Places Where You Can Donate Rugs (Solved)

It is quite common for non-profit organizations to sell pre-loved or secondhand items.

This is to raise money for their causes. Most of these items are donated.

Donating a rug to charity can be challenging but not impossible. There are just some things that you need to know first.

Here’s Why it Can Be Hard to Donate Your Rug to Charity:

If your rug is too worn out or dirty, it can be hard to find an organization that might accept it. Most non-profit organizations do not have the resources to clean or resell a rug unless it meets an immediate need. However, if the rug looks new or is in very good condition, you can donate it.

1. Does GOODWILL Accept Rugs?

When you donate to Goodwill, they sell them in their stores and online.

The revenue generated will provide valuable employment training and job placement services for people in your community.

Goodwill does accept rug donations.

Apart from clothes and shoes, Goodwill accepted items such as blankets, comforters, curtains, draperies, and rugs.

2. Does SALVATION ARMY Accept Rugs?

Salvation Army is a Christian organization that does various charity work.

They also have stores where donated goods are sold to raise funds for their programs.

Like Goodwill, but more religious, Salvation Army is another common choice for people looking to donate their old stuff.

Apart from the usual clothes and shoes, Salvation Army accepts new and gently used home decor items for donation, including rugs.


Habitat for Humanity Home improvement stores and donation centers sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home goods, building materials, etc.

Habitat for Humanity also accepts rug donations.

The rugs to be donated must be free from visible wear, tear, stains, or animal smells.

4. Do SAVERS Accept Rugs?

Savers is all about reusing. They are committed to keeping one-of-a-kind finds out of landfills.

They run one of the most robust recycling and up-cycling programs globally and stand firmly supporting the circular economy.

Savers also accept rugs. They have to be clean and in good condition.


American Veterans is a volunteer-led organization formed by World War II veterans of the United States military.

In communities throughout the US, AMVETS Thrift Stores sell quality used clothing, household goods, and toys at reasonable prices.

They, therefore, accept rugs for their thrift store.

6. Nami Montgomery County Thrift Shop

This is a thrift shop run by the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Montgomery County.

This organization provides support, education, and public awareness for mental illnesses.

They also accept rug donations for their thrift shops, as long as the rug is in good and useable condition.

7. British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation funds medical research related to heart and circulatory diseases.

They also run thrift stores to raise funds for their causes.

They accept several items for donation, including home decor and rugs.

8. Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading independent cancer charity.

They also have thrift stores, both physical and online, where profits are used to fund their cause.

They accept different kinds of items for donation, such as clothes, books, furniture, and home decor, including rugs.

Do Charity Shops Generally Like to Recieve Rugs?

In general, rugs still in good condition can be sold or donated to charity.

Charity shops accept home decor items, including rugs, as long as they are clean and usable.

Old rugs can pose a health risk which is why the rugs need to be clean when they are about to be donated.

Where Can I Donate A Large Rug?

All the places mentioned above are charity shops where you can donate rugs, including large ones.

As long as the rug is in good condition, either new or gently used, it will be accepted as a donation.

If your rug needs a little bit of care before being donated, an organization can do that for you.

Luv-A-Rug has formed working relationships with many charity organizations and shops that are more than happy to accept rugs from Luv-a-Rug because they know they are clean, healthy, and ready to use to raise funds.

If you have an old Persian rug that may seem valuable, you can have it appraised. Some companies can appraise Persian rugs for free so that you can know their value.

Many charities can accept high-value items for auctions, which can help raise more funds for their cause.

Another thing you can do with an old rug is donated them to animal shelters. You can cut big rugs into smaller pieces and donate them to animal shelters, where they will be used as a floor covering for the crates.

Where Do People Generally Donate Rugs?

In general, people donate rugs to charity shops.

Any of the ones listed above are great options for re-homing your rug.

As long as the rug is clean and in good condition, charity ships are willing to accept them and resell them for profit.

Just make sure that you clean and prepare your rug for sale. Otherwise, the shop may reject it or even throw it out.

How Do I Know If A Rug Is Good Enough To Get Donated?

Charity stores generally take new and gently used items in good condition.

The rule is that donations should be clean, safe, and re-sellable. The same goes for rugs.

The rugs must be clean. They also must be free from visible wear and tear, stains, or animal smells.

And a lot of these charity shops normally do not have the manpower or resources to clean the donated items themselves.

This is why rugs need to be clean when donated. They have to be in a condition where you can sell them as soon as they are donated.


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