Do Eyelet Curtains Need To Be Double Width? (Explained)

Eyelet curtains are one of the most popular types of curtains nowadays. They can look stylish and they are very easy to install. They are also easy to take down in case you need to wash them, or you need to switch out curtains.

When putting up eyelet curtains, a common question that comes up is how wide should the curtains be.

A lot of people say that eyelet curtains need to be double-width. That is actually not true, but double-width eyelet curtains do look good and have a fuller look.

Here is how wide eyelet curtains should be:

With a single-panel eyelet curtain, then the curtain width should be just a little over the width of the window. If you are using two panels, one to be placed on each side of the window, then the width of the two panels combined should be at least one-and-a-half times the width of the window.

Eyelet curtains are curtains with eyelet holes for a pole to slide through so you can simply hang them above your window.

They have a clean and simple look which makes them good for any room in the house. In fact, eyelet curtains look good almost in any home.

Should the Eyelet Curtain be Double the Length of the Rod?

Generally speaking, eyelet curtains should not have to be double the length of the rod. The width of eyelet curtains is determined based on the width of the window and not the rod.

There should be at least six inches of curtain rod from either side of the window frame. Then the width of the eyelet curtains will be longer than the curtain rod.

To get the right width for your curtain, you should get the width of your window and base it from that.

The width of the eyelet curtains does not have to be necessarily twice the length of the rod.

The curtain width should depend on the window width. Ideally, it should be wider than the window, but it would look nicer and more stylish if it was double the width of the window.

Should the Eyelet Curtain be Double the Length of the Window?

Eyelet curtains should not have to be double the width of the window. The width is different for single panel eyelet curtains and double panel ones.

If you are using a single panel eyelet curtain, then get the right curtain width by measuring the width of the window and not the length of the rod.

Once you get the width of the window, then you can determine the right width of your curtain by adding a few inches to it.

Generally, for single panel eyelet curtains, the width of the curtain should be a little bit wider than that of the widow. Just slightly wider is fine.

If you are using double panel eyelet curtains, then the total width of the two fabrics combined should be at least one-and-a-half times the width of the window.

While doubling the curtain width is unnecessary, it does create a fuller and more billowy effect for your eyelet curtains.

Does Doubling Your Eyelet Curtain Width Look Better?

Regardless of the style of heading, all curtains should have a good amount of pleats. If a curtain has no pleats or if it does not gather, it would look like a simple flat piece of fabric placed across the window.

Pleats definitely make a curtain look more stylish.

They also add structure which helps the curtain fall or drape nicely.

The more the curtain gathers, the more elegant and stylish it looks. Doubling the width of eyelet curtains makes the windows and the room look grander.

This is why eyelet curtains look better when their width is double the length of the curtain rod. Double-width curtain rods are not a requirement.

They are more of a preference with regards to style.

Do Your Eyelet Curtains Look Fuller with More Fabric?

Eyelet curtains have folds that are consistent throughout.

Generally, curtains look better with more fabric. For pleated curtains, they need to be around twice as wide as the window. Eyelet curtains only need to be one-and-a-half times as wide.

This is why eyelet curtains are a great choice if you are on a tight budget.

You can go for fuller curtains without having to spend so much.

If you use more fabric for eyelet curtains or if you double the width, they would look fuller because they would have more pleats.

They would also look more billowy, which creates a grander look.

Plus more fabric ensures more coverage with your curtains.

What is the Ideal Width for Your Eyelet Curtain?

The ideal width for eyelet curtains is rough one-and-a-half times the width of your windows. Here is how you can get the right measurement.

Using a tape measure, get the width of the window starting from one edge of the window frame to another. Then add 30% to 50% of that number to the measurement.

The resulting number should be the width of your eyelet curtains.

If you are buying ready-made curtains with set measurements, you can also check this guide here.

Window Size (width in centimeters)

Curtain Size (Panel Width)

100cm to 140cm

120cm (x two panels)

100cm to 180cm

140cm (x two panels)

120cm to 180cm

165cm (x two panels)

160cm to 220cm

180cm (x two panels)

210cm to 280cm

240cm (x two panels)

280cm to 400cm

300cm (x two panels)

As for the length, it can be any length you want.

It really depends on your preference and if the length of the curtains will be suitable for your household.

For example, if you have little kids or pets in the household, it would be best to stay away from floor-length curtains and just stick to curtains that hang over the floor.

If you want a grander look in your room and kids or pets are not a concern, then, by all means, go for floor-length curtains.

To summarize, eyelet curtains do not have to be double-width. But they would look better if they do.


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