How Much Are Glass Greenhouses? (3 Examples)

Buying a glass greenhouse is no easy undertaking.

Not only do they require a lot of assembling (if you do it yourself) but they also require a strong foundation to keep from blowing over. Furthermore, sunlight shining through a clear surface can trap a lot of heat, so opening windows and keeping them cool is a must during the summer.

However, if you are interested in getting a glass greenhouse, you won’t believe just how beautiful it can be in your yard or on your patio. Some users will buy a glass greenhouse to just be an enclosed patio space!

We’ve found three great greenhouses to choose from when searching for the perfect glass greenhouse option!

Here’s How Much Glass Greenhouses Cost:

Glass greenhouses are expensive because their materials are more costly. Per square foot, you are likely to pay between $50-$100. This means most greenhouses are going to be $5,000 or more. With that, though, you end up with a lot of space, beautiful exteriors, and a safe place to put your plants.

One Big Thing to Remember Before You Buy:

Improper foundations, poor construction, or bad placement can cause your greenhouse to be blown over by storms or large gusts of wind.

When you pair that with a glass construction, you can only expect disaster.

Customers who buy glass greenhouses work hard to create strong foundations, wooden board anchors and place their greenhouses in places where the wind is least likely to buffet the sides. If you place your greenhouse on your patio or deck or even just on the grass and expect it to stay up, you could wind up with a fallen or even shattered glass greenhouse.

Therefore, it is crucial that you either get professional installation or read up on how to properly anchor your greenhouse when you buy.

After paying a few thousand dollars for your greenhouse, you don’t want it to all come crashing down due to poor construction.

3 Glass Greenhouses to Check Out (Prices and Brands):

We’ve created a quick and easy list to get you started on your glass greenhouse buying adventure!

It is difficult to find greenhouses out there that are actual glass and not just polycarbonate plastic, so we made sure to find real glass greenhouses for you to choose from!

Keep in mind, the prices on glass greenhouses are probably the most expensive your greenhouse will get. You will also have to pay for installation (If you don’t do it yourself) and foundation and preparation of the land on top of the greenhouse price.

Without further ado, here are three glass greenhouses to choose from:

1. Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse (~$6,000)

This year-round gardening greenhouse is a great option for someone who prefers to keep their plants safe from the elements.

The Exaco Junior Victorian V24 Model is about 96 square feet and includes five-foot-tall sidewalls. It has a sliding glass door and two roof windows!

At about $6,000 on Amazon, this one is pretty reasonable for a greenhouse as large as it is.

The Exaco site also states that the greenhouse has two full-length gutters and downspouts, as well as an optional shade cloth.

You can also buy accessories from their site to add to this greenhouse, such as a 7ft long seed tray or shelf.

2. Exaco Junior Orangerie J-ORA Greenhouse (~$8,500)

Priced at roughly $8,500, this greenhouse is both beautiful and affordable for someone who wants a lot of space and prefers glass to plastic.

With beautiful metalwork on top to make it feel like you are living in the Victorian era, this greenhouse is beautiful and well-made. Where most greenhouses can become an eyesore, your backyard will only benefit from this beautiful design by Exaco!

According to the Exaco site, the Junior Orangerie greenhouse has “5’ side walls and an 8’ 2’ peak height…” – this is great for gardeners who need a lot of space! This particular model we have found has roughly 116 square feet, two roof windows, and includes a sliding glass door.

Furthermore, the site boasts that it has a roof gutter system!

This one may be pricey, but it looks worth the price!

3. Solar Gem Walk-in Fiberglass Greenhouse (~$5,800)

This greenhouse by Solar Gem is 8β€² x 15β€² and can easily hold starter plants or seedlings for any gardening project!

According to Solar Gem’s site, this greenhouse is a fiberglass exterior with a gel coating on the outside. This is a resin that is used to protect the greenhouse and keep it smooth.

Easy to hose off should it get dirty or dusty, this greenhouse is a great option for a gardener who prefers functionality over beauty!

The cheapest option on our list, this product is listed on Amazon for about $5,800.

This Solar Gem greenhouse also comes with automatic ceiling vent openers at the roof of the greenhouse to prevent heat from getting trapped. Because of its opaque construction, shade cloths are not needed on this model at all!

While it may not be a perfect patio companion, it is a great utilitarian greenhouse for an affordable price that will keep your plants warm and safe all year long!


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