Is Voile Fabric Breathable? (Explained)

Voile fabric is a thin, sheer, and lightweight fabric. It is usually made of pure cotton, but some voile fabrics are made of cotton blended with polyester and nylon.

Voile fabric with really good quality features a tight weave with a high thread count. You know that the quality is good if the threads do not easily separate if you run your finger over the fabric’s surface.

Voile fabric is highly breathable.

Here is How Breathable Voile Fabric is:

A plain weave makes voile fabric of fine cotton threads to create the fabric. Because of how it is made, voile fabric is very breathable, and when it is made into curtains, it lets air in and allows for really good air circulation indoors.

What Does it Mean for a Fabric to be Breathable?

One of the pros of breathable fabrics is that they can be versatile.

You can use breathable fabric to make different things, including curtains, clothes, and other household items. Breathable fabric works well for making clothes, especially ones you would wear when it is hot.

Fabric being breathable also means that it dries fast and wicks moisture, which allows moisture to transfer through the material and into the air.

Being fast-drying and moisture-wicking makes a fabric less prone to bacteria.

These fabrics are also hypoallergenic. They do not irritate the skin, making them good material for clothing, children, and babies.

These fabrics are resistant to pilling and abrasion. Even though they are sheer and thin, they can be durable.

Additionally, breathable fabric is usually low maintenance. These fabrics can easily go in the wash using a gentle cycle.

You can even spin-dry them. This is what makes them suitable for busy households.

One of the cons of breathable fabric is that it tends to retain odor. When they get dirty, you have to wash them right away to prevent unpleasant smells.

Breathable fabrics are also not as soft as other fabrics like cotton and wool. They can still be comfy to wear, but they are not the softest fabric for clothes.

Is Voile Fabric Good for Summer Curtains?

Voile fabric is a common material that is used to make curtains.

This fabric can take dyes well, so they come in many different colors. Some voile fabric curtains come in prints and patterns for a more colorful and whimsical look.d

One of the materials commonly used to make sheer curtains is voile fabric. These curtains are good as window treatments, but they can also be layered with thicker curtains to block light better.

Because voile fabric is very breathable, it is good for summer curtains.

Voile curtains are ideal when the temperature is hot. These curtains can filter and diffuse light to soften it while blocking UV rays from the sun.

UV rays can be harmful, destroying your furniture, walls, hardwood floors, and rugs.

Even though voile curtains can block the sun, they can also let air in. These curtains allow good air circulation, making a room feel cool even during hot summer months.

Do Voile Fabric Curtains Let Air In/Out?

Voile fabric curtains are light and breathable, making them great during summer.

Even though they can block a small amount of light, voile fabric curtains can help improve ventilation.

Voile fabric curtains let air in and out. These curtains can let air in a while, filtering the heat, which helps cool down a room.

These curtains also let the air out. These curtains let out stale air to allow more fresh air to enter the room.

What Other Materials are Similar to Voile Fabric?

Apart from voile fabric, several other materials have the same characteristics and provide the same benefits.

Here are some materials that are similar to voile:


Like voile, batiste fabric is lightweight and has a smooth and silky texture.

However, it is finer and shinier than voile. Batiste is also made from cotton fibers.

Batiste usually comes in solid colors. The most common color of batiste fabric is white and cream, making it popular for making baby clothes, especially ones worn by babies during the christening.

Nowadays, batiste fabric is not as common as other sheer fabrics, but they are still used for lingerie, handkerchiefs, and luxury linens and bedding.


Challis is a fabric made out of rayon, a fiber from cellulose derived from wood pulp.

It has a smooth finish, and it is cool to the touch. It is very lightweight and breathable.

Challis fabric falls nicely that it is commonly used for airy and billowy dresses and skirts that are perfect for hot summer days.


Lawn is another fabric that is made from cotton.

Lawn fabric is made of combed threads and has a very smooth finish because of its high thread count. Just like voile fabric, it is very light and breathable.

However, cotton lawn fabric is not as smooth as voile fabric. It is also less structured and more opaque.

The transparency of cotton lawn depends on how they weaved it so that it may vary.

This fabric is commonly used for blouses, lined dresses, and men’s shirts. As curtains, this fabric can provide more privacy than voile.


Chiffon fabric is a loosely-woven fabric that has a mesh-like look.

It is semi-transparent and very lightweight. Chiffon is usually made from cotton, silk, or synthetic materials. You can also make it from blended materials.

This fabric is light and breathable, making it a good material for clothes. When used for drapes, this fabric falls nicely and has an elegant look.


Organize is a lightweight fabric made to have tiny gaps between the threads.

Because it is so sheer and lightweight, this fabric can feel fragile.

It has a shimmery and translucent appearance that makes them look elegant. They are used for formal dresses, but you can also use them for household items like curtains and other decors.


Lace is a machine-made fabric that has delicate patterns made from threads.

When lace was first invented, it was made of silk, but nowadays, it is usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers, making it less expensive.

Apart from voile, lace is one of those fabrics commonly used for household items. It is used to make curtains and tablecloths.

It is also popular for dresses, lingerie, and other clothing items for women.


Tulle is a fabric that uses threads that are twisted into small hexagons.

It has a texture that resembles a net. This fabric may look fragile, but it is strong.

Tulle was originally made from silk, but they are commonly made of synthetic fibers like nylon. Tulle has a soft and elegant look, and it is used to make dresses, gowns, and luxury linens and curtains.

Is Voile Fabric Expensive?

Voile fabric is usually 100% cotton or cotton blended with nylon or polyester.

Because of the materials used to make voile fabric, it is not expensive like other sheer fabrics. Compared to other sheer fabrics like tulle, lace, and chiffon, voile fabric is more affordable.

However, just because it is affordable does not mean that it is a cheap and flimsy material. Voile may look fragile, but it is strong and durable.

This fabric is a good material for clothes, curtains, and other items that can still add a touch of elegance.


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