How Long Do Greenhouses Last? (Solved & Explained)

Greenhouses are a great, long-lasting way to keep your garden safe and well-tended.

Depending on the type of greenhouse you buy, they are more likely to last longer than others! Let’s take a look at different greenhouses and their potential lifespan:

Here’s How Long Greenhouses Last:

If well maintained and cared for, glass greenhouses can last for 30-40 years. Wooden greenhouses, on the other hand, can last for 60 years with proper care and maintenance. PVC plastic greenhouses, on the other hand, can last for 3-5 years. It all depends on the material used in construction.

How Long Does a Greenhouse Last?

How Long Do Glass Greenhouses Typically Last?

When installing a greenhouse, people tend to search for the most efficient transparent materials.

The glass greenhouse is divided into two, which include toughened glass and horticultural glass.

Glass greenhouse can typically last from 30-40 years. Glass greenhouses are more durable than plastic greenhouses, and they will last longer without showing aging signs. A glass greenhouse permits adequate light to the plants.

Most people opt to choose glass greenhouses because of their durability and beautiful, luxurious look, and permanent structure. A glass greenhouse is the most expensive and difficult to install compared to a plastic greenhouse. This is because of its heavy material.

Do Greenhouses With Plastic Windows Last Longer?

A greenhouse with plastic windows actually lasts longer than glass.

This means up to 20 years of durability! Plastic is a perfect choice when you want to avoid glass windows breaking from weather or accidents. As compared to traditional glass, plastic windows are easy and cheap to install.

While some plastic windows in a greenhouse will degrade due to UV rays, some can be quite durable. This largely depends on the type of plastic being used.

Plastic windows come in handy because they allow sufficient light into the greenhouse leading to amazing plant growth and development.

How Long Do Wooden Greenhouses Last?

A wooden greenhouse lasts up to 60 years, depending on the type of wood used and the area’s climate where the greenhouse is located.

Even when neglected, these greenhouses will still stand strong. If you consider constructing a wooden shed or even buying one, wood from cedar is the best choice.

This is because cedar does not decay quickly, and it is resistant to insect attacks.

When selecting wood for your greenhouse, you should look for the one which has rot resistance.

How Long Do PVC Plastic Greenhouses Last?

PVC plastic greenhouses are most common with small-scale growers.

They are easy to install compared to wood greenhouses and glass greenhouses. Despite being cost-friendly, a quality PVC plastic greenhouse will last 3-5 years.

Consider getting a PVC greenhouse whose plastic is UV protected; otherwise, the structure may not last for more than a year.

The PVC frame, after several years of usage, can get cracks and become brittle, so instead, you should use a galvanized pipe frame to increase the lifespan of your greenhouse.

How Do You Make a Greenhouse Last Longer?

The building process and materials used play a major role in ensuring the longevity of a greenhouse.

The easiest way to make a greenhouse last longer is by maintenance. Here are a few tips that could help with this:


Clean your greenhouse often.

You should use soap and warm water to clean all the floors, panels, and counters of your greenhouse. The greenhouse structure can house pests that can affect a greenhouse’s durability, especially a wooden greenhouse.

It is essential to wash the entire structure and glass down using an oxygen bleach solution.


You should check the ventilation system often to ensure it is functioning properly.

Oil shutters and louvers that get squeaky right away.

Check for Mold:

Treat your greenhouse for mold.

Molds such as mildew can affect the integrity and longevity of your greenhouse if left for long.

You can also use sulfur burners to control mold.

Check for Leaks and Cracks:

Inspect your greenhouse’s panels. If you notice any panels that are broken or cracked, replace them.

Check for slipped greenhouse panels. If you find any, fix them back in place so that they aren’t damaged.

Check for leaks in the roof and fix them if you encounter some.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of material your greenhouse uses, your greenhouse could last anywhere from 3 to 30 years!

Choosing the right material for a frame will depend on the glazing you want to use, the area you live in, and the type of greenhouse structure. When picking your greenhouse structure, make sure to take your time and choose what works best for you and the weather you live in.

Also, make sure you are on top of maintenance in your greenhouse. This plays a key role in improving the structure’s longevity.