Are Tiffany & Co. Wine Glasses Any Good? (Solved)

Tiffany & Co. is an American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer founded in 1837. They also sell wine glasses.

Tiffany & Co. wine glasses are good, but they are not the best wine glasses out there for the price.

Here’s How Good Tiffany & Co. Wine Glasses Are:

All of the wine glasses that Tiffany & Co. sells are of good quality. They offer classic wine glasses, Champagne flutes, and stemless wine glasses. They are handmade from crystal glass and mouth-blow. They are durable and maintain an elegant, stylish look. However, they are considered overpriced.

What Brands Of Wine Glasses Does Tiffany & Co. Sell?

Tiffany & Co. carries their own stemware brand in the Home and Accessories Collection. All the wine glasses that they sell are under their own brand.

However, Tiffany & Co. also sells stemware made from other materials. They sell stemless wine cups and Champagne vessels made of sterling silver, which are under a brand called Elsa Peretti.

Elsa Peretti is an Italian jewelry designer who makes jewelry and accessories specifically for Tiffany & Co.

Can I Buy Tiffany Wine Glasses From Other Stores?

You can only buy Tiffany & Co. wine glasses from their online or physical stores. Amazon does not carry Tiffany wine glasses.

However, you can find Tiffany & Co. glasses in online stores where people can sell pre-owned and lightly used items, like eBay or The Real Real.

We have checked, and these stores sell Tiffany & Co. wine glasses at lower prices than the actual market price. But of course, most of these items are not brand new.

Also, you can find discontinued Tiffany & Co. wine glasses on Etsy. These are wine glasses in designs and collections from previous years that are no longer being manufactured.

But if you prefer to buy brand new and authentic Tiffany & Co. wine glasses, it is always best to buy them directly from the store.

Are Wine Glasses From Tiffany & Co. High-Quality?

Tiffany & Co. offers a variety of wine glasses.

The All-Purpose White Wine Glasses and the Champagne Flutes are priced at $100 for a set of two, so an individual glass is priced at $50. All the stemless wine glasses come in sets of four glasses and are priced at $160, so each glass costs $40.

While the price point can be quite high, Tiffany & Co. wine glasses are very good quality. They are made of crystal glass, which is quite sturdy and durable.

The glasses are highly functional with good liquid capacity. The All-Purpose White Wine Glasses can hold up to 13 ounces each, while the Champagne Flute Glasses, both stemmed and stemless, can hold about 8.5 ounces each.

The Stemless Red Wine Glasses can hold up to 20 ounces each, and the Stemless White Wine Glasses have a capacity of 13 fluid ounces.

Tiffany & Co. wine glasses look elegant and luxurious without being fragile. The base is quite big for the stemmed crystal wine glasses, so it is sturdy.

Do Wine Glasses From Tiffany & Co. Last Long?

Tiffany & Co. wine glasses last long. Of course, just like other brands of crystal wine glasses, they would break if you dropped them. They will also crack if you do not take care of them.

Like all crystal wine glasses, Tiffany & Co. wine glasses can last a lifetime as long as they are maintained and stored properly.

Here is how to properly care for your Tiffany & Co. wine glasses:

Wash As Instructed:

As per Tiffany & Co. website, the best way to clean their wine glasses is by washing them in warm and soapy water.

Use a clean, soft sponge to clean the rims and the stems delicately.

If you are not going to clean them right after using them, let water sit inside the glasses so they do not get stained by the wine.

Store Them Safely And Properly:

The way you store your wine glasses is essential so they last long. Store them upright.

Do not store them with the bowl down, so you do not run the risk of chipping them.

Make sure there is enough space between the glasses so they will not hit each other.

Can They Go In The Dishwasher?

Tiffany & Co. wine glasses are not dishwasher safe. It says on their website that they cannot withstand heat, so the best thing to do is clean them by hand.

Wash them in warm water with a gentle liquid detergent while using a soft sponge to clean them.

While putting things in the dishwasher is always more convenient, you do not want to risk damaging expensive glassware. So remember always to wash them as prescribed.

To summarize, Tiffany & Co. wine glasses have high quality and can be worth the price if you have the budget. They packaged quite nicely and would make excellent gifts.

However, because they are very expensive to the point of being overpriced, they are not practical for everyday use and even for big events.

If you want wine glasses of the same caliber as Tiffany & Co. wine glasses, it would be best to go with another brand that is more reputable in glassware and stemware.

This way, you get the same high quality without it being overpriced.


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