Do Eclipse Curtains Really Work? (Explained)

If you are looking to block out sunlight at an affordable price, Eclipse Blackout Curtains are a great choice.

They get the job done without breaking the bank and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs. 

Do Eclipse Curtains Work Well?

Eclipse Blackout Curtains do work. They are designed to block out sunlight and can guarantee a blocking rate of 98 – 99.9 percent. As they provide you with darkness in the middle of the day, they can also help you save energy with their unique thermal technologies. 


What Are Eclipse Curtains?

Eclipse Curtains are a popular brand of blackout curtains that aim to give you total darkness inside your room.

In fact, blackout curtains make you more sleepy.

It doesn’t matter how bright the sun is shining outside– you make it feel like nighttime at home whenever you need. 

Blackout curtains are a popular choice for all kinds of people who need darkness in the middle of the day.

People with non-traditional work schedules or new parents who are struggling to get a full night of sleep regularly benefit from the blackout curtain design.

These curtains also work well if you are looking for extra privacy in your home. As they offer an opaque barrier from sunlight, they offer this same barrier for anyone on the outside looking in. 

Eclipse is one of the most popular brands because they deliver effective blackout technology at an affordable price.

They currently have four different thermal technologies that they use for their different products.

For a standard set of blackout curtains, you can expect their Thermaback technology to work wonders for your home. Thermaback is a type of applied foam that has been specially designed for home use. 

Can Eclipse Curtains Block Sunlight?

Eclipse Curtains are highly effective at blocking sunlight.

This is ideal for creating a dark environment that stimulates our body’s natural instinct to sleep at night. 

Normally, blackout curtains block out almost all light.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. These curtains can be used for so much more than just creating a great sleep environment.  

If you have a projector at home and need total darkness to see your favorite movie projected on the screen, a set of Eclipse Curtains is a perfect choice. 

Even with your regular TV, you can use these curtains to block out annoying glare. Blackout curtains let you enjoy your favorite movies or video games in the middle of the day. 

Using these curtains is also a great idea if you have expensive furniture or decorations that you want to protect from constant sunlight.

If you have anything that could be damaged by sitting in direct sunlight every day, a set of Eclipse Curtains can go a long way in helping preserve your investments. 

However, if there are any cracks that the curtains aren’t covering, the light can still make its way into your room. This commonly happens around the edges of the curtains or through the grommets, depending on the setup of your particular window or door. 

To remedy this, make sure you purchase panels that are more than enough to cover your window. You might even consider buying an extra curtain panel to make sure you can extend the material well past the edges of your window. 

You might also think about using a special wraparound curtain rod.

These curtain rods curve at the end so they make contact with the wall. Using this type of rod with your blackout curtains allows you to completely seal off your window from the inside of your home with thermal, light-blocking technology. 

No matter what type of curtain rod you are using, it is best if you place it several inches above the top of your window frame. The grommets of your curtain will then line up with the solid wall and won’t allow any light to pass through them. 

Using all these techniques will give you the best blackout effect, as every crevice of light will be covered with the patented material. 

To see the Eclipse Curtains in action and get a sense of its black-out abilities, you can check out this consumer review of the product on YouTube:

Do Eclipse Curtains Keep the Heat In?

Eclipse Curtains are excellent at effortlessly regulating the temperature in your home.

They help keep the heat trapped inside during winter and also work to keep the hot air out during summer.

For places with particularly cold winters, you might be used to experiencing some draftiness by your windows. When you hang blackout curtains by these windows, their custom thermal technology will help block the drafts from coming in.

This will help stabilize the inside temperature of your room and save you money on your energy bills. 

In summer, the reverse is true.

You can use Eclipse Curtains if you are trying to keep your house cool. If the incoming sunlight is making your room too hot, these curtains can help keep that heat out and let your air conditioner work more efficiently. 

In addition to regulating the temperature, these curtains also help to keep noise from the street out.

These curtains are thicker and more sound-absorbent than a typical set of decorative curtains. If you live in a city and are bothered by constant street noise, blackout curtains can help to dampen the sound from the outside.

With a temperature-controlled, dark and quiet environment, there are plenty of reasons blackout curtains can help you get the perfect sleep, no matter the time of day. 

Are Eclipse Curtains Affordable?

One of the most attractive features of Eclipse Curtains is their price point.

These are one of the most affordable brands on the market. With Eclipse Curtains, you can enjoy peace, quiet, and darkness, no matter your budget. 

Eclipse has a whole line of blackout curtains, with many different types that can fit all kinds of budgets.

Their most affordable curtains are available in several attractive, solid colors. 

If the design of the curtain is important to you, you might consider one of the more fashionable options from Eclipse.

Their high fashion curtains have trendy designs and are great for a living room or other prominent room of your home.  

Is it Easy to Install Eclipse Blackout Curtains?

Eclipse Blackout Curtains are very easy to install. They aren’t especially heavy, so they can be used with any standard curtain rod.

If you have an existing curtain rod in your home, installing your new Eclipse Curtains should be a breeze.

Simply take down the rod, pass it through the grommets, and secure it in place once again. Use a stool or a step ladder if you are having trouble reaching your curtain rod.

If this is the first time you are hanging curtains, you will need to purchase a curtain rod separately and install it.

Curtain rods can be purchased in all kinds of materials and sizes. Follow the instructions on the particular rod you buy to install it properly above your window. 

You can also use your Eclipse Curtains in combination with a set of blinds, shades, or other decorative curtains.

Your Eclipse Curtains will be closest to the window, ready to block out sunlight and keep the heat in. 

Your shades or decorative curtains will be closer to the interior of the room. If you can set up your curtains in this way, you will have more control of the finished appearance and have your room decorated exactly how you like. 

If you have installed your Eclipse Curtains but find that they are wrinkled from their time in their packaging, don’t worry. You can follow their care instructions and gently wash them in your machine.

They will tolerate low heat ironing as well, so it will be easy for you to get them looking crisp and new.

Which Are the Most Effective Blackout Curtains?

If you are looking for the best budget option, you will want to choose Eclipse Blackout Curtains.

These give you the best performance for their low price point. While their standard blackout curtain won’t come in specialty patterns, they do come in a range of attractive colors and useful sizes. 

To get started shopping Eclipse Curtains, you can see the Eclipse Microfiber Total Privacy Blackout Thermal Window Curtain available on Amazon.

This curtain is one of their most affordable and popular options. 

Next to Eclipse, Deconovo is a well-known brand of blackout curtains known for their effectiveness. They are generally a bit more expensive than Eclipse, but can still be considered quite an affordable option.

Deconovo Curtains are also designed to completely blackout sunlight. They guarantee that when the curtains are closed properly, sunlight cannot enter your room.

They are also designed with thermal technology to regulate temperature and dampen noise. 

To see all the beautiful colors that these curtains are available in, you can check out the Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains on Amazon. 

Finally, Nicetown is another popular brand when looking for affordable blackout curtains.

Nicetown Curtains won’t give you the intense darkness that Eclipse or Deconovo does.

They create curtains that will block out 85 – 95% of sunlight. They are designed more as room-darkening curtains than total blackout ones. 

However, these curtains come in many more colors and sizes than Eclipse.

If the color and appearance of the curtain are more important to you than complete darkness, you might be happier with the Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to try blackout curtains in your home, look no further than Eclipse Curtains.

These are some of the most affordable and effective blackout curtains on the market. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes while enjoying their light blocking technology.

These curtains will also help regulate the temperature of your home and dampen unwanted noise.


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