12 Rugs That Are Similar To Ruggable (With Links)

Ruggable is an American rug company that was founded in 2010. It is very famous for its machine-washable rugs that come in different designs and sizes – from area rugs to runners to doormats.

If you are looking for rugs that are similar to Ruggable, here are some great options:

Aside from being machine-washable, Ruggable rugs are stain-resistant, water-resistant, non-slip, and pet-friendly. You can also order customized rugs. Depending on the design and size, Ruggable rugs can cost from $89 to $739.

Ruggable rugs can be pricey, but they are worth it because of their quality. Plus the fact that they are completely machine-washable makes them so great. They are very convenient especially if you have kids or pets, or if you are a very busy person who prefers low-maintenance rugs.

Peach Ria Geometric Washable Area Rug

Brand: Rugs USA

This machine-washable rug from Rugs USA has an integrated non-slip backing, which means there is no need for a separate backing layer.

It is so easy to install – just unwrap it and place it in your desired area. There will be no need for a non-slip rug pad and for securing it with a double-sided rug tape.

This rug is also resistant to stains and liquid spills. In case of liquid spills, you can simply wipe it off with a clean cloth.

This rug is great for households with little kids and pets and will hold up very well in high-traffic areas of your home.

This rug comes in a colorful geometric design that can add life to any space, with colors that can seamlessly fit into any existing furniture and decor. This rug is available in four shapes: rectangle, runner, circle, and square. Plus it also has several options of sizes per shape.

Rosman Washable Area Rug

Brand: Boutique Rugs

This rug from Boutique Rugs comes in a traditional design that looks the same as the designs of Oriental rugs. It is made from a chenille and polyester blend, and it comes in six different sizes.

This rug is completely machine-washable, using mild soap only and in a gentle cycle.

The use of bleach or fabric softener is not recommended as it can damage the rug.

This rug is lightweight, yet it feels warm and comfortable underfoot. It is stain-resistant, and family and pet-friendly – perfect for busy households, and can hold up in high traffic areas.

Illusions – Wave Area Rug

Brand: Liora Manne

This rug by Liora Manne has a wave design in vibrant shades of blue – perfect for more modern-themed rooms or beach-inspired spaces. This rug is made from polyester and is available in three sizes.

With a non-slip rubber backing, this rug is kid and pet friendly as it will not slide or move from its place. It is perfect for any high-traffic area inside or outside the home.

This rug is hypoallergenic, which means that it is completely safe for small children and babies.

This rug is also made to have minimal shedding and is treated to be fade-resistant, which makes them worry-free rugs. It is completely machine-washable. Just make sure to wash in a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent.

Lavadora Area Rug

Brand: Surya

This rug from Surya is made from 100% polyester and is durable and low maintenance.

It is easy to clean and maintain, as it is machine-washable. Just make sure to wash using a gentle cycle, cool water, and some mild laundry detergent. Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners.

Also, it is not recommended to spin-dry this rug.

This rug features a Moroccan rug pattern. It comes in light and subtle colors, with geometric stripes across it. Its colors make it easy to match with existing furniture and decor in your home. It has a distressed effect that gives it a vintage look. There are six sizes to choose from.

Layna Machine Washable Distressed Vintage Area Rug

Brand: nuLOOM

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then this rug by nuLOOM may be perfect for you. This rug is machine-washable and easy to maintain, which is great for busy households or those with pets or small kids.

It is also durable and can hold up well, even in high-traffic areas of your house.

This rug comes in a classic vintage design in a very soft and sleek pile. It has an integrated non-slip backing for easier placement anywhere in the house.

And the best part about this rug? It is made from sustainably sourced and recycled synthetic fibers, which makes it a more environment-friendly option.

Mor0ccan Diamond Machine-Washable Rug

Brand: RealLife

This rug from RealLife is machine-washable making rug care very convenient. You can simply toss it in the washing machine for a quick wash with cold water and a gentle detergent.

You can also dry it using the machine, but make sure to avoid heat and use the air-only setting.

This rug is family and pet-friendly. It is made from premium recycled polyester, so it is lightweight yet durable and can hold up even in areas of the house with high foot traffic.

This rug comes in a Moroccan diamond-pattern design, with three colors to choose from. It is also available in six sizes.

Mojave Lines Desert Beige Rug

Brand: The Rug Collective

This rug from The Rug Collective features an organically-inspired pattern that can give your room a modern feel. The Mojave rug is a great addition to bring life to any space, but it is still subtle enough with its neutral color schemes. It is available in five sizes.

Made from a blend of cotton, viscose, and polyester fibers, this rug is durable.

Its fibers are quite resilient and can withstand areas with high foot traffic.

This rug is also easy to clean as it is machine-washable and stain-resistant. Its fibers do not hold onto liquid very well, so you can expect that any spills would not be absorbed and can be easily wiped off.

Geometric Machine Washable Area Rug

Brand: Better Homes and Gardens

This rug from Better Homes and Gardens is another good option for those who are on a budget. This rug features a simple trellis pattern in a nice ivory color.

The design works well with a variety of decor styles and can instantly warm up your indoor space. It is cozy and has a nice texture that will surely get compliments from guests.

this rug is water-resistant in a way that it does not absorb or hold on to liquid very well. So in case of liquid spills, you can just easily wipe it off.

In case of deeper stains, this rug is machine-washable that you can simply toss it in the wash and run a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.

This rug is also non-slip and hypoallergenic, which makes it kid and pet-friendly.

Diamond Tufted Area Rug

Brand: Maples Rugs

This rug from Maples Rugs adds a modern touch to any room of your home with its minimalist diamond pattern. It has a subtle color palette of cream and grey that will seamlessly go with any existing decor in your home. This rug is available in six sizes.

This rug is made from 100% nylon, which makes it quite durable and resilient.

It is not prone to shedding and can hold up well in areas of the home with high foot traffic. It also has a latex backing that helps keep it in place and prevents it from slipping or sliding, which means it is very safe for a household with kids and pets.

This rug is low maintenance. In case of liquid spills, it is very easy to spot clean this rug because its fibers do not absorb liquid well. It is also machine-washable in case of deeper stains.

Flora Rug

Brand: Tumble Living

This rug from Tumble Living is machine-washable in any size.

It comes with a rug pad that you can easily remove when it is time to wash the rug.

This rug has a low pile surface that makes liquid from tiny beads that roll off, so you can simply wipe it off in case of liquid spills.

The rug pad that it came with provides good cushioning, with just the right amount of support to keep it in place and prevent it from slipping.

This makes it very safe, especially if you have kids or pets running around the house. It is also hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, which makes it safe for kids and pets.

This rug features a colorful and vibrant floral design, that can breathe new life into your indoor spaces. You can choose from four sizes.

Malibu Printed Area Rug

Brand: Oriental Weavers

This rug from Oriental Weavers comes in a geometric print, with a bold splash of color that guarantees to add life to any room. Its vibrant colors will surely amaze your guests.

This rug has a low pile construction that makes it lightweight, but still very durable.

It is suitable for homes with pets, small children, and areas that have high levels of foot traffic.

This rug is made from 100% polyester and comes with a non-slip backing to keep it in place. It is machine-washable under a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. It is generally very low maintenance, so it is quite easy to clean.

Ocean Blue Distressed Area Rug

Brand: Bloom

Made from synthetic fibers, this rug from Bloom comes in a gorgeous vintage design that will elevate any space.

It is available in seven sizes for a good variety. It comes in a one-piece rug system so that it is easy to install and place in your desired area.

This rug is completely machine-washable using the delicate cycle with a mild detergent.

This rug is low maintenance yet durable, which makes it a great choice for families with kids and pets.

The fibers of this rug are stain-resistant so it is easy to clean in case of liquid spills. The fibers are also resilient, and they can withstand areas of the home with a high level of foot traffic.

Before buying a Ruggable rug or any machine-washable rug, make sure that the rug will fit inside your washer. You do not want to risk damaging your washer by overloading it with a rug that is too big for it.

Also, when washing your rugs, make sure to do so in a gentle cycle, and use cool water and a mild detergent. A carpet shampoo should do the trick.

Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners, as these contain harmful chemicals that may damage your rug.

When drying, simply air-dry the rug. Depending on the material, you can also lay it flat under the sun to dry. 

To summarize, not all rugs in the market are machine-washable, which can be a hassle to clean especially if you have a busy household. Ruggable rugs and similar rugs are great to have because they are machine-washable and are very easy to maintain.


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