Peter Daniels is an experienced writer with a long professional career in digital publishing.
He’s in charge of all content around construction, buildings, and garden-related topics.

Peter is also the main idea man behind this site.


I own a house with a pool area and a pretty big yard, where I love to do all sorts of projects. I prefer being outdoor and always have a ton of projects in the garden as well.

My spare time is split between updating and fixing stuff around the house and writing and editing content for this site. My professional career is also in digital publishing where I manage a large online publication with +1 million visitors per month. 

I also occasionally write for other sites about outdoor living, building construction, and automotive.

My Accomplishments

  • In my day job, I lead a team of 15 writers for a major lifestyle magazine
  • I have written extensively about home and garden-related stuff for around a decade and my work has been featured in prominent magazines such as,, and
  • I am a house owner myself and know my way around the pool and most of the machinery for the garden.

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