How To Tell If Wine Glasses Are Good? (6 Things to Check)

When it comes to wine glasses, there are so many options nowadays, with so many different brands offering different types of wine glasses.

Many brands even have a specific glass for every type of wine.

How can one tell if the wine glasses are good? There are a few ways to know for sure.

Here Is The Easiest Way To Tell If Wine Glasses Are Good:

The most obvious tell-tale sign if a wine glass is good or not is its price. Usually, higher quality comes with a higher price applies to wine glasses. Then you can confirm if a wine glass is good by looking at it closely. You can see the difference if you have a cheap wine glass to compare.

What’s The Difference Between Cheap And High-Quality Wine Glasses?

The biggest difference between cheap wine glasses and high-quality wine glasses is their design.

High-quality wine glasses had had a lot of thought when being manufactured. This is so they would be suitable for the wine they are made for.

High-quality wine glasses use high-quality materials that only enhance your wine drinking experience. The makers of high-quality wine glasses also tend to put a lot of thought into the glass-making process to ensure that every sip is enjoyable for the drinker.

On the other hand, cheap wine glasses do not enhance your drinking experience. Makers of cheap wine glasses do not put a lot of thought into making these glasses.

Thus, cheap wine glasses can affect the taste of the wine badly and even ruin the drinking experience.

Cheap wine glasses are made to hold and drink wine without much thought to how its shape would affect its flavors.

High-quality glasses also tend to last longer than even though they are quite expensive. They can be worth it. As long as the glasses are well taken care of and properly cleaned, high-quality glasses can even last for a lifetime.

How To Tell If Wine Glasses Are High Quality?

It takes a wine connoisseur a short time to tell if the wine glass is of high quality.

If this is unfamiliar to you, it can take a while to differentiate cheap versus high-quality wine glasses easily, but there are still some ways to tell.

Here are the things you should look out for so you can tell if a wine glass is of high quality or not:


High-quality wine glasses are normally made of crystal glass, which is very clear.

Cheap glasses are made of poor-quality glass, which can often be cloudy.


Aside from being super clear, high-quality wine glasses made of crystal are brilliant.

They normally have a sparkle to them.


High-quality wine glasses make use of very durable and high-quality materials.

When the material is durable, you can make it into more elegant and thin wine glasses.

The rule is simple – the thinner the wine glass is, the higher the quality of the material used.


You can tell the difference between cheap wine glasses and high-quality wine glasses by how they sound.

Good wine glasses made of crystal produce a nice high-pitched sound when you rattle them.

Cheap wine glasses made of regular glass create a short and dull sound.


You can also distinguish between cheap wine glasses and high-quality wine glasses when you touch them.

Good crystal wine glasses are smoother because they are more polished.

Cheap wine glasses are made of regular glass that usually have a rough texture.


When you hold a cheap wine glass and a high-quality one of roughly the same size, you will notice that the cheap wine glass is lighter.

This is because high-quality wine glasses are normally made of crystal and are heavier than those made of regular glass.

Higher lead content in the crystal means that the wine glasses are also heavier.

Do Wine Glasses Really Make A Difference?

Wine glasses can make a big difference, highly impacting your wine drinking experience. This is why choosing the right wine glasses is important.

High-quality wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes, as these two factors can affect the taste of your wine.

Every wine glass is made with a specific type of wine in mind. This is for the wine drinker to savor the experience.

Good wine glasses are made in a way that the goal of the manufacturers is for the drinker to enjoy the experience and be able to taste every flavor that the wine has to offer.

If you are a wine enthusiast, you will not benefit from drinking wine from cheap glasses. These glasses may not allow the flavors of your wine to open up fully. If you are drinking expensive wine, it would be a waste not to enjoy it.

Why Are Some Wine Glasses Much More Expensive?

There are so many brands of wine glasses out there on the market that anyone can find a set that will suit their needs and budget.

There are cheap ones, and there are expensive ones. Then there are high-end ones.

Some glasses are much more expensive because they use very high-quality materials. They can also be very expensive because of the processes or methods to manufacture these wine glasses.

Another reason is the brand – which applies to those highly reputable manufacturers of wine glasses that have been in the industry for centuries. Some wine glasses are much more expensive because you are paying for the brand name.

What Are The Most Popular Quality Wine Glasses?

We’ve checked some reviews and other articles to see which wine glasses are the most popular and highly rated among consumers.

Here are some of the top-rated high-quality wine glasses out there on the market:

Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection All-Purpose Wine Glasses:

These wine glasses are a popular choice on Amazon, and you can use them for both red wine and white wine.

They are made with lead-free crystal glass and are dishwasher-safe, making them very practical for everyday use.

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According to reviews, they are elegant but sturdy and durable.

Riedel Vinum Zinfandel – Chianti – Riesling Wine Glasses:

These elegant crystal glasses from Riedel are highly-rated by both professional wine connoisseurs and casual wine-drinkers.

They are versatile and can be used for red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine. They are very sturdy.

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Their size and shape make them ideal for households with limited kitchen storage.

Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are a good choice if you do not want to spend a lot on wine glasses.

They are inexpensive but still elegant-looking.

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They are light yet durable, with a wide enough bowl to open up the flavors of red wine but still work well with white wine.

Stolzle Eclipse Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are great for anyone who’s on a tight budget.

They are very inexpensive, making them practical when you want to host large parties at home.

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Not as elegant compared to other wine glasses, but they would still look good on your dinner table or bar top.

They are durable and dishwasher safe and work well with red and white wines.

Riedel O Wine Tumbler

If you are looking for high-quality stemless wine glasses, the Riedel O Wine Tumbler is a great option.

Consumers highly rate these stemless wine glasses as sturdy while still looking elegant even without stems.

They are easy to hold and are very unlikely to get tipped over. They are made of thin crystal glass that enhances the flavor of your wine.

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As long as you know what to check with wine glasses, it will be easy for you to tell if they are good or not.

Yes, they can be pricey, but they are worth it. Nothing beats good quality wine glasses to make your wine taste great.


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