How To Have Just One Glass Of Wine (5 Easy Tips)

There are several studies that show how having one glass of wine can be beneficial. Some studies even say that one glass daily is optimal and can be beneficial to you.

However, having more can negatively affect your health and can lead to other problems that are non-health-related.

Here are the best tips on how to have just one glass of wine:

Let’s admit it, wine tastes good.

And when we are enjoying our wine, sometimes we do not really notice how often we end up refilling our wine glasses.

Drinking more than one glass of wine once in a while will not seriously impact your health. But if you drink wine often, the ideal amount is really just one glass at most.

Do not drink wine alone.

Make this a rule for yourself to strictly follow. Do not drink wine alone.

This is to discipline yourself to limit your wine intake.

When people drink wine alone, they tend to consume excessive amounts. This is because it is just so easy for them to refill their glasses.

When drinking alone while doing something, like reading or watching a movie, people tend to refill their glasses unconsciously because they are focused on the other things that they are doing.

When drinking wine, it is always best to do so with other people. Make it something you do to have fun with friends or family, like during a nice dinner.

Do not drink wine when you are feeling down.

Never turn to alcohol when you are sad or feeling down. Wine, just like any other alcohol, is a natural depressant.

When you drink wine when you are feeling down, it will worsen your mood and you will end up reaching out for that bottle to get a refill.

Make drinking wine a joyous activity. Drink wine when you are happy or when you want to celebrate something.

Drink water and stay hydrated.

There was this one rule about drinking. That you should drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you consume. This is a helpful rule for how to have just one glass of wine.

Always have a glass of water on the table close to you, and learn to identify the feeling of being thirsty. When you feel thirsty, reach out for that glass of water instead of drinking wine.

Wine is for tasting. It is for experiencing and enjoying all the flavors and the aromas.

Wine is not an alternative to water and should not be consumed for quenching your thirst.

Do not drink wine on an empty stomach.

In the same way that wine is not an alternative to water, it should also not be an alternative to food. Do not mistake hunger as a cue to increase your wine intake.

Make sure to eat before drinking wine. Or better yet, have food to pair with your wine. All types of wines have specific food pairings, that help bring out their flavors and make the drinking experience more enjoyable.

For example, red wines go well with steak, roasted or grilled red meats, and heavy tomato-based dishes. Meanwhile, white wines are best enjoyed with fish, seafood like clams or oysters, and white meat.

When you are drinking on an empty stomach, the wine is metabolized faster in your body because it gets absorbed easily into your bloodstream.

Because of this, you will end up drinking more.

Put the wine bottle away.

When you are drinking wine at home, do not leave the wine bottle on the table. P

ractice this even if you have company. When you leave the wine bottle on the table and close to you, it is just so easy for you to reach out for that bottle and refill your glass until that wine bottle is empty.

So once you have poured into your glass, place the cork back and put the wine bottle away.

Bring just enough money for one glass.

This applies when you are dining out. When you will be dining at a restaurant that serves wine, allot a budget for one glass of wine, and nothing more.

This is a practical tip that is very helpful so you can have just one glass of wine. Having enough budget for one glass will help make you drink your wine consciously.

This is so you drink wine slower, eliminating the need or desire for refills.

Knowing you can only buy yourself one glass for the night will actually let you enjoy your wine better as you take tiny sips, rather than drinking a huge amount in one gulp.

Focus on the taste of wine.

Wine is made to be enjoyed for its wide array of flavors and aromas. This is why special glasses are made specifically for the consumption of wine so people can taste it properly.

Whenever you drink wine, focus on the taste by making small sips. Try to savor the drink, and identify the flavors and aromas. Do not drink wine just for the sake of drinking.

Remember that wine is meant to be enjoyed in small sips, and not in huge gulps.

Drinking wine provides so many benefits. In fact, one glass per day can be good. Drinking wine is good for your gut and it lessens the risks of having gallstones. It also boosts antioxidants to help prevent different diseases. Additionally, it helps lower feelings of anxiety and stress.

Of course, too much wine can also be harmful. The key is to keep your wine intake in moderation, and just have one glass of wine.


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