5 Differences Between Cheap And Expensive Wine Glasses

Wine glasses can be expensive, depending on the brand.

There are lots of cheap alternatives, and you would think that it is okay to buy them as they both serve the purpose of holding wine.

Let us look at the differences between cheap and expensive wine glasses:

1. Cheap Wine Glasses Can Badly Affect the Taste of Your Wine:

Getting and using the right wine glass is essential for your wine drinking experience.

This is why expensive wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes, as these two factors can affect the taste of your wine.

Each type of wine is best enjoyed with a specific wine glass. Cheap wine glasses are can badly affect the taste of your wine because their manufacturers do not put a lot of thought into making them.

They are made to hold and drink wine without much thought to how its shape would affect its flavors.

If you are a wine enthusiast, you will not benefit from drinking wine from cheap glasses. These glasses may not allow the flavors of your wine to open up fully.

If you are drinking expensive wine, it would be a waste not to enjoy it.

2. Expensive Wine Glasses Sound Better:

The sound of clinking glasses is very satisfying.

You can tell the difference between cheap wine glasses and expensive wine glasses by how they sound. Expensive wine glasses are normally made of crystal and produce a nice high-pitched sound when you rattle them.

Cheap wine glasses that are made of regular glass create a dull sound.

3. Expensive Wine Glasses Look and Feel More Elegant:

If you take a cheap wine glass and an expensive wine glass and put them side by side, it is normally easy to tell.

Expensive wine glasses are normally made of crystal. Because they are made of crystal, they are usually thinner than cheap wine glasses. Crystals also refract light, so crystal wine glasses sparkle to them.

Cheap wine glasses are made of regular glass, usually thick. They are made thicker because the material is more fragile and prone to breaking or cracking.

They also do not sparkle the way crystal wine glasses do.

You can also tell the difference when you touch them. Expensive crystal wine glasses are smoother because they are more polished.

Cheap wine glasses are made of regular glass that usually have a rough texture.

From the thin rims to the long thin stems to their sparkle, nothing screams elegant like an expensive crystal wine glass.

4. Cheap Wine Glasses are Lighter, Which Leads to Less Stability:

When you hold a cheap wine glass and an expensive one of roughly the same size, you will notice that the cheap wine glass is lighter.

This is because expensive wine glasses are normally made of crystal and are heavier than those made of regular glass. Higher lead content in the crystal means that the wine glasses are also heavier.

Thus cheap wine glasses made of regular glass are less stable, making them easier to tip over and more prone to breaking.

5. Expensive Wine Glasses are More Durable than Cheap Wine Glasses:

Expensive wine glasses are made of materials with better quality through better manufacturing methods and techniques, so they are guaranteed to be more durable.

This also means that they last long.

Upfront, cheap wine glasses might look like the better option because of the price. However, cheap wine glasses are usually made of poor-quality materials, so they are not made to last.

Are Expensive Wine Glasses Worth It?

Although it may be tempting to get cheap wine glasses because they are cheaper, you may have to rethink it.

Because expensive wine glasses have better quality, they will last longer than cheap wine glasses.

Cheap wine glasses can be more expensive over time when you need to buy new ones prone to breaking frequently.

Can Anyone Tell the Difference Between Cheap and Quality Wine Glasses?

At first glance, these two glasses may look the same.

However, if you look at them closely, you can distinguish between cheap wine glasses and expensive ones.

Here is how to tell them apart:

  • Expensive wine glasses tend to sparkle, while cheap wine glasses do not.
  • Expensive wine glasses have better clarity.
  • Cheap wine glasses make a short dull sound when clinked, while expensive ones have a high-pitched sound.
  • Expensive wine glasses feel heavier.
  • Cheap wine glasses have thicker stems and thicker rims.

We can say that expensive wine glasses are worth it despite the price. With the number of brands manufacturing wine glasses, there are many options.

You can surely find expensive, but not overpriced, and better-quality wine glasses that you can afford. You would want wine glasses that improve your drinking experience when it comes to wine.

You would want wine glasses to enjoy your wine better as they enhance the flavors and aromas.

After all, you would not want a cheap wine glass to diminish the taste of your expensive wine.


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