Do Rugs Need To Match? (Read This First)

Rugs can accentuate any room and add life and color to it. 

Matching rug patterns and colors can be an issue for some interior designers and homeowners, but they don’t always need to match.

When choosing rugs for the house, there are many things to consider, such as the style, the color, and the size – not just how they match. Clashing colors can be much prettier and more exciting.

Here is Why Your Rugs Do Not Need to Match:

The rugs in your house do not have to be in the same design or color. However, the rugs should complement each other. For example, you can get a large area rug with an interesting pattern and take one color from its design to get a smaller rug in that color to complement it.

Should Rugs Match Throughout the House?

Rugs should not have to match throughout your entire house.

You can go for a Scandinavian-inspired living room and get an area rug printed with crisp minimalist lines in neutral colors, while your bedroom can have a Boho theme with colorful rugs.

The rule is that all of the rugs you can see from a single spot in your house should complement each other.

For example, if you have rugs in your dining room and your kitchen (near each other), then the materials, the print, and the colors of your rug should complement each other.

To know if the colors complement each other, you can check the color wheel to see what colors are complementary. The colors that oppose each other on the color wheel complement each other.

Do Bathroom Rugs Have To Match?

Following the rule above, all the rugs in one bathroom should complement each other.

You can take a black and white bathroom rug and add a second rug in either black or white.

They do not have to have the same design, but their colors have to complement each other. They have to look cohesive together.

Do Kitchen Rugs Have To Match?

Like bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs have to complement each other in color and design.

You can even mix and match the materials, but they should still complement each other.

For example, you can take a durable, colorful area rug for your kitchen, where it can withstand high traffic. Then you can take one or two colors from the area rug and get an accent rug using those colors.

The materials can be different as long as the two rugs look good together.

Do Bedroom Rugs Have To Match?

You can get different rugs for different rooms in the house, but all the rugs in one room should complement each other.

Bedrooms with low foot traffic can be decorated with delicate rugs, as long as their colors and designs complement each other.

Especially in a bedroom where many fabrics – bedspread, curtains, pillows, sheets – all exist in one room, it is important to make sure that your colors match.

You can even use different rug materials, but they all have to look cohesive.

Do Rugs Need To Match In an Open Floor Plan and Adjoining Rooms?

Decorating a house with an open floor plan can be challenging, as all the pieces should be cohesive to make the room look well put together.

The rule above states that all of the rugs you can see from a single spot in your house should complement each other. This applies to open floor plans too.

If you look at your living area and see the dining area behind it, the rugs used in these two areas need to complement each other.

The designs should complement each other. The rugs must have one or two colors in common to look coordinated.

This same rule applies to adjoining rooms because the concept is similar to open floor plans. All the rugs that you can see from a single spot should complement each other.

Do Area Rugs Have To Match?

Area rugs do not need to match, but they should complement each other.

Area rugs do not need the same print, but they should have a common color.

Their design must complement each other. If you have an area rug with a bold print, you can get a second area rug that is more toned down, perhaps in a solid color or gradient.

The color of the second area rug should be similar to one of the colors in the first area rug.

Do Oriental Rugs Have To Match?

When it comes to Oriental rugs, the same rules apply.

They do not have to match, but the design and colors of the Oriental rugs should complement each other.

They cannot be overwhelming. If one rug is too loud, the other has to be more toned down.

However, there is an exception to this rule, in that real Oriental rugs can sometimes be a show-stopping piece all on their own and not necessarily match their surroundings.

Just ensure that you are implementing it in the right place in your home.

Do Outdoor Rugs Have To Match?

Outdoor rugs also do not have to match, but they have to be complementing.

Use similar colors in your outdoor area so that it looks well-designed.

Furthermore, make sure you use strong, durable materials for those rugs. You don’t want them to break or be worn down by the weather.

Should Rugs Match Curtains?

Curtains and rugs are different topics.

When choosing a curtain for your room, it has to match the rug in the sense that it should look cohesive.

The rugs and the curtains should not have to be in an exact color match, but it is best if they are in the same color family together. They can also be complementary colors or have the same textures or patterns.

You can also go for neutral colors when choosing a curtain. Neutrals are great because they do not go out of style.

They are a classic, and they look good anywhere. They always blend so well together that they would complement any rug design or any home decor piece.

Choosing a rug to decorate your house can be a tedious task, especially when you want all the decor elements to look good with one another. But it is something you do not have to hire a professional for.

If you are unsure what to do, we suggest looking at different interior design websites or pages for inspiration. You can also check Pinterest for decor inspirations to make choosing rugs for your house easier.


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