62 Small Homes With Golf Putting Area Outside

Imagine a serene oasis right outside your door. A meticulously curated putting green awaits. Escape the bustling world, embrace tranquility. Compact living meets golfing bliss.

Discover innovative home designs. Seamlessly blend indoor comfort, outdoor leisure. Putt to your heart’s content, morning dew glistening. No need for sprawling estates or country clubs.

Unlock an exclusive lifestyle within city limits. Elevate your passion, nurture your skills daily. Unwind after work on your personal green.

Explore this unique residential concept today.

Tiny Home With Golf Putting Area Outside

This tiny home makes the most of its small space with a dedicated golf putting area just outside the door. Residents can work on their short game right from their backyard.

The putting area includes space for practicing chip shots and putting alongside flower and vegetable gardens. It’s a clever way to enjoy the sport even with the confines of a tiny home.

Outside Golf Putting Area In Small House

Tucked behind this quaint small house is an unexpected golf practice area. Homeowners designed an outdoor space for working on approaches and putting.

Fresh air and natural light fill the backyard as golfers fine tune their strokes. It’s the perfect retreat when a full 18 holes isn’t possible but some swings are needed.

Small Home Featuring Outdoor Golf Area

An outdoor golf area adds an unusual recreational feature to this compact home. A sloped lawn offers the opportunity to shape shots and work on distance control. Nestled privately at the back of the property, it gives residents a place to enjoy their sport without taking up much room.

The small home makes room for enjoying hobbies even on a small lot.

Tiny Home With Outdoor Golfing Area

For the avid golfer downsizing to a tiny home, an innovative solution was needed to keep the sport part of daily life. An outdoor putting and chipping area with artificial turf was added.

Now short games can be practiced anytime, regardless of weather. With limited square footage, this unique backyard configuration lets one tiny homeowner enjoy golf close to home.

Small Golf Putting Backyard In Tiny Home

Though small in size, this tiny home doesn’t skimp on amenities with its unique golf putting backyard. A putting green and practice bunker allow golf skills to be honed right outside the back door.

With just a few clubs and balls, a full round can be simulated. Residents gain hobby and recreation space without needing a large lot for this fun backyard feature.

Small Cottage With Golf Putting Outside

Nestled in a quiet countryside setting, this charming small cottage boasts an unusual outdoor area. Beside flower and herb gardens lies a dedicated golf practice putting spot.

Homeowners can work on their short game or simply putt for leisure. It’s a quirky way to enjoy a beloved sport near the peaceful surroundings of home.

Fun Golf Putting Area For Small Hut

Not much more than a small hut, this cozy home makes clever use of limited space. A crafty owner added an area for golf practice just outside.

It has become a favorite spot for working on putting technique and chipping form. Neighbors often join in for fun competition on the miniature course layout. Such a unique feature brings smiles and sport to this ultra-compact home.

Tiny Manor With Mini Golf Outside Area

Though lacking in size, this tiny manor property makes up for it with creative landscaping. An unexpected surprise awaits – an entire mini golf course sprawling the exterior! Home to 18 holes of winding paths and challenging holes, it offers entertainment for all.

Residents and guests enjoy the refreshing air and relaxing sport just steps from the house. Such an eclectic feature adds delight and dimension to this petite property.

Green Golfing Area In Tiny Dwelling

Inside this petite home, space comes at a premium. But homeowners found a solution to enjoy their favorite hobby just outside. A carefully manicured green welcomes practice putting and chipping.

Fescue grass mimics real links, and undulating terrain adds interest. Now this couple can work on short games or play casual rounds whenever time allows.

Their innovative layout proves big recreation doesn’t require a large yard.

Small Home With Golfing Garden Area

Tucked privately in back of this small home lies a surprising recreational zone. Lush landscaping gives way to a garden designed for golf.

Putting surfaces flow between ornamental plantings.

A practice bunker beckons from among blooms. After mowing or weeding, residents can relax with a club in hand. Their oasis blends sport with scenery in a compact, charming space.

Small Abode With Miniature Golf Area

Though minimal in size, this small abode offers maximum fun with its unique miniature golf area. Complete with nine winding holes dotted with obstacles, it brings a taste of the links right to the backyard.

Owners can practice approach shots after work or host weekend tournaments for friends and family. This quirky feature adds layers of enjoyment to the compact property.

Mini Home Featuring Outside Golf Area

For avid golfers downsizing to a mini home, imaginative landscaping provided a solution to keep their sport close. A chipping and putting practice zone now awaits just beyond the back door.

Artificial and real grasses emulate the course, allowing year-round play. Homeowners even display trophies from casual backyard competitions on their shelves.

Small Shack With Well-Lit Mini Golf Area

Behind this rustic small shack lies an unexpected hidden gem. Multi-colored lights outline a cleverly designed miniature course.

Home to winding holes, it offers recreational bliss after dusk’s descend.

Owners host spirited nighttime tournaments that showcase their originality. Such a niche feature enlivens this already charming space.

Black Tiny Home With Outside Golfing Area

Though starkly designed, this black tiny home finds warmth through creative landscaping. In back, a putting green and chipping zone await beside blooming gardens.

Fresh sod Roll the evening away practicing skills or play casual rounds right outside the door. Homeowners treasure the serenity and sport their one-of-a-kind setup provides so near home.

3-Part Golf Area For Small Hideout

Hidden on this woodland parcel is a small hideout complete with quirky feature. Beyond copse lies three surprising sections – a prairie putter, forest fairway, and lakeside fringe.

Home to fun holes, it offers a taste of daily recreation usually needing far more space. Owners cherish relaxed rounds within earshot of songbirds instead of traffic.

Golf-Themed Tiny Home With Green Golf Area

From ball-patterned chairs to club-adorned shelves, golf themes flow through this tiny home. But its main highlight awaits outside – a lush putting green.

Fresh sod beckons putting practice whenever the mood strikes, while flowers provide scenic backdrops. Now couples can bond over their favorite sport within view of magnificent sunsets.

Modern Tiny Hut With Golf Area Outside

Sleek and minimal, this modern tiny hut embraces simplicity. Yet out back, anything but plain awaits – an unexpected golf feature.

Rolls of fescue await approach shots and chip practice. Homeowners perfect form while taking in mountain vistas after work. Their tranquil retreat blends recreation, nature and architectural flair.

Small Cabin Featuring Backyard Golfing Area

This cozy small cabin entertains an unlikely feature outside its rustic walls. Within dense forest greenery hides an open clearing – a miniature golf course!

Home to nine playful holes, it provides entertainment for all ages. Residents host spirited competitions and make cherished memories on their whimsical course.

Small Hut With Miniature Golf Area

Upon initial glance, this small hut seems to offer little beyond shelter. But tucked out back awaits a fun-filled surprise – an eighteen hole miniature golf course!

Complete with bridges, tunnels and obstacles, it adds multi-dimensional recreation. After work or weekends, owners and families delight in casual rounds on their lively land.

Such an eclectic feature adds flair to this already charming space.

Elegant Cabin With Golf Putting Area

Though rustic in setting, luxury awaits within this elegant cabin’s walls. Outside, however, lies its true standout feature – an immaculate putting green.

Stretches of pristine turf invite practicing strokes or playing casual rounds.

Couples wind down evenings competing on smooth, contoured slopes. A placid water feature provides scenic backdrops to this refined haven tucked privately in woodlands.

Small Dwelling With Mini Golf Area

Though compact, this small dwelling delivers big recreational value with its unique outdoor feature. Behind tidy landscaping lies an 18-hole miniature golf course.

Homeowners crafted winding paths, tiered greens and obstacles to challenge all ages.

After work or on weekends, it serves as the perfect way to bond over friendly competition on one’s own private links.

Golfer’s Paradise Small Bungalow

For avid golfers seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle, this bungalow offers the ideal solution. A spacious putting green and practice bunker await outside its charming doors.

Residents can perfect short games, play casual rounds, or simply relax with putter in hand. The private backyard oasis proves big recreation doesn’t require acres of land.

Mini Retreat With Vast Golf Garden

Beyond lush plantings and koi ponds awaits an unusual feature in this mini retreat’s extensive backyard. Meandering paths wind through gardens designed for golf.

Enjoy putting practice among blooms or play casual rounds amid scenic rural views. The retreat blends adventure, sport and natural beauty into one relaxing haven.

Perched Small Home With Golf Putting Area

Nestled high on a forested hillside, this small home yields epic views from its lofty setting. Yet its standout lies closer to earth – a professionally contoured putting green just outside.

Owners practice intricate strokes while taking in breathtaking sunrises. Nature’s splendor provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing recreation near this unique mountaintop dwelling.

Mini-Golf Themed Tiny Home

From ball-patterned accents to club-adorned shelves, mini-golf themes flow throughout this clever abode. But its highlight awaits outside – an original 18-hole miniature golf course!

Dotted with bridges, tunnels and obstacles, it provides endless entertainment. Residents host spirited tournaments and make cherished memories on their playful masterpiece.

Cute Tiny Cottage With Golf Area

Though diminutive in size, this cottage embraces big personality through clever landscaping. Just beyond charming doors and white picket fence awaits an unexpected surprise – a putting green and practice bunker.

Now avid golfers can perfect short games or simply relax with clubs close to home, proof big recreation requires little space.

Outside Golf Greenery In Small Getaway

Hidden down a forest lane awaits this hidden gem – a small rustic getaway. But tucked out back lies an eye-catching feature sure to delight golfers.

Lush landscaping flows between tees, traps and undulating fairways, simulating a walking course. Owners relax through stress-free rounds surrounded by serenity rather than suburbia.

Modern Tiny Home With Small Golfing Area

Inside sleek open-concept spaces, this modern abode embraces minimalist traits. Yet tucked outside its industrial exterior awaits a quirky feature – an artificial putting and chipping area.

Fresh sod rolls up against steel planters, juxtaposing sleek and green in one unique recreational space.

Square Golfing Area In Bungalow Backyard

Though compact, this bungalow’s backyard boasts a fun-filled configuration. Upon initial glance, one square of lawn appears far too small for large recreation.

But a closer look reveals it hosts an 18-hole putting course! Owners practice or play casual rounds amidblooming landscaping on their scaled-down links.

Small Manor With Outside Mini-Golf

While miniature in size, this manor estate packs grandeur through clever architectural design. But its crowning feature lies outdoors – an original miniature golf course!

Home to 18 playful holes winding through Sculptured gardens, it offers spirited fun for all ages on one’s own private recreational grounds. Lavish recreation awaits despite limited exterior space.

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