Do Mailboxes Get Emptied On Sundays & Saturdays?

Postal services are different in each country. In general, mailboxes do not get emptied on Sundays.

However, mailboxes get emptied on Saturdays in some countries but not in others:

Here is Why Mailboxes Do not Get Emptied on Weekends:

As a general rule, post offices worldwide do not transact on Sundays, be it for delivering or collecting mail. As for Saturdays, it depends on the postal service system. Post offices work with a skeletal crew during weekends, so their services are limited.

Are Household Mailboxes Emptied On Saturdays?

Whether household mailboxes are emptied on Saturdays or not depends on the country. Each country has its own set of policies for postal services.

Let us take a look at the different policies in some countries:

  • USA – Yes. The US Postal Service collects mailboxes on Saturdays. It has mail collection from Monday to Saturday, and all normal postal transactions take place 6 days a week.
  • Canada – No. Canada Post does not operate on weekends, so they do not empty mailboxes on Saturdays.
  • The UK – Yes. Royal Mail operates on Saturdays for a limited number of hours, but it still empties mailboxes. On Saturdays, mail collection is from 7 am to 1:30 pm for all locations.
  • Australia – Yes. Australia Post collects mail on Saturdays.
  • Japan – Yes. Japan Post operates on weekends, so they also empty mailboxes on Saturdays.

Are Household Mailboxes Emptied on Sundays?

Sunday operations, or lack thereof, are the same worldwide.

Household mailboxes do not get emptied on Sundays. This applies to all postal service systems all over the world.

Post offices have a skeletal workforce on weekends, especially Sundays.

Some post offices can still receive your outgoing mail if you bring it to them on a Sunday. However, it will be processed and sent the next day.

Does The USPS Deliver Mail On Weekends?

If you have mail that you anticipate receiving on the weekend, it is important to know the operation hours of USPS on weekends.

The US Postal Services operates on Saturdays but with shortened hours, with some locations closing earlier than usual. It delivers mail on Saturdays.

The local delivery time depends on your location and where it is on the delivery route.

All deliveries are expected to be completed by 5 pm in your time zone, so you can expect to receive your mail no later than 5 pm. However, there are still factors that can delay the delivery, such as inclement weather and high demands.

However, USPS is closed on Sundays, meaning it does not deliver mail.

For added information, the USPS is also closed on federal holidays.

Does UPS/Fed-Ex Pick Up Mail On Weekends?

Unlike the US Postal Service, UPS and Fed-Ex are private entities with different hours of operations and systems in place.

Since they are private companies, UPS and FedEx do not follow the hours of operation of USPS.

UPS and FedEx still operate normally on weekends with all transactions available. This means that UPS and Fed-Ex pick up mail on weekends.

So if you want to have your mail delivered faster and even on weekends, you can opt to ship with these companies. However, they do charge extra fees for weekend mail pickups.

Are USPS Drop Boxes Emptied On Weekends?

USPS drop boxes are public collection boxes where people can drop off their outgoing mail for sending.

These boxes are found all over the US. The USPS then empties these boxes to collect the mail and deliver them to the destination.

People can drop off their mail for delivery as long as it meets the requirements. You can drop off both domestic and international outgoing mail if it weighs 10 ounces or less and is half an inch in thickness or less.

For mail to be sent outside of the US, it should not require a customs form.

Since the USPS has limited operations on weekends, the USPS Drop Boxes are emptied only on Saturdays and not on Sundays.

People can drop off their mail any day, and the box will be emptied on the next collection schedule from Mondays to Saturdays. The dropbox is usually emptied at 4 pm, so it is best to drop off your mail by 3:55 pm.

If you dropped mail off at a USPS dropbox on a Sunday, it would be collected on Monday.


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