How Much Do Small Greenhouses Cost? (Explained)

Depending on the kind of greenhouse that you are looking for, the costs will widely vary.

A shed greenhouse in your yard, for example, can cost upwards of $1,000+ and get as expensive as $10,000. These are usually garage-sized greenhouses that you would see at flower shops or at gardens for visitors to attend.

This isn’t really affordable or realistic for the hobby gardener. That’s why small greenhouses are a great option!

If you are looking to invest in a small greenhouse for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, any indoor room, or basement, there are plenty of mini and small options with more affordable prices.

Here’s How Much Smaller or Mini Greenhouses Cost:

An indoor mini greenhouse can cost as little as $50 and hold three to four shelves. They are usually made of plastic wall coverings and plastic or metal shelving and wire. More expensive indoor greenhouse planters made of wood can cost $100-$300. Large outdoor tent greenhouses can also cost $70+.

Why Get a Small Greenhouse?

Not everyone has a huge yard to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruits.

City natives, students in dorms, or budding gardeners who only have a bedroom or basement to themselves thrive on little greenhouses like these. From small herb gardens in your kitchen to a treasure trove of succulents in your dorm room, these greenhouses are perfect for the minimalist gardener.

Even better, some of these mini-greenhouses are more like tent covers for outdoor plant boxes and plots! If you want to keep the animals off your vegetables, protect your flowers from storms, or simply deter bugs, these greenhouse tents are perfect for you!

Most of them have easy-access zip-up doors and windows for you to easily pull back, water your plants, weed, and then pull the door back down. The plastic coverings let in the sun without letting in the bugs.

However, keep in mind that these greenhouses can get very warm inside, so if you need to air out your plants on sweltering days, don’t forget to do so!

Keep them moist and well-cared for in your small greenhouse, and you’re good to go!

Examples of Affordable Greenhouses:

Most affordable greenhouses are made of plastic and wire.

They tend to only hold a few plants at a time and are great for dorm rooms, bedrooms, apartments, or other small spaces.

Perfect for herbs, veggies, and other small growing projects, these greenhouses work for just about anyone!

We’ve found a few affordable greenhouses that are perfect for indoor, outdoor, or any kind of greenhouse that you are looking to buy and build on a budget!

1. TOOCA Mini Greenhouse for Raised Garden Bed (~$40.00)

According to customers, the TOOCA Mini Greenhouse is roughly 5 feet long and 3 feet high and is great for outdoor garden beds that need saving from bugs or animals that might disturb your plants.

It also protects your plants from overwatering from rain or from harsh wind or hail.

With a price of roughly $40.00, this is a great, small, cheap option for gardeners who want to protect their outside plots!

The TOOCA comes with two roll-up doors and sturdy zippers. This plastic and tubular steel-frame greenhouse is an amazing alternative to putting plastic bags over your flowers to keep them from getting eaten or destroyed by storms.

It is pretty small, you couldn’t stand up in it, but you can absolutely open it up and water your plants whenever you need it!

2. Outsunny Small Mini Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse (~$150.00)

If you are looking for a small, wooden greenhouse, this one might be for you!

Made from lightweight wood and easy-to-assemble hinges and screws, this is a great starter greenhouse for someone who just needs a place for a few pots.

This is the pricier one on the list and costs about $150.00. This is mostly due to the materials used, which fir-wood with exterior paint and plastic panels for the windows.

It is recommended that you don’t put anything too heavy on the shelves and keep it away from pets that might knock it over. It comes with two interior shelves, and you can place pots on the bottom as well.

Finally, both the top and sides open on this Outsunny Cold Frame greenhouse for easy access to your plants!

3. Ohuhu Small Plant Greenhouse with 4-Tier Shelf (~$55.00)

With a roll-up door, four steel wire shelves, and a height of 62 inches, this is a great bookshelf-style greenhouse that can fit in a small corner of your house or bedroom!

For apartment dwellers, college dorm students, or even just someone who has an herb garden in their kitchen, the Ohuhu Small Plant Greenhouse is a great option for small gardening.

Currently priced at $55.00, this affordable option is great for the student or apartment gardener on a budget.

If you are interested in keeping it outside, no problem! It zips easily and is covered with thick plastic to let the sunlight in but keep the bugs out!

4. VIVOSUN Portable Greenhouse with Roll-up Large Door (~$70.00)

Beginning at around $70.00, this greenhouse is a great outdoor option to keep animals and bugs off of your more precious flowering plants.

Built with a heavy-duty zipper and easy-access doors for weeding, watering, and gardening, this option is great for someone with a small backyard or pesky woodland animals and birds who like to eat their crops.

If you have sensitive plants that need specific watering and care, this is the greenhouse for you!

Probably better to be used outdoors but could still be utilized in a basement, the VIVOSUN Portable Greenhouse is a great option for someone who wants more than a few shelves of space.

What Are The Best Places To Buy Small Greenhouses?

You can find small greenhouses on Amazon all the time, but if you want to shop elsewhere, you can also buy, build or make one yourself using stores like Lowes, Home Depot, or

Depending on your shopping preferences, each place should have at least one greenhouse that appeals to you!

If not, the Amazon marketplace has hundreds of options to choose from with transparent customer reviews, photos, and videos to help you make an informed choice.

How Much Cheaper Are Smaller Greenhouses?

Smaller greenhouses are way cheaper than building those that are the size of sheds or garages.

For families who farm or sell flowers, large greenhouses make a lot of sense. They are spacious, offer the ability to snake irrigation tubes through the floor or ceilings, and are generally climate-controlled.

However, a small greenhouse is way more affordable for the hobby gardener and easy to put anywhere that suits them. Garage-sized greenhouses can cost upwards of $1,000, while a small greenhouse for your kitchen herb garden can cost as little as $30-$50!

When you need something fast, reliable, and easy to use, it is better to get something made of sturdy plastic than to try and build up your first greenhouse from stone, wood, and glass.


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