Does A Hair Dryer Dry Nails Faster? (Explained)

Apart from drying and styling hair, a hair dryer has many other functionalities. This is what makes hair dryers a very convenient device to have at home.

A hair dryer can also be used to dry nails faster.

Here is How a Hair Dryer Can Dry Nails Faster:

Daily nail polish usually takes 10 to 12 minutes to dry after application. Applying a thicker coat of nail polish can take up to an hour to dry fully. Using a hair dryer is effective for drying nails and can reduce drying time to a third.

Does Hot Air Dry Your Nails Faster?

Using a hair dryer can dry your nails faster. However, not all the hair dryer settings can be used for this purpose.

Using hot air does not make your nails dry faster.

Contrary to some beliefs, using a hair dryer in a hot air setting will not dry your nails faster. Yes, it can solidify the top coat, but the inner coats.

The hot temperature can soften your nail polish. It can smudge the nail polish, and it can even make it more wet and runny. Thus, hot air does the exact opposite of you drying your nails.

Is Cool Air Better For Drying Your Nails?

A hair dryer is one of the most effective ways to dry your nails. Many nail experts recommend this as it can significantly cut the drying time.

When it comes to drying your nails with a hair dryer, cool is better.

So when using your hair dryer to dry your nails, always remember to press the cool shot button. Forgetting to do so will release warm air, which can smudge and ruin your manicure.

When applying nail polish on your nails and drying them using a hair dryer, it s best to do it one hand at a time. You can start with your right hand by applying nail polish and then using a hair dryer to dry your nails.

Once the nails on your right hand are completely dry, you can repeat the process on your left hand.

Doing this one hand at a time ensures that you do not smudge or ruin your manicure. You would want your nails to completely dry before using your hand to hold objects, such as the hair dryer.

When using a hair dryer to dry your nails, hold the hair dryer six to eight inches away from your nails. It normally takes three to five minutes for your nails to dry using cool air released by the hair dryer.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Nails With A Hair Dryer?

The average drying time of nail polish is 10 to 12 minutes, but it can take up to an hour to completely dry, especially if you apply thick coats.

Many nail experts recommend fully waiting for the first coat to dry before applying a second coat.

The drying time of nail polish can also depend on the brand and the shade. In general, nail polish in sheer hues and metallic colors dry faster than regular-colored ones.

Using a hair dryer with the cool air setting only takes 3 to 5 minutes to dry nails.

Using a hair dryer can cut the drying time of your nails by one-third of the usual drying time. This is very significant as it saves you a lot of time in drying your nails, so you can move on to do other things.

Can Hair Dryers Melt Nail Polish?

A hair dryer can dry your nails faster and more effectively when used correctly.

This is when you use cool air to blow dry your nails.

However, hair dryers can melt nail polish. This happens only if you use the hot air settings.

Hot air from hair dryers is not recommended for drying your nails. While hot air can harden the top, the inside layers or coats will melt. It can smudge and ruin your nail polish.

What Should You Use To Dry Your Nails?

Damaging and messing up freshly-painted nails can be a bit of a hassle because you would have to remove the nail polish and redo them.

This is why many people always look for solutions to drying their nails quickly.

There are lots of tips and tricks to dry your nails effectively. Here are some things you can use:

Quick-Dry Top Coat Nail Polish

This is an obvious solution. Quick-dry top coats are made for drying nails faster.

This type of nail polish comes in clear color and is formulated to cut down the drying time of your nails.

You apply them the way you do with regular nail polish, which is not expensive.

Quick-Dry Drops

Just like quick-dry top coat nail polish, quick-dry drops are formulated to cut down the drying time of your nails.

This is commonly used at nail salons and is something you can easily use at home. Drop a small amount on your nails, which should dry in a few minutes.

Nail Drying Spray

This is another product that is common in nail salons.

You can use this at home, too, since you can easily find them in places that sell nail polish.

Like the two products mentioned above, a nail-drying spray is specifically designed to cut down the drying time of your nails.

Spraying this on your nails will help dry them faster, preventing smearing and smudging.

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is a common device in many households, and using this is one of the most recommended and practical ways to dry your nails.

Just use the cool air setting to dry your nails faster.

Cold Water

This simple yet effective trick is to dry nails without buying additional products or tools.

Before applying nail polish, fill a small bowl with cold water. You can add a couple of ice cubes if you want.

After applying nail polish, let it sit for two minutes, and then dip your nails in the bowl of cold water for five minutes.

The cold water will dry and harden your nails.


Yes, you can use the freezer in your fridge to dry your nails faster.

After applying nail polish, set it for two minutes, and put your hands inside the freezer.

Let it stay there for two to three minutes, and the cold temperature will dry and solidify your nail polish.

Baby Oil or Olive Oil

Baby oil or olive oil can help your nails dry faster. As an optional step, you can place the oil in a dropper to control how much oil you put on your nails because you do not need a lot for this to work.

After applying nail polish, apply one to two drops of oil onto each nail. It should dry in two to three minutes.


A hairspray can hold hairstyles in place, and you can also use it to help dry nail polish faster.

Spritz a small amount onto your nails, which should harden the nail polish’s top layer.

However, it will not work on the inner layers, so you must be careful not to bump your nails for at least 30 minutes.

Cooking Spray

If you do not have a hairspray but a cooking spray, you can also use it to dry your nails.

Spritz a little cooking spray onto your nails, which should help them dry faster.

Since hair dryers are a common electric device in the household, it is only practical to use them to dry nails without purchasing additional tools or products.

Hair dryers effectively dry nails faster, and they get the job done.


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