How Much Do Rugs Weigh? (Checked And Solved)

The weight of rugs can depend on different factors. It can depend on the size or dimension of the rug, the material that the rug is made out of, and its backing material.

Based on their dimensions and backing material, here is how much rugs weigh approximately.

Note that these may vary slightly depending on the rug material:

Rug Size
(in ft)

Rug Cover Only

Rug System with
Classic Rug Pad

Rug System with
Cushioned Rug Pad
3×5 2 lbs 5 lbs 8 lbs
5×7 4 lbs 11 lbs 17 lbs
6×9 6 lbs 17 lbs 27 lbs
8×10 10 lbs 26 lbs 40 lbs
6×6 3 lbs 10 lbs 14 lbs
8×8 6 lbs 17 lbs 25 lbs

How Do You Calculate The Weight Of A Rug?

It is fairly simple to calculate the weight of a rug.

All you need to do is place the square foot of the rug on a weighing scale and weigh it in ounces.

Multiply the resulting number by three to get the number of ounces per square yard. If the number is more than 16, then convert it to pounds.

The resulting number is the weight of your carpet.

How Much Do AREA Rugs Weigh?

The weight of area rugs depends on their size and the material they are made of. 

Area rugs with a rug pad or backing can weigh anywhere from 5 lbs to 40 lbs. The smaller the rug is, the lighter its weight will be. 

For example, an area rug made of wool would be heavier than an area rug made of polyester or nylon, even if they have the same dimensions. Wool fibers are typically heavier than polyester fibers and nylon fibers.

This also varies depending on the material used for the rug’s backing.

Generally, rugs with latex or rubber backing have heavier weights than others.

How Much Do ORIENTAL Rugs Weigh?

Oriental rugs are heavier and denser compared to other types of rugs.

This is because the materials used for Oriental rugs are thicker and heavier. 

An Oriental rug that measures 4 x 6 feet would approximate 17 lbs or 7.7 kg. This means that a square foot of Oriental rug weighs roughly 0.70 lbs. 

How Much Do WOOL Rugs Weigh?

Just like Oriental rugs, wool rugs are also quite heavy, especially when you compare them with other types of rugs. 

A wool rug that measures 9 x 12 feet would approximately weigh 79 lbs or 36 kg.

This means that one square food of wool rugs has an approximate weight of 0.75 lbs. This is nearly the same as Oriental rugs.

How Much Do RUGGABLERugs Weigh?

For Ruggable rugs, the weight varies a lot depending on the dimensions and material.

The weight of Ruggable rugs varies from 2 lbs to 40 lbs.

The weight can also depend on the rug type. The weight of Ruggable rugs may be higher for plush rugs, shag carpets, and outdoor rugs. 

Is A Heavier Rug Better Quality?

When buying a rug, it is important to know how much the rug weighs, especially when buying the rug from an online store.

This is because you can tell a lot about the quality of the rug based on its weight or density.

In general, the heavier the rug is, the higher the quality is. Rugs with higher pile density have better quality and are generally more durable than those with lower pile density.

While the weight of the rug does not solely determine its quality, it is a huge factor that you can use to tell how good the quality of the rug is.

This is why it is important to check how much a rug weighs before buying it. Because rugs can be so expensive, you would want them to be durable and last for a very long time. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Heavy Rugs?

Depending on the size of the rug, the value of the rug, the location or the distance it will be traveling, and the type of shipping service, it can be costly to ship heavy rugs. 

The price for shipping a rug can start at $350. This is for a do-it-yourself service, where you pack the rug by yourself following the courier’s or the shipping company’s instructions or specifications.

For shipping a rug with professional service, the price can start at $650.

This means that the shipping company will be in charge of packing the rug and securing it for shipping.


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