Do White Mailboxes Get Too Dirty? (Read This First)

Mailboxes can be any color. No rules state that they have to be a particular color. As long as the mailbox is visible to the mail carrier, any color is okay.

White is a nice color for a mailbox. It pops out and has a very appealing, clean, minimalist look. One concern for white mailboxes is how dirty they can get.

Depending on your location, white mailboxes can get too dirty because of outdoor elements.

Here is How Dirty White Mailboxes Can Get:

White mailboxes can get dirty depending on your location and climate. A white mailbox can get too dirty if you live near a dusty desert. If you live in an area that gets rainy and muddy, then that can make a white mailbox too dirty. Sunny, mild, and warm places are best for white mailboxes.

Are White Mailboxes The Most Common?

White mailboxes are not very common. Most people tend to choose darker colors for their mailboxes because darker colors do not get dirty easily.

The most common mailboxes are black mailboxes.

Black is the most popular color for mailboxes for a good reason. Black is a neutral color that works well with practically any house style.

It also works well with any color scheme. Black looks good with modern design houses but can also look good with traditional ones.

A black mailbox is dark, so you would hardly notice it when it gets dirty. It is very low maintenance and generally looks simple and classy.

How Can You Clean A White Mailbox?

Cleaning your mailbox is very important. It can help make your mailbox last longer.

If you have a wooden mailbox, cleaning can prevent mold and mildew from growing on it. Plus, you would not want a dirty mailbox to make your mail dirty.

For a white mailbox, it is important to keep it clean constantly. A mailbox is the first thing that people see when they go to your house so that it can have a certain curbside appeal.

Mailboxes are generally easy to clean, regardless of the color.

Here is how:

1. Empty the Mailbox

The first thing you should do is to remove the mail from the mailbox.

While this may seem like an obvious step, some people forget to do this before they start spraying some water on the mailbox, which can make the mail dripping wet.

So always remember to empty the mailbox before you start cleaning.

2. Hose Down the Mailbox With Water

Your mailbox can have cobwebs, dirt, and debris, so you must blast it with water.

Do this on the inside and outside of your mailbox. This will remove any dirt that is sticking to the mailbox.

Make sure to reach all the nooks and crannies.

3. Wipe The Mailbox with Soapy Water

Take a detergent and mix it in a bucket with some water.

Any detergent works. You can also use a dishwasher for this.

Then take a cleaning rag or a sponge and apply the soapy water to the mailbox. If you have a plastic mailbox, do not use an abrasive material to apply the soapy water.

Use something gentle instead, like a soft sponge or a microfiber towel.

Wipe the soapy water all over your mailbox until it looks thoroughly cleaned.

If you have a wooden mailbox with mold or mildew, you may need to use some elbow grease as mold and mildew can be pretty stubborn and hard to remove.

4. Rinse Off the Soapy Water

Get the hose again and rinse off the soapy water thoroughly.

Do this until you do not see any more suds on the mailbox.

5. Dry the Mailbox

Dry the mailbox by grabbing a towel and using it to give your mailbox a rubdown.

Do this until your mailbox is completely dry. If you clean your mailbox on a bright and sunny day, the sun will help dry your mailbox faster.

After cleaning the mailbox, you can freshen up its look. Going the extra mile to make your mailbox look better increases the curbside appeal of your house.

6. Make Repairs if Needed

Replace the flag if it needs to be replaced. If there are any loose screws or broken hinges, it is best to repair them, as these broken things can affect the functionality of your mailbox.

A fresh coat of white paint will also do wonders for your mailbox.

White paint can get yellowish over time, so giving your mailbox a fresh coat of white paint will restore its original bright shade of white.

Will I Regret Choosing A White Mailbox?

While a white mailbox can get too dirty, you will not regret choosing a white mailbox.

White mailboxes generally look good. They have a clean and simple look that goes well with any house style.

Plus, a white mailbox would stand out because it is a color that people would not usually choose for their mailbox.

Can Mailboxes Be Different Colors?

Mailboxes can be any color. No specific rule says that a mailbox should be a certain color.

Mailboxes can also be of different colors.

Some people go to lengths to personalize their mailbox, so they paint it with different colors, which is perfectly allowed. The important thing is that the mailbox meets the size and construction standards and should be fully functional.

Some mailboxes are painted in rainbow colors. Some are painted with floral designs. Some are painted with their country’s flag colors.

The sky is the limit when it comes to painting your mailbox.

Can You Customize Your Mailbox?

Apart from painting a mailbox with different colors, you can also customize your mailbox.

No rule prohibits people from customizing their mailboxes. However, there are some conditions when it comes to customizing mailboxes.

In general, you are allowed to customize your mailbox as long as any attachments you would add to it will not affect the functionality of your mailbox. Any attachments should also not be a safety hazard to the mail carrier.

As long as your mailbox can function as intended and nothing on it can potentially harm the mail carrier, you can customize your mailbox.

Do White Mailboxes Get Dirtier Than Other Colors?

Because white is a light color, it tends to get dirtier than other colors. In turn, white mailboxes do get dirtier than mailboxes in other colors.

But how dirty white mailboxes get still depend on different factors. It can depend on the location and the climate.

It can also depend on where the house is situated. It can depend on how dense the population in the area is.

White mailboxes can get too dirty in a location where the climate is generally more wet or humid. If it is in a mostly sunny location, white mailboxes tend to stay clean.

If the house is on a busy street with lots of vehicles passing by, white mailboxes can get too dirty from the smoke being emitted by vehicles. If the street is generally not too busy, then white mailboxes do not get too dirty.

What Outdoor Paints are Best for Mailboxes?

Not all paints work well on mailboxes. Some paints can fade under the sun, while some would not stick well to the surface.

If you are looking to paint your mailbox, here are the paints that work best:

Acrylic Paint

You can use acrylic paint for mailboxes.

This type of paint can protect your mailbox from different weather elements, which is good, especially if you have a metal mailbox.

Latex Paint

This type of paint is also good for mailboxes.

It is suitable for both the mailbox and the mailbox post.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is probably the toughest paint you can use for your mailbox.

Oil-based enamel is of the best quality and can help protect your mailbox from rusting.

When choosing paint for your mailbox, you can use a brush-on paint or spray paint. If you want a more even coating, spray paint is recommended.

Before painting your mailbox, remember to prep it first. If you have a rusty metal mailbox, remove the rust first.

For a plastic or wooden mailbox, prep it by sanding as paint would not stick on a smooth surface. Depending on the material, you may also have to apply a primer before painting.

You also have to remove it from the post, so you do not risk getting paint all over your lawn or your plants.


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