Do Curtains Go On Sale? (8 Stores Checked)

Curtains can be quite expensive, depending on the material.

Those made from cheap fabrics and materials can be affordable, but high-quality ones can have a high price tag.

Curtains do go on sale. There are certain times of the year when curtains are much cheaper.

When is the Best Time to Buy Curtains on Sale?

Curtains go on sale not because they are damaged or of lower quality. Curtains normally go on sale when they go out of style to make room for newer styles.

There are certain months when it is best to buy curtains on sale.

January to February:

These months are among the best months to buy curtains on sale.

Many people tend to make changes for the new year as part of their mantra “new year, new me,” which also involves changing up home decor.

Bargain-hunters can attest that January to February is among the best to find good deals on curtains and other home decor items.

So if you want to buy new drapes or window treatments, it is best to look during these months.


According to surveys and consumer reports, many people change their curtains in the springtime.

Therefore, April is when many people tend to refresh their houses and do home makeovers, so it is also a good time to buy curtains. Based on consumer reports and market trends, curtains will go on sale in April.

April also marks the start of warmer months, so you will be sure to find curtains on sale, especially ones made for cold temperatures. Sure, you may not need it for summer.

It is good to buy curtains for winter at a lower price during this month to prepare for the cold months later in the year.


This month marks the end of the summer season and the start of the colder months.

This is why it is also a time for people to change their window treatments and drapes.

During August, you can find really good deals on window treatments appropriate for summer as the demand for thicker curtains is higher.

Get cheaper curtains to stock up in advance for the coming months.

Black Friday:

While it is a non-federal holiday, Black Friday is an awaited time of the year because almost everything goes on sale.

It is a popular day for shopping as this day marks the start of the Christmas season shopping. Every Black Friday, you will surely find great deals on curtains and almost everything.

Curtains can also go on sale during holidays apart from Black Friday. Many department stores that sell curtains have sales coinciding with certain holidays.

These holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • New Year’s Eve

In addition, many stores have clearance sales, so it is best to know when these sales happen. Usually, curtains for spring and summer go on clearance in June and July, while curtains for fall and winter go on sale in January after the holidays.

Now, let us check which popular stores have curtains at discounted prices.

Do TARGET Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Target is an American store that sells general merchandise, from home decor to clothes to furniture and many other products.

Target carries different curtains brands such as Kate Aurora, Elrene Home Fashions, Blue Nile Mills, and Regal Home.

Curtains go on sale very often in Target. If you check their website under the Sale section at any time of the year, you can find curtains on sale.

Do POTTERY BARN Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Pottery Barn is an American brand that sells almost everything for your home.

They have furniture, beddings, rugs, lighting, storage solutions, curtains, etc.

Pottery Barn carries its brand of curtains. Pottery Barn curtains go on sale often. Apart from the seasonal sale, the stores always have curtains on sale, especially if you check the clearance sale section.

Do KOHL’S Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Kohl’s is an American chain of retail department stores that sells various products.

They offer apparel, furniture, home decor items, skincare, make-up, etc.

Khol’s curtains go on sale often. They offer an assortment of curtains in different kinds and designs under brands like Sonoma Goods, Eclipse, Lush Decor, and Sun Zero Extreme.

If you check the online store and sort by price, you will see a lot of curtains being sold at discounted prices.

Do JCPENNEY Curtains Go On Sale Often?

JCPenney is another American chain of department stores that sells different products ranging from home decor items to clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Curtains at JCPenny often go on sale. JCPenney sells curtains under brands that are exclusive to its stores.

When you check the sale section or clearance section, you will always find curtains on sale.

Do WALMART Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Walmart is an American multinational retail company with a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores.

Walmart is known for selling items that are affordable but have good quality.

Walmart offers curtains from different brands like Haperlare, Mainstays, CurtainKing, and Sun Zero Extreme. Walmart curtains do not go on sale often.

However, Walmart tends to have a clearance sale during the first five days of every month. So mark your calendars and check out the curtains on sale during these days.

Do MACY’S Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Macy’s is a chain of department stores in the US that sells different products from men’s and women’s clothes, baby clothes, shoes, jewelry, and home decor items.

Macy’s carries different curtain brands such as Keeco, CHF, Elrene Home Fashion, Waverly, SunVeil, and Madison Park. Macy’s curtains go on sale often.

Sorting by price on the online store will show you the curtains on sale.

Do BED BATH & BEYOND Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Bed Bath & Beyond is another chain of retail stores that sells items for the home, such as furniture, window treatments, appliances, beddings, and other home decor items.

Bed Bath & Beyond carries different curtains brands such as Cambria, SALT, Olivia & Oliver, Simply Essential, UGG, and Bee & Willow. Curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond go on sale often. 

Do AMAZON Curtains Go On Sale Often?

Amazon started as an American online store that sells practically everything. Now it has expanded and can ship to almost everywhere in the world.

Amazon carries many curtain brands like Eclipse, NiceTown, Rutterllow, Deconovo, and Chris Dowa.

Amazon also has its brand of curtains under the brand name Amazon Basics. Curtains on Amazon go on sale often. Just sort the search results by price, and you will surely find great deals on curtains.

Amazon even has an Amazon Prime Day, which usually falls in the middle of July. So if you want to score very good deals on Amazon, watch out for their announcement about Amazon Prime Day.

Most stores that sell curtains offer a lot of styles and size variations. This is to give buyers lots of options.

However, stocks may be limited, and they tend to run out fast, so if you see curtains that you like in the sale collection, it is best to act fast and buy them.


When Do Curtains Go On Sale?

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