Are Mailboxes Magnetic? (Checked & Explained)

You might notice that some curbside residential mailboxes have magnets attached to them. These mailboxes are magnetic, which is why magnets stick to or adhere to them.

If you want to test if your mailbox is magnetic, you can get a fridge magnet and try to stick it on your mailbox.

If it sticks, then you have a magnetic mailbox.

Here is Why Mailboxes are Sometimes Magnetic:

Sometimes mailboxes are magnetic because they are made of magnetic metals. Among the four types of mailbox materials (including wood and plastic), ferrous and non-ferrous metals are the magnetic ones, such as iron, steel, and stainless steel.

What Mailbox Materials are Magnetic?

There are four mailbox materials that are allowed by the US Postal Service.

You can make your mailbox out of any of these materials. You can buy one from a hardware store or have a custom-made one built, given that the mailbox design has the approval of your local postmaster.

Here are the four types of materials that mailboxes are made of:

Plastic –

This is a common material used for curbside mailboxes.

It is inexpensive, but it protects your mail from moisture and other outdoor elements.

The most common type of plastic used for mailboxes is polypropylene, as it is one of the most durable types of plastic.

Wood –

Many curbside mailboxes are also made of wood, but it is not as commonly used as plastic because it is prone to rotting and decay.

However, wooden mailboxes are sturdy and can add a warm and rustic look to your house.

Ferrous Metal –

This is another material that is commonly used for curbside mailboxes.

Curbside mailboxes made of ferrous metals are known to be very strong and durable, but they are quite prone to rust when exposed to moisture.

Non-Ferrous Metal –

This material is as durable as ferrous metals.

The difference is that non-ferrous metals do not rust. This is because these metals have very little or no iron content.

Among the four types of mailbox materials, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are the magnetic ones.

Examples of metals that are magnetic are iron, steel, and stainless steel. These metals are commonly used to manufacture mailboxes, and they are magnetic. If your mailbox is made from any of these materials, you can confirm by trying to stick a fridge magnetic onto it, and you will see that the fridge magnet will adhere.

Some mailboxes are made from aluminum, copper, or brass. These metals are not magnetic, so if you try to stick a magnet to these materials, it will not adhere.

Some metals are magnetic because they contain an uneven distribution of electrons in atoms of some metal elements. This uneven distribution of electrons causes irregular rotation and movement, thus causing magnetism.

Can You Stick Things On Magnetic Mailboxes?

It is not uncommon for people to stick things on magnetic mailboxes. No law prohibits this as long as it does not affect the functionality of the mailbox.

You can stick things on magnetic mailboxes.

You can attach a fridge magnet to a magnetic mailbox. You can use magnets to place notes for the USPS mail carrier on a magnetic mailbox.

Instead of using tape to attach a note to the mail carrier, you can use a magnet. The tape can ruin the paint on your mailbox, while a magnet would not.

The rule is that you can stick anything to your mailbox as long as it does not affect the functionality of your mailbox and as long as it does not pose a safety hazard for the USPS mail carrier.

Magnets are a great way to decorate your mailbox for some added curbside appeal. You can decorate your mailbox for the season, or you can decorate it to support a cause.

And since the decor will be attached using magnetic force, it is not a permanent fixture. It would not damage your mailbox. You can remove it easily if you want to change the decor or the magnetic attachments.

Can You Get Magnetic Mailbox Covers?

Mailbox covers or mail wraps are removable covers that you can attach to your mailbox for some added curbside appeal.

They are usually made from strong and durable materials so that your mailbox will last for many years.

Mailbox covers are a great way to change the color of your mailbox without having to repaint it. They also come in printed designs so you can decorate your mailbox with a theme in mind.

There are also printing companies that can customize ones for you.

Mailbox covers can make your mailbox stand out. Attaching one to your mailbox can make it look unique.

You can get magnetic mailbox covers. Magnetic force makes it easy to install and attach a cover for your mailbox. Magnetic mailbox covers are available in hardware stores or some online stores.

Here is how to install a magnetic mailbox cover:

  1. Start by cleaning your mailbox using a damp cloth and soapy water. This is to remove dust and dirt from the surface of your mailbox.
  2. Allow your mailbox to dry completely. You can wipe it off with a lint-free cloth or paper towel, so it dries faster.
  3. When your mailbox is dry, lay the mailbox cover over the top of the box, and allow it to wrap around the mailbox.
  4. Use strong magnetic strips to snap the mailbox cover into place, with a magnetic strip on each side of the mailbox.

How Do You Use Magnetic Mailbox Latches?

Magnetic mailbox latches are latches that you attach to a mailbox so you can secure the door. It lets you ensure that the door is closed.

Sometimes when people are in a hurry to get their mail, they close the mailbox door, but it does not end up completely closed.

Having a magnetic mailbox latch prevents this from happening. A magnetic mailbox latch uses a magnet attached to the mailbox’s interior.

The magnet is attached to a bracket placed on the inside of a mailbox in a way that allows the magnet to come in contact with the door.

This is to engage the door of the mailbox using magnetic forces, to ensure that the door is securely closed.


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