Do Eyelet Curtains Let More Or Less Light In? (Explained)

Eyelet curtains are popular nowadays because they are affordable and they are easy to install. They use less fabric compared to other types of curtains, which makes them less expensive. They are easy to install by just sliding the curtain pole through the eyelet holes.

These curtains also look clean, simple, and yet stylish.

However, one downside to using eyelet curtains is that they let more light in compared to other types of curtains. They are not very effective in keeping light out.

Here is how eyelet curtains let more light in:

Eyelet curtains tend to let more light in because these curtains have eyelet holes at the heading. These eyelet holes are big enough to let some light pass through. This means that eyelet curtains let light in instead of blocking out all light.

Are Eyelet Curtains Better At Blocking Sunlight?

Among different types of curtains, eyelet curtains are not the best at blocking sunlight. Eyelet curtains have eyelet holes at the heading which can let light pass and enter the room.

This is why eyelet curtains are not the best option if you are looking for curtains that can make a room dark.

Eyelet curtains look good everywhere

These curtains are not recommended for bedrooms or any room that you would use for relaxing or napping.

The best curtains for blocking sunlight are blackout curtains with pinch-pleat headings attached to a curtain track. These curtains are very thick compared to other types as they are made with multiple linings. Plus, pinch-pleat headings do not have gaps that can let light in.

However, if you already have eyelet curtains installed, it can be difficult and perhaps a bit pricey to install an entirely different type of curtains. One thing you can do to keep the light out with your eyelet curtains is installing a window valance.

A window valance is a window treatment designed to cover the curtain rod and give your curtains a tall continuous look.

Valances are great for covering the holes in eyelet curtains so they can block light from entering a room.

Another solution to block out more light is installing blinds. This may be a pricier solution but it can be worth it in the long run as it is very effective.

You can install blinds as an additional window treatment if you have eyelet curtains installed. Blinds can add an extra layer so you can keep the light out and make your room darker when you need to.

Do Eyelet Curtains Keep The Heat In?

When it comes to insulating a room and keeping the heat in, eyelet curtains are also not the best option for it.

Eyelet curtains have holes at the heading which makes them quite ineffective for insulating a room.

But remember, eyelet curtains need to be wider than regular curtains.

The best curtains you can get for keeping the heat in are thermal curtains. Thermal curtains normally have a layer of acrylic foam between multiple layers of fabric to provide insulation.

These curtains are ideal for cold winter months.

They are great for drafty windows. They can also minimize sound coming from the outside, block out light, and even help improve energy efficiency by reducing bills.

Are Eyelet Curtains Darker Than Blinds?

Blinds are another good option for window coverings. Just like eyelet curtains, they have a clean and simple look, which is great for minimalist styles.

Blinds are also easy to install.

Comparing eyelet curtains and blinds, blinds are darker than eyelet curtains. This is because eyelet curtains have holes and gaps that can allow light to enter the room.

Blinds can block light really well.

Blinds are made of slats, either horizontal or vertical, that is very effective in blocking light from entering. Even though they can have teeny tiny gaps in between the slats, blinds are generally better than eyelet curtains when it comes to making a room dark.

Do Eyelet Curtains Save On Energy Costs?

In general, curtains and all other window treatments can help save on energy costs.

All window treatments and coverings can provide a certain amount of insulation to a room, which can improve the energy efficiency of the house.

This means that eyelet curtains can still save on energy costs, but they are not the most energy-efficient option for window coverings.

If you want really big savings on your electricity bill, the best option for window coverings is blackout curtains or blackout blinds.

These window coverings can completely block light from entering a room.

These window coverings are also very good insulators as they can keep the heat in.

This means that during the cold winter months, you can reduce using your space heater as the blackout curtains or blackout blinds keep the room warm.

Can You Update Your Current Curtains To The Eyelet Style?

One of the pros to using eyelet curtains as window treatments is the ease of installation. Eyelet curtains are easy to install. They are also very easy to take down in case you need to switch out the curtains or if you need to wash them.

If you want to transform your current curtains to the eyelet style, you can either have it done professionally.

But if you have a sewing machine and know how to use one, you can easily do it yourself.

Here are the things that you will need:

  • Your current curtains
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Eyelet tape
  • Fabric pen or crayon
  • Eyelets

And here is how you can transform your curtains in five easy steps:

  • From the top part of the fabric, measure roughly 2cm and fold it under. Lightly iron the top to keep the fold in place.
  • Pin the eyelet tape along the top part of the curtain and then sew it into the fabric.
  • Using a fabric pen or crayon, draw around the inside of each ring. Then use the fabric scissors to cut out these circles to make the eyelet holes.
  • Put the eyelets in place by attaching and pressing them on the top part of the fabric.
  • Finally, fold the fabric in a concertina style to hang it on the pole.

Eyelet curtains may not be able to make a room completely dark, but can still make the room dim and feel cozy. This is what makes them great for living rooms, dining areas, and even kitchens.

While eyelet curtains are not the best curtains for blocking all light, they are still a good option if you want practical window coverings that look good and fall neatly.


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