Do Sheepskin Rugs Get Dirty More Easily? (Solved & Explained)

It’s important to know whether your rugs collect dirt and lint or if they can withstand daily use without getting too many stains and spots. Wool is a great material when it comes to easy maintenance and cleaning.

Here’s why.

Here is why sheepskin rugs do not easily get dirty:

Sheepskin rugs have a natural waxy coating, which is called lanolin. This substance helps make the rug slippery so that dust and dirt do not settle in the wool. This substance adds natural protection to sheepskin rugs so they do not get dirty very easily.
Stained Sheep Wool

How hard are sheepskin rugs to keep clean?

Even though they look delicate, sheepskin rugs are actually quite low maintenance. They are very easy to clean and maintain because they already have a natural coat of protection and dirt-repellant.

This is called lanolin.

Do sheepskin rugs require more cleaning than other rugs?

Compared to other rugs, sheepskin rugs do not require more cleaning.

They actually only require little cleaning and maintenance to keep them in pristine condition.

The way that sheepskin rugs are produced helps these rugs repel and release dirt very easily. This means your sheepskin rugs do not actually need to be cleaned as often as you expect.

The only thing you probably need to worry about sheepskin rugs is keeping them dry and avoiding putting them in a moist environment. This is to prevent any growth and bacteria build-up.

Other than this, sheepskin rugs are low maintenance.

Does dirt show more on sheepskin rugs?

In general, since sheepskin rugs have their own coat of protection, dirt does not tend to show more. Most dirt gets repelled by the lanolin on the wool of the rug.

Most dirt and dust will be repelled by the rug since the rug has its own layer of protection. If you get dirt particles on it, you can simply take your rug out and shake it to remove the dirt.

As for stains, it is often a different situation depending on the type of stain that you have on the sheepskin rug.

Stains that are organic like mud and non-acidic foods are quite easy to get rid of. And it will be a lot easier to do so when the stain has dried off.

However, acidic stains such as tomato sauce, wine, and other colored drinks, can be tough to remove. This is because these stains can get absorbed by the fibers very easily.

Combine this with the fact that sheepskin is often white.

What are the easiest sheepskin rugs to keep clean?

There are three main types of sheepskin rugs:

  • Classic wool,
  • Short wool,
  • and long wool.

The types of sheepskin rugs are based on the location where they are sourced.

The classic wool and the short wool sheepskins are from the same type of sheep, usually from Australia or New Zealand. The only difference between the two is that short wool sheepskins are from younger sheep.

Meanwhile, long wool sheepskins are usually from sheep in Iceland or other Nordic countries.

Out of the three types of sheepskin rugs, the easiest one to keep clean is the short wool sheepskin rug.

This is because the shorter well does not let the dirt settle deep in the fibers. They are the easiest to maintain and require very little brushing to remove any dirt.

How often should you clean sheepskin rugs?

Sheepskin rugs do not require a lot of maintenance, but you DO need to clean them once in a while to keep your sheepskin free from smell.

Some rugs need to be vacuumed twice or thrice a week, but you only need to vacuum sheepskin rugs once a week.

Here is how to maintain your sheepskin rugs to keep them in pristine condition and make them last long:

1) Shake the rug

Every now and then, take your sheepskin rug outside and shake it to get loose dirt and dust off.

The lanolin in sheepskin rugs has a natural coating that prevents dirt from settling in the rug fibers, so all you have to do is shake them.

2) Vacuum regularly

Vacuum your sheepskin rug once a week.

When vacuuming, do it gently. Use only a plain suction mount to remove the dirt and not the turbo units that might potentially damage your rug.

This will also help the sheepskin to last longer.

3) Keep it fresh with baking soda.

Sprinkle baking soda on the sheepskin rug every now and then to keep it fresh and clean.

This will also eliminate any foul odors on the rug.

4) Brush occasionally.

Brushing your sheepskin rug occasionally helps prevent tangles and matted fibers. Use only recommended brushes for sheepskin rugs, which you can buy from the store where you got the rug – most of them sell it.

Brushing also helps remove any dirt in the fibers.

This is especially helpful for long-haired wool sheepskin rugs.

Avoid exposing the rug direct sunlight.

Do not place sheepskin rugs in an area with strong direct sunlight as this may affect the color of your rug. Exposing them to direct sunlight will make them a bit yellowish.

For dyed sheepskin rugs, direct sunlight would cause them to fade.

Keep sheepskin rugs dry.

Avoid putting sheepskin rugs in damp places. If you are not using your rug, store them properly in a dry area. The best place to store them is in your closet so they still have room to breathe.

Otherwise, you run the risk of them having foul odors.

What is the best way to clean dirt off sheepskin rugs?

The best way to clean dirt off sheepskin rugs is by spot cleaning them. Spot cleaning them will help remove dirt or stain without getting the rest of the rug damp or wet.

Spot clean the stains as soon as they happen. It is best to not wait before cleaning them so you can prevent the dirt or stain from sinking deep into the fibers,

Here is how to properly clean sheepskin rugs in case of dirt or stains:

  • Get a mild detergent for spot cleaning. It is best if you use a detergent that is specially made for sheepskin or wool.
  • Mix the mild detergent with cold water if suggest.
    Make sure to follow the instructions on the label.
  • Apply the cleaner to the stained area.
    If instructed, you may need to let the cleaner sit for a bit.
  • Use a dry clean cloth and gently dab on the area to remove any excess water.
  • Lay the rug out to air dry, but make sure it is not under direct sunlight.

What color should you choose for a clean look?

Sheepskin rugs naturally come in a nice ivory color, and this is the best one to get for a clean and pristine look.

It is best if they do not have any discolorations on the original wool.

To summarize, sheepskin rugs are a really great option if you want rugs that require little maintenance and do not get dirty easily. They can add a luxurious feel to your room, while still being functional.

High-quality sheepskin rugs can be quite expensive, but because they naturally repel dirt, are low maintenance, durable, and tend to last very long, they are worth the price.


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