10 Great Champagne Glasses Under $50 (With Pictures)

With so many brands in the glassware industry, there are so many varieties of Champagne glasses that you are sure to find one that meets your budget.

Types of Champagne Glasses:

Champagne glasses come in three shapes: flute, coupe, and tulip.

The most common is Champagne flutes with a narrow body and a deep bowl.

Coupes have wider and shallower bodies and are considered quite fashionable. Tulip glasses are shaped like tulips, with wide bowls tapering the rim.

There are also stemless Champagne glasses.

10 Champagne Glasses Under $50:

We have taken a look at Champagne glasses under $200 and Champagne glasses under $100, with a few glasses making it to both lists because they are really good.

Now let us check out some Champagne glasses under $50:

1. Volarium Champagne Flute Glasses (Our Budget Pick) – $25.45 for a set of 6

Volarium is a US-based brand that manufactures different types of glassware for the home, including wine and champagne glasses.

These Champagne glasses from Volarium are made from European lead-free glass. These glasses are perfect for bars, restaurants, events, or entertaining at home and can hold up to 6.5 fluid ounces.

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While the capacity is not as good as other brands of Champagne glasses, it is still pretty decent. Plus, they make up for it with durability and practicality.

Customers said that they are very solid and sturdy, compared to other Champagne glasses.

Some have had them for months and have not broken one glass. They are also dishwasher safe, saving you from washing them by hand. The quality is good for a very affordable price, making them worth buying.

2. Schott Zwiesel Banquet Stemware Collection Champagne Flute Glasses (Our Top Pick) – $48.00 for a set 0f 6

Schott Zwiesel is a reputable German company in the glass-making industry.

They are known for manufacturing some of the most durable and beautiful glassware.

These Champagne flutes under the Banquet Stemware Collection are made from Tritan crystal, a non-lead crystal glass material of titanium and zirconium oxide.

This material can resist breakage, chipping, and scratching and resist thermal shock.

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These Champagne glasses can hold up to 7.3 fluid ounces, which can be a good serving amount for Champagne. They have a rounded design which is a classic for Champagne flutes.

Customers highly rate these Champagne glasses for their look and functionality. These are sturdy Champagne glasses that are great for everyday use and casual gatherings but still elegant enough for a formal dinner at home.

They are also practical as they are top-rack dishwasher safe.

3. Kosiun Champagne Flutes – $42.99 for a set of 6

Kosiun is a brand that represents a fashionable lifestyle and elegant lifestyle.

Their wine and Champagne glasses are made by Italian designers, considering both aesthetics and practicality.

These glasses have a capacity of 8.5 ounces, which can hold a generous amount of Champagne. They are made from lead-free crystal that is double-refractive and nicely displays sparkling wines’ color.

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They have cold-cut glass rims that make them easier to clean and more hygienic than rolled-rim glasses.

Many customers find them quite sturdy and durable, which is good given the price. This brand is good because they offer free replacement for glasses that arrived broken or chipped from shipping.

4. Krosno Avant-Garde Collection Champagne Flute Glasses – $31.99 for a set of 6

Krosno is a European glass manufacturer specializing in creating beautiful glass products at home, including wine glasses.

These Champagne glasses by Krosno are made of Crystalline glass that is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. These glasses are priced well, but you have to manage your expectations.

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Since they are made from Crystalline glass and not real crystal, they are not as clear. They are quite affordable and practical.

They work well for large events, which call for sturdy glassware.

5. Gracefulhat Champagne Flutes – $15.99 for a set of 2

While not largely known compared to its competitor brands, Gracefulhat is a good brand of glassware that sells on Amazon.

These Champagne glasses from them have lots of good reviews.

These Champagne flutes from Gracefulhat are made from crystal, and they have a liquid capacity of 6 ounces. They have a unique look with a bevel rim design that people love.

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The bevel rim allows them to smell the bouquet while sipping wine from the longer end.

These glasses are elegant and thin but sturdy. Customers have commented that they seem very durable.

You can safely put them in your dishwasher, which will save you from the hassle of manually washing them.

6. Hakeemi Crystal Tulip Champagne Flute Glasses – $26.99 for a set of 6

We think these glasses from Hakeemi are good, and they also made it to this list since they are within the $50 budget.

Hakeemi is a brand of glassware originating from India.

These tulip-shaped Champagne glasses are very clear and brilliant. These glasses are a combination of elegance, style, and functionality.

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Because of their tulip shape, these Champagne glasses are versatile. They can be also be used for white wine, with bowls that are wide and roomy enough to let air in. Allowing air into the glass will help the flavors and aromas of the wine can fully open up.

These glasses are very easy to maintain and are dishwasher safe.

7. Libbey Stemless Flute Glasses – $27.29 for a set of 6

Libbey is a glass manufacturing company headquartered in Ohio, USA.

It was originally founded in 1818 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as the New England Glass Company, before moving to Ohio in 1888 and renaming to Libbey Glass Co.

These stemless Champagne flutes can hold up to 9.6 fluid ounces. They come in a narrow and elongated body that can hold a generous amount of Champagne. These glasses are made of BPA-free and lead-free glass.

While stemless Champagne glasses do not look as elegant as those with long and thin stems, these glasses make up for them with their sturdiness and practicality.

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They are more stable because they are stemless, making them less prone to tipping. They are also easier to hold.

These glasses are perfect for more casual occasions because they feel more secure to use. They are also great for camping out, for picnics, or outdoor events, without you having to worry about them breaking easily.

For the price, these glasses are valued for your money.

8. Lav Champagne Coupe Glasses – $39.99 for a set of 6

Lav is a US-based brand of glassware. Lav’s champagne coupe glasses have a unique design that adds elegance and style to any table setting or bar tap.

These coupe glasses are perfect for your Champagne but are versatile enough to be used for other drinks like cocktails and martinis.

They have a good capacity, with each glass holding 8 ounces. You can also use them to serve sweet coupe desserts in your kitchen.

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People love these glasses because they are durable, sturdy, and easy to clean and stack. People found them to be of perfect weight.

They are dishwasher safe, so you can easily put them in a dishwasher after hosting an event, saving you from hassle. For such an affordable price, these glasses have very good quality.

9. Fawles Crystal Tulip Champagne Glasses – $29.99 for a set of 6

Fawles is a brand of glassware that manufactures good-quality wine glasses.

These tulip-shaped Champagne glasses from Fawles are made from lead-free crystal that provides the glasses with extreme clarity.

These glasses have very thin rims that enhance the flavors of Champagnes and help deliver the drink smoothly from the glass to your mouth.

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The shape of these glasses makes them versatile enough for serving Prosecco, other types of sparkling wine, and even cocktails. They can hold up to 9 ounces of liquid so you can serve Champagne generously.

For the price, buyers were impressed with the quality of these glasses. They are said to be sturdy and durable.

10. Physkoa Champagne Flute Glasses – $42.99 for a set of 6

Physkoa is a brand that originates from Italy. It was founded in 1895 and manufactured glassware for different kinds of wine.

These Champagne glasses are hand-blown and are made of pure lead-free crystal, which maintains its brilliance and clarity. They have an elegant design with a slightly wide bowl that tapers and narrows to the rim.

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Its shape enhances the flavors of Champagne, as it makes the drink not easily oxidized while also ensuring aroma and freshness.

These glasses’ tall and thin stem makes the grip very secure and comfortable. They also have a wide base, making them stable and less prone to tipping over.

These glasses bring good quality and functionality for an affordable price.

How Much Should You Really Pay For Champagne Glasses? 

There are so many affordable options out there for Champagne glasses.

You can find a set for less than $50, with some of the best ones mentioned here.

These glasses combine aesthetics and functionality, which is why they made it to this list. These glasses are elegant enough for formal dinners and celebrations yet practical enough for casual gatherings, entertaining at home, and everyday use.

The amount you would spend on Champagne glasses is totally up to you. Any of these brands would be great for everyday use and entertaining friends.

Choose which shape of Champagne glasses you prefer – whether you want the flutes, the coupes, or the tulip-shaped glasses. You can even go stemless, as they are elegant yet practical.

However, if you have an extra budget to splurge, you can get an expensive set for special occasions.


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