Curtains Should NOT Touch The Floor (7 Reasons Why)

Floor-length curtains are popular in interior design.

They look elegant, and they can make a room look grander. These curtains can also make an illusion of a taller room or higher ceiling.

While these curtains look good and fall nicely, they may not be ideal, especially in some households. There are some cons to having the curtains touch the floor.

Here are the reasons why your curtains should not touch the floor:


1) They Get Dirty More Easily

When your curtains touch the floor, they become dirty more easily. This is because dirt from the floor can stick to the hem of the curtains.

There is a lot of dirt on the floor that can stick to your curtains, such as dust, food particles, mud, animal fur, and more.

When the curtains touch the floor, they become susceptible to this, and you would end up cleaning them more frequently, which can be a hassle.

2) They Require More Maintenance

Curtains that touch the floor tend to acquire more dirt.

They also get dirty faster. Because of this, they can be more high-maintenance.

Curtains touching the floor would require more frequent cleaning and washing. You do not want the dirt to stay in the fibers.

Having dirt accumulating in the fabric can risk mold and mildew growing all over your curtains.

Plus, curtains that stay dirty can smell bad over time. Dirty curtains tend to have that musty smell that can get quite unpleasant.

Apart from potential health risks, dirty curtains can be an embarrassing sight, especially if you have guests.

3) They Can Be Difficult to Open and Close

One of the most annoying things about having thick and heavy curtains that touch the floor can be difficult to open and close.

We open them in the morning upon waking up to let sunlight in. We close them halfway when the sun gets too harsh. We close them when we take naps and want a dimmer environment.

We open them again in the afternoon to let in that nice golden hour sunlight. And we close them when it is time to sleep at night.

Curtains that touch the floor are more difficult to open and close because they tend to be heavier. The hems can get jumbled up, especially if the curtains puddle on the floor.

If you want curtains that are easier to open and close, make sure that they do not touch the floor. Having them hang one or two inches from the floor should do the trick.

4) They Can Be Unsafe for Little Kids

Little kids and toddlers love to play anywhere. Your curtains can be seen as something to play in, making floor-length curtains impractical.

Some kids play in the curtains by holding onto them and hanging from them. This can be unsafe as the kids might fall and get injured.

Or the curtains get dismantled, and the rod falls on them!

Plus, there is always the risk of having little kids running around the house and tripping all over your curtains.

If you have little kids, toddlers, or babies in the household, you want to make your house safe for them as much as possible, so floor-length curtains are a no-no.

5) People and Pets Can Trip On Them

Curtains that touch that floor are not only unsafe for kids.

These curtains can be unsafe for adults and pets too.

When curtains are too long to touch the floor, people can easily trip and slip on them. Incidents like this can easily cause injuries, especially when people fall too hard.

It is better to be safe than sorry for everyone’s sake, so keep your curtains off the floor.

6) They Make the Floors more Difficult to Clean

If you have curtains that touch the floor, you will find it more difficult to clean and vacuum your floors. More so if the curtains puddle on the floor.

These curtains can get in the way when sweeping or mopping your floors. The hem can touch the mop, which can get the curtains dirty.

Additionally, the curtains can also get in the way of the vacuum. This is because the hem of the curtains can get caught up in the vacuum.

They can also get stuck in the suction or the bristles. You can damage the curtains, vacuum, or both if this happens.

Of course, you can prep the curtains before vacuuming.

There is the simple fix of tying up the curtains before you vacuum, but that adds more work and effort. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to vacuum whenever you want to?

7) They Take Up more Space

Curtains touching the floor tend to take up more space.

While tall curtains generally make a room taller, floor-length curtains can make a room feel cramped and stuffy, especially if you have a small room.

Not all rooms look good with curtains touching the floor. And a lot of times, it is more practical to have curtains hanging off the floor.

While letting the curtains touch the floor can look stylish and elegant, they can also be impractical.

If you want floor-length curtains, you can buy tall curtains and hang them with the hem at least an inch above the floor, minus the impracticalities.

This way, you can still get the look of tall, elegant curtains without the inconveniences discussed here.


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