How Much Do Sheepskin Rugs Smell? (Checked)

Sheepskin rugs are made from the skin and fleece of the sheep. They are natural material rugs with unique characteristics such as their very own layer of protection called lanolin.

Sheepskin rugs have a distinct smell when new.

Here Is How Much Sheepskin Rugs Smell:

Brand new sheepskin rugs often have a strong smell, which is quite distinct. Oftentimes, the smell can be so overpowering to the point of being off-putting but this is just natural for sheepskin rugs when they are brand new. Over time, the smell wears off.

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Do Sheepskin Rugs Smell More Than Other Rugs?

Compared to other rugs, sheepskin rugs smell more. This is natural for sheepskin rugs and they all have this particular smell especially when you just got them out of their packaging.

However, an older sheepskin rug would not smell if they are cleaned and maintained well.

What Are Typical Reasons Sheepskin Rugs Start To Smell?

There are a few various reasons that sheepskin rugs start to smell.

The primary reason is that they are brand new and have been packaged for a long time. This is quite natural because the smell occurs when the sheepskin has been wrapped for quite some time.

Additionally, sheepskin rugs that went through a tanning process will have an artificial smell.

Another reason that your sheepskin rug starts to smell is if you put it in storage where there is not enough ventilation. This can happen when you store them in a closed area such as closets or cabinets.

Here they will eventually start to smell.

One other common reason that sheepskin rugs smell is if something was spilled on them and they have become damp.

Do Brand New Sheepskin Rugs Smell More?

Since brand new sheepskin rugs have been wrapped in some packaging, they tend to smell more than old sheepskin rugs.

This is because the sheepskin was not getting enough ventilation while inside the packaging, and the odor ends up being trapped in the fibers, which produces a strong smell.

Does The Smell Wear Off Over Time?

For brand new sheepskin rugs, the smell wears off over time. It actually does not take long for the smell to wear off.

When you remove your brand new sheepskin rug from its packaging, all you need to do is give it a firm shake and put it outside for a bit so it can get some ventilation.

The smell will eventually wear off on its own.

Within a couple of weeks from receiving your brand new sheepskin rug, the smell should start to wear off.

How Do You Avoid Smell From Sheepskin Rugs?

While the smell eventually wears off from sheepskin rugs, they can still start to smell over time. This happens when your sheepskin rugs are not properly maintained.

Sheepskin rugs are suppresses odor, which is a natural characteristic of these rugs. Odor tends to be absorbed into the rug fibers.

These odor molecules become trapped and they end up sticking to the sheepskin rug, and that is when your rug would start to smell.

There are things that you can do to prevent your sheepskin rugs from having an unpleasant smell.

1) Gently And Regularly Vacuum Your Sheepskin Rug

Vacuuming your sheepskin rug will remove loose particles, such as food, debris, pet fur, or dirt from your pets’ paws – basically, things that can potentially cause your sheepskin rug to smell.

When you vacuum your sheepskin rug, make sure to do so with a plain suction vacuum cleaner.

Do not use a revolving brush or the heavy beater bar, as this may end up damaging your rug.

2) Spot Clean Stains As They Happen

Liquid spills on your sheepskin rug can make it damp and cause unpleasant smells to come off from your rug.

When a liquid accidentally spills on your rug, spot clean it immediately. Simply take a damp, clean cloth and a mild detergent, and blot the affected area with a mixture of detergent and water.

Use plain cold water to rinse it out. Keep repeating this for colored liquid spills until the stains come off.

3) Wash Your Sheepskin Rug Every Now And Then

Washing your sheepskin rug thoroughly will help remove deep-seated dirt and stains from your rug, especially those that cannot be removed by vacuuming.

If your rug does not have a backing, you can machine-wash it on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. If your rug has a backing, it would be best to have it professionally cleaned by rug cleaners so that you would not risk damaging your rug.

Here’s an article about how easily sheepskins get dirty.

4) Put Your Sheepskin Rug To Air Dry

After washing your sheepskin rug, air it outside to dry.

Hang it outdoors in an area where it will receive direct sunlight as this can cause your rug to fade. Every once in a while, you can take your sheepskin rug outside and give it some shake to let off loose dirt, and hang it somewhere with good ventilation.

5) Occasionally Brush Your Sheepskin Rug

Brushing your sheepskin rug occasionally helps remove any loose dirt and debris.

Do this when your rug is dry, and not when it is still wet or damp from the wash. Use a brush that is specially made for sheepskin rugs – you can get them at the rug store.

Brushing will also help maintain the natural fluff and softness of your sheepskin rugs.

6) Keep The Area Clean And Free From Any Foul Odors

Since the fibers of sheepskins rugs trap the odor, it is essential that you keep the room or the area clean. If your room has a smell, then it would naturally stick to the rug and cause your rug to smell.

Disinfect the room every now and then to keep it free from any unpleasant smells and make sure that it is always clean.

The smell that comes off from sheepskin rugs when they are brand new is natural, and it is something that you should not have to worry about.

Just make sure to take care of your rug and clean its surroundings, so your sheepskin rug stays free from any unpleasant smells.


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