How Much Do Jute Rugs Shed? (Checked)

Jute rugs are made from the jute fiber derived from a plant called Corchorus, which grows in India and Bangladesh.

Jute fibers are one of the softest natural fibers out there, and they make for soft rugs that feel warm and comfortable underfoot. Like most rugs, jute rugs tend to shed.

Here Is How Much Jute Rugs Shed:

Jute rugs tend to shed a lot, especially when they are brand new. Among all other natural fiber rugs, jute rugs are one of these that shed the most. There are times when it can be quite problematic, but the shedding minimizes over time.

Do Jute Rugs Shed More Or Less Than Other Types Of Rugs?

If you compare jute rugs with other natural fiber rugs such as sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, and hemp rugs, jute rugs tend to shed more.

Jute rugs shed so much that you would see little bits of fiber falling out of your rug and onto the floor if you picked up a rug.

Viscose rugs are natural fiber rugs that shed as much as jute rugs. Viscose is a fiber made from chemically processed wood pulp, normally pine, beech, and eucalyptus.

They go through a lot of chemical processing that makes them weak and brittle, so they tend to shed a lot.

The only other natural fiber rug that sheds more than jute rugs are wool rugs. In fact, out of all rugs, wool rugs shed the most.

If we compare jute rugs to synthetic fiber rugs, jute rugs also tend to shed more than nylon rugs and polypropylene rugs.

However, polyester rugs are synthetic fiber rugs that shed more than jute rugs.

How Do You Prevent Jute Rugs From Shedding?

Shedding is normal for jute rugs, so there is no way to stop it completely.

However, there are things you can do to minimize the shedding:

Place the Jute Rug In a Low-Traffic Area

If possible, place your jute rug in an area with low or minimal foot traffic.

As with most rugs, foot traffic can worsen the shedding, especially if your household has many members, kids, or pets.

Another good place to put your jute rugs is underneath some furniture, where they will be less likely to be stepped on or run over.

Vacuum your Jute Rug Regularly

Regular vacuuming helps minimize the shedding on jute rugs.

Vacuuming also helps remove any loose fibers from your rug while cleaning your rug by removing dust, dirt, and small debris.

Because jute rugs tend to be very soft, vacuum them using a low setting. Go with the grain of the pile instead of against it.

Furthermore, do not use a heavy beater bar or the vacuum setting closest to the ground so you do not risk damaging your jute rug.

Place a Rug Pad Underneath your Jute Rug

A lot of the shedding on the jute rug occurs on its backside.

Placing a rug pad underneath your jute rug adds a layer of protection that minimizes any impact made on the rug. This, in turn, helps lessen the shedding.

Additionally, rug pads have other benefits. They can protect your jute rug from moisture on the floor, which is good since jute rugs will not last long when exposed to water or moisture.

Rug pads can even prolong the life of your rug.

How Often Should You Vacuum Jute Rugs To Avoid Shedding?

To prevent shedding, or at least minimize it on your jute rug, it is recommended that you vacuum it only twice a week.

Vacuuming will help remove any loose fibers from your rug and can even remove any loose dust or dirt.

Doing so will help maintain the fresh look of your jute rug, making sure it looks clean and almost new.

What Causes A Rug To Shed?

Shedding is very normal for jute rugs.

Jute rugs are made with plant fibers that come from very few leaves. These fibers tend to become brittle from the processing and are woven into knots and brands.

This is what makes them susceptible to shedding.

The shedding on jute rugs also occurs when small fibers are not tightly bound to the rest of the rug. Shedding is a natural way for jute rugs to let these fibers loose.

Do Jute Rugs Stop Shedding Eventually?

As shedding is a part of a jute rug’s natural life cycle, it does stop eventually, which is a good thing compared to other rugs that will just shed all throughout their lifetime.

Most of the shedding occurs when the rug is new.

After a few months, the shedding will drastically decrease. If it is a high-quality jute rug, the shedding may also stop completely.

After the shedding phase, the jute rug will come out softer and more comfortable underfoot.

While shedding can be an issue for jute rugs, they are still trendy nowadays. They are still a good option when buying rugs, especially when looking for a very soft rug with an earthy feel.

They are also low-maintenance rugs.

They are stylish, and they are quite inexpensive, and can definitely last for a few years. So if shedding is not on your priority checklist when shopping for rugs, jute rugs are a great option to consider.


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