your final purchase, double-check that the US Postmaster General has approved the box you selected.

This seal of approval means that it is in accordance with dimension and style regulations determined by the USPS. Your mailbox must fit these standards to receive mail without any issues.

Final Thoughts

Although the price of mailboxes might have surprised you initially, there are plenty of ways to get a decent mailbox at the right price.

Choosing a standard design in plastic or a non-decorative metal will guide you to the most affordable options.

Shop around and compare prices for the style and material that you want. Remember that you can buy your mailbox from any store or online platform as long as it contains the Postmaster General’s approval.


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