61 Tiny Houses With Small Swimming Pools (Image Series)

Craving an escape? Tiny houses offer simplicity and freedom. But what if you crave a dip too? Behold: tiny houses with small swimming pools!

Compact sanctuaries merging minimalism and indulgence. Ingenious designs defy expectations. Refreshing oases in private micro-backyards. Soak up tranquility mere steps away.

Experience resort-style luxury on a miniature scale. Forget sacrificing desires for a downsized life. These tiny innovators prove you can have it all – just smaller!

Let’s get into this alluring world where less is more, yet splashes abound.

Modern Tiny House With Small Swimming Pool

The modern tiny house has a contemporary design with ample natural light. Its small swimming pool is perfect for taking refreshing dips on hot summer days.

Sliding glass doors open the living area to the poolside deck. Sleek furnishings and minimalist decor keep the open concept feeling airy and relaxed.

Micro Home With Refreshing Small Pool

The refreshing small pool is surrounded by tropical plants for a peaceful oasis feel. Tall windows fill the micro home with sunlight and give views of the pool from every room.

Taking a morning swim is the perfect way to start the day in this cozy waterside home. All the comforts of home are cleverly built into the small space alongside the pool.

Small Abode With Tiny Swimming Pool

A tiny swimming pool lined with small mosaic tiles is nestled privately beside the small abode. Double french doors open the living area directly to the pool deck for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Low maintenance greenery and synthetic turf surround the pool to minimize upkeep. This tranquil oasis feels far removed despite its small size.

Tiny Home Featuring Small Pool

The small pool is right off the kitchen for quick dips between meals. Furnishings are pared down to basics but the pool more than makes up for lack of space.

Folding sliding doors disappear to fully open the home to the outdoors. Floating in the cool water is the ultimate way to wind down at day’s end in this tiny home.

Small Cottage With Small Swimming Pool

French country details like floral curtains and wrought iron furniture give the small cottage charm. The small swimming pool creates a lovely landscape focal point visible from the front porch.

On hot afternoons, nothing beats a dip in the cool pool from the shade of overhanging trees. This charming small space feels like an escape from it all.

Tiny Pool For A Small Cottage

A classic arbor frames the entrance to this tiny pool, perfect for the small cottage. Decking and a built-in seating area make the most of the narrow space.

On balmy evenings, string lights and tiki torches set the scene for relaxing poolside. The simple pleasures of home are distilled to their essence in this soothing waterside setting.

Tiny Hut With Small Pool

Solar powered lights illuminate the bamboo edged small pool beside the thatched roof tiny hut. A ceiling fan circulates the tropical air inside open rooms.

Mornings begin with a refreshing swim under clear skies, coffee on the deck. Unwind swimming laps or simply floating, it’s easy to relax fully in this secluded island getaway.

Hilltop Small Home With Small Swimming Pool

On a hilltop, the small home enjoys breathtaking panoramic valley views, perfectly framed by its small swimming pool. Lapping pool water creates a soothing soundtrack, offsetting city noise carried on the breeze.

Contemporary details give the tiny space a modern mountain retreat feel. Stars are bright in the sky from the deck, a magical place to spend evenings.

Small Square Pool For A Tiny Shack

An assortment of mismatched vintage furnishings give personality to this quirky tiny shack. Out back, a small square pool lined with repurposed terra cotta tiles is the cooling focal point.

BBQ meals by the pool stretch sunny days into long lazy afternoons. It’s the simple life in top form – swimming, grilling and enjoying the bare essentials.

Beach-Themed Tiny House With Swimming Pool

With weathered shingle siding and driftwood accents, the beach theme runs strong. The small swimming pool creates a sparkling azure oasis like the ocean just beyond.

Waves sounds play to channel the seaside.

All the relaxation of beach vacations can be relived here year-round between a good book and swimming laps.

Miniature Poolside Tiny Home

Facing the morning sun, slender eucalyptus trees line the path to this miniature poolside tiny home. Birds and butterflies flit amongst foliage alongside the turquoise tiled small pool.

Sip morning coffee on the sun warmed tiles, take a refreshing dip before lunch on the deck.

Outdoor and indoor flow for the ultimate peaceful ambiance.

Cozy Pool For Tiny Retreat

Tall tropical plants and string lights wrapped around palms set a romantic mood poolside. Floating candles create a calm reflective haven in the cozy pool at dusk.

Simple rustic kitchen and living spaces allow maximum time for swimming and stargazing from the deck. All that’s needed for complete relaxation in this secluded getaway.

Small Home With Splash Pool

The splash pool welcomes kids to active summer play, with a shallower section and water slide feature. Wood decking rings the sparkling water, perfect for loungers when not in use.

Screened walls around the small home keep bugs out year round. Families make lifelong memories splashing around and eating meals together outside during long vacation days.

Compact House With Small Plunge Pool

Walls of glass fully incorporate the outdoor space, so even seated inside the compact house feels fully connected to the small plunge pool. Slate tile and smooth pebble borders exude spa like serenity.

Whether swimming lengths for exercise or simply perched on the steel edge, find rejuvenation around this tranquil water feature.

Miniature Home With Small Swimming Pool

The smooth blue surface is the starring feature of this private yard.

Solar panels provide off grid power for underwater lights creating a magical effect.

Extended family frequently visits to use the pool and relax in the miniature home’s compact yet fully functional layout. Create new traditions in this unique tiny setting.

Luxury Hut With Tiny Swimming Pool

Palm trees and string lights festoon this oasis. Natural materials like bamboo create an indulgent escape. Mosaic tile and teak decking exude resort-style relaxation.

Sip tropical cocktails by candlelight in the private pool, the ultimate in glamping luxury.

Downsized Home With Miniature Pool

Through wall-spanning glass, indoor and outdoor merge. Sleek surfaces make the most of limited space. Afternoon floats unwind mind and body.

Contemporary details elevate minimalism into mindful living.

Tiny Abode With Cooling Dip

The inviting pool beckons on sweltering days. Wading lounge from deck to pool for easy access. Private cabana shelters toys and cushions.

All that’s needed for simple pleasures of sun, swim and siesta.

Micro Home With Small Aquatic Pool

Live large in a small space with this micro home’s surprise feature – a small aquatic pool.

Perfect for laps or lounging, this private pool exceeds what you might expect from a home of minimal size.

High-end materials and features belie this place’s pocket-sized footprint.

Compact Swimming Pool In Small Cottage

Everything you need and nothing you don’t – this cozy cottage proves big living doesn’t require a big home.

A surprising highlight is its private swimming area, offering backyard pool enjoyment without the large yard footprint.

Perfect for a couple seeking the tranquility of a small home near swimming fun.

Petite Pool Within Small Home

Downsize your housing but not your lifestyle with this charming home. A stunning surprise is its own petite pool tucked discreetly in the backyard.

Cool off in privacy without leaving your small property. Modern style flows throughout this efficiently designed small home.

Poolside Tiny Dwelling

Impossibly charming, this tiny dwelling backs right up to its own delightful pool area. Spend sunny days lounging poolside without leaving your small property.

High quality materials ensure this little home feels elegant, relaxing and private – a special oasis.

Small Hideaway With Backyard Pool

Escape to your own private oasis – this cozy small hideaway with a hidden jewel, its own glistening backyard pool.

Surrounded by lush landscaping, lose yourself in the privacy of swimming in your own tiny backyard space.

Luxury features are packed into this smartly designed small sanctuary.

Pint Sized Home Featuring Pool

Make a splash in more ways than one at this pint-sized home! Beyond its petite footprint lies a secret – its own private swimming pool.

High-end details transport you far from the bustle, right in your own tiny backyard.

An urban or small-lot dream, this functional layout proves big things can come in small packages.

Dimunitive Poolside Beside Tiny Home

Live large without the large home in this charming diminutive design.

Bursting with character, this tiny home offers as a delightful surprise – its own intimate pool area, seamlessly integrated beside.

Luxury outdoor amenities like a pool prove you don’t need acres to escape and relax in style.

Small Cottage With Small Splashy Pool

Everything you need and nothing you don’t – this inviting cottage is a calming oasis.

A lovely highlight is its private swimming area, the perfect bubbly escape without a large yard.

High ceilings and ample windows ensure this scaled-down space feels light, bright and airy. Contemporary comfort comes through in the thoughtful design.

Small Dwelling With Small Aquatic Pool

Small but mighty – discover luxury and relaxation a scale down sized. High-quality amenities like its private aquatic pool contradict this dwelling’s pocket-sized footprint.

Filtered sunlight and greenery flood the interior, connecting you to the outdoors even within four tiny walls. A lovely example of big living elegantly scaled down.

Micro Mansion With Small Relaxing Pool

Luxury living needs no McMansion size – this smartly designed micro mansion proves it. A serene highlight is its private indoor-outdoor pool area with lush landscaping.

High-end finishes continue the luxurious feel throughout, from poolside to kitchen and beyond. Big personality in a surprisingly small, low-maintenance property.

Small Bungalow With Swimming Pool

Live the California dream without the California price tag. This welcoming bungalow’s backyard oasis is its private pool – the bonus you wouldn’t expect in such a small home.

Floor to ceiling windows connect the interior living space seamlessly with the poolside lounge area. Contemporary style in a smartly scaled-down design.

Snug Home Small Swimming Pool

Cozy hospitality awaits, from the warm wood accents within to the private pool sparkling without. A delightful surprise tucked into this snug home’s tucked-away backyard area.

Contemporary fixtures ensure carefree livability within the charming envelope of a small home. Unexpected luxury where you least expect it – in a quaint scaled-down space.

Compact Cabana With Cooling Pool

This pristine white retreat, features floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its modern design is complemented by a refreshing small pool at the front, offering an ideal cooling escape.

This stylish oasis perfectly combines elegance and functionality, making it a serene haven for relaxation and leisure.

Minuscule Home With Tiny Swimming Pool

Next is a chic dark gray sanctuary, showcases contemporary design with its tiny swimming pool.

Nestled in front, the pool is surrounded by a warm wooden deck, enhancing the home’s modern aesthetic.

This compact yet stylish abode offers a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, making it an ideal retreat for relaxation and intimate gatherings.

Teeny Tiny House With Pool

This compact retreat featuring an above-ground pool that adds a unique touch to its cozy design.

This petite home combines functionality with comfort, offering a refreshing escape in a minimalistic setting.

Ideal for those seeking simplicity without sacrificing leisure, it’s the perfect little haven for relaxation and enjoyment.

Clear Swimming Pool In Small Cottage

The small cottage boasts a crystal-clear swimming pool, offering a refreshing retreat. Solar panels adorn the roof, enhancing its eco-friendly appeal.

Full glass doors and windows flood the interior with natural light, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

This charming, sustainable haven perfectly blends modern convenience with serene relaxation.

Micro Mansion With Swimming Amenity

Now this Micro Mansion is a luxurious compact home featuring a swimming amenity with a beautiful wooden deck.

Sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the house to the outdoor oasis, which includes a charming patio beside the pool.

This sophisticated retreat offers a perfect blend of modern style and comfort, creating an ideal sanctuary for relaxation and leisure.

Pint-Sized Home With Poolside

Pint-Sized Home is a cozy yet modern retreat, featuring floor-to-ceiling fixed windows that flood the interior with natural light.

Adjacent to the house is a stylish poolside area, perfect for relaxation. This compact abode combines contemporary design with comfort, making it an inviting haven for those who appreciate both elegance and functionality.

Small Hut With Swimming Pool

The Small Hut is a charming and efficient retreat, featuring a rooftop swimming pool that offers a unique and refreshing escape.

The elevated pool enhances the home’s appeal, making it a standout choice for those seeking both style and comfort.

Downsized Terrace With Snug Pool

This charming retreat features a cozy pool that invites relaxation. The space-efficient design maximizes comfort without sacrificing style.

Surrounded by a serene outdoor area, this small home offers a perfect balance of elegance and practicality, creating an ideal haven for those seeking a peaceful escape.

Diminutive Dwelling With Diving Pool

This cozy abode boasts a unique feature—a diving pool perfectly suited for leisure and enjoyment.

Dive into luxury and comfort within this cleverly designed space. Embrace the allure of a small-scale sanctuary that maximizes relaxation and fun with its delightful diving pool feature.

Minuscule Home With Small Swimming Pool

Step into a minuscule home complemented by a charming small swimming pool nestled on a quaint wooden deck.

This tiny abode offers a refreshing retreat with its inviting pool, creating a serene oasis for relaxation. Enjoy the cozy ambiance of this compact space, enhanced by the soothing presence of a small swimming pool set against a picturesque wooden deck.

Micro Home With Tiny Swimming Pool

Welcome to a delightful micro home featuring a tiny swimming pool, cleverly integrated into a two-story compact design.

This innovative dwelling maximizes space efficiency without compromising on luxury. Unwind in the refreshing waters of the petite swimming pool, situated within the charm of this two-story tiny house.

Small Poolside Within Tiny Pad

This inviting setup enhances the compact space with a refreshing poolside retreat. Relax by the tranquil waters of the petite pool, seamlessly integrated into the intimate ambiance of this tiny dwelling.

Embrace the allure of minimalist luxury and comfort with this cleverly designed small poolside area within a charming tiny pad.

Petite Swimming Pool Within Tiny Abode

This innovative design combines functionality and relaxation, with the small pool enhancing the ambiance of the cozy home.

Immerse yourself in tranquility and luxury as you enjoy the unique feature of a swimming pool within this thoughtfully crafted tiny abode.

Small Lodge With Small Swimming Pool

Nestled amid tranquil woods lies a quaint lodge, boasting a petite swimming pool. Surrounded by nature’s serenity, this cozy retreat offers a delightful escape.

The lodge’s intimate ambiance and scenic setting create a perfect haven for relaxation. It’s a charming spot to savor simple pleasures and unwind in style.

Tiny Haven With Small Swimming Pool

Tucked away in a quiet corner, a tiny haven beckons with its modest charm and a petite swimming pool. Surrounded by lush greenery, this retreat offers a peaceful escape.

It’s a delightful spot to unwind and enjoy a serene getaway amidst nature’s beauty.

White Bungalow With Small Swimming Pool

Nestled among lush greenery, this charming white bungalow features a delightful small swimming pool.

The clean white exterior contrasts beautifully with the surrounding landscape, creating a serene atmosphere.

The compact pool invites relaxation and enjoyment. Surrounded by a well-kept garden, this bungalow offers a perfect blend of comfort and outdoor leisure. Ideal for a peaceful retreat.

Quaint Villa With Tiny Pool

Tucked away in a picturesque setting, this quaint villa boasts a charming tiny pool. The villa’s rustic charm is enhanced by the presence of this small, inviting pool.

Surrounded by lovely gardens and cozy seating areas, the tiny pool provides a refreshing spot to relax and unwind.

Tiny Residence With Small Poolside

The compact pool complements the charm of this small residence, offering a refreshing retreat.

Surrounded by landscaped greenery, the poolside setting creates a serene ambiance for relaxation. Ideal for those seeking a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

Small Backlit Pool In Tiny Cottage

A small backlit pool enhances the charm of this tiny cottage, nestled in a serene setting. The wooden pool deck features cozy seating, perfect for relaxation.

Illuminated in the evening, the pool creates a magical ambiance. Surrounded by nature, this cozy spot offers a tranquil retreat. Ideal for enjoying peaceful moments under the stars.

Small Shelter Featuring A Small Pool

Nestled within its natural surroundings, a small shelter features a tranquil small pool, offering a peaceful retreat.

The modest pool complements the charm of this secluded setting. Surrounded by lush greenery, the shelter provides a cozy escape. Perfect for those seeking a serene outdoor experience.

Tiny Manor With Small Swimming Pool

This elegant pool adds a touch of luxury to the quaint estate. Surrounded by manicured gardens and cozy seating areas, the pool invites relaxation and enjoyment.

Ideal for intimate gatherings or serene solitude, this tiny manor offers a perfect blend of comfort and leisure.

Small Nest With A Backyard Swimming Pool

Tucked away in a serene setting, a small nest features a backyard swimming pool that adds to its charm.

The open balcony and rooftop deck adorned with plants offer picturesque views and a relaxing ambiance.

Surrounded by greenery, this cozy retreat is perfect for enjoying outdoor leisure and tranquil moments by the pool. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape close to nature.

White Bungalow With Small Pool

Situated in a serene locale, a stylish white bungalow features a small pool, complemented by floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors.

This design element seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, offering expansive views of the surrounding landscape.

The pool, set against the backdrop of the bungalow’s modern aesthetics, creates a tranquil retreat.

Tiny Residence With Little Poolside

Nestled in a charming setting, a tiny residence boasts a little poolside area, complete with a narrow balcony offering a cozy view of the pool.

This intimate space invites relaxation and enjoyment. The narrow balcony provides a perfect vantage point to admire the tranquil poolside setting.

Surrounded by greenery, this tiny residence offers a delightful retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape.

Small Lodge Featuring Swimming Pool

Here’s a small lodge features a swimming pool complemented by an outdoor daybed for relaxation.

This inviting space offers a tranquil retreat amidst nature. The outdoor daybed, positioned near the pool, provides a cozy spot to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

Small Villa With A Backside Swimming Pool

This small villa crafted from wood features a charming backside swimming pool with a wooden deck.

This cozy retreat blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings. The wooden deck by the pool offers a rustic yet stylish space for relaxation and outdoor gatherings.

Small Homestead With A Small Pool Area

A small homestead featuring a modest pool area offers a delightful retreat. This compact oasis blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape, providing a serene spot to relax and unwind.

The pool’s intimate size makes it perfect for small gatherings or quiet moments of solitude. This thoughtful addition enhances the homestead’s charm, creating a refreshing escape close to home.

Small Lodge With Cooling Pool

This charming retreat combines rustic charm with modern comfort. The inviting pool offers respite from the heat, perfect for guests to relax and rejuvenate.

Surrounded by nature, the lodge and its pool create an idyllic escape, ideal for enjoying peaceful moments in a serene environment.

Modern Bijou With A Tiny Swimming Pool

A modern bijou residence with a tiny swimming pool features captivating floor to ceiling glass walls at the front, providing a seamless view of the pool and abundant sunlight.

The compact pool, set against the backdrop of stylish interiors, offers a private oasis of relaxation and luxury within a sleek, contemporary setting.

Small Terrace With Waterside Pool

A small terrace boasts a charming waterside pool, creating a serene escape in any urban setting. This innovative design maximizes space, blending the calming effects of water with outdoor living.

The pool’s edge seamlessly meets the terrace, offering a tranquil spot to unwind and enjoy the view.

Cozy Nook With Small Swimming Pool

Nestled within a serene white tiny house, discover a cozy nook with a small swimming pool.

The pristine white exterior enhances the pool’s refreshing blue hues, creating a serene visual contrast.

Surrounded by lush greenery or scenic views, this intimate setting offers a private oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.