Will A Diffuser Make Straight Hair Curly? (Explained)

Many people love the look of curly hair, and people who don’t have natural curls use all sorts of methods to try and make their hair have that curly style.

Those who have curly hair can sometimes struggle to make their hair cooperate, and hair-care companies have created ways to help everyone get the curls they want. One of those is a diffuser attachment for a hair dryer.

Diffusers For People Without Curls:

Diffusers are more geared toward those with naturally curly hair, but if you don’t have natural curls, you can use a diffuser to reduce frizz and create a wavy look to your hair. However, you can’t use a diffuser to add curls to your hair like a curling iron.

What Is a Hair Diffuser?

A hair diffuser is an attachment for a hair dryer.

It features a round panel with finger-like protrusions on it. This attachment aims to spread out—aka diffuse—the air coming out of the hair dryer. They’re usually used on the lowest heat setting available on your hair dryer.

Since the air isn’t coming out in a concentrated stream, your hair is less likely to frizz up during the drying process. Diffusers are great for people with curly or wavy hair who want to accentuate and protect their hair structure.

The attachments come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. DevaCurl makes a bright yellow, hand-shaped diffuser that works great but isn’t universal, so check that it’ll work with your hair dryer before buying.

There are silicon diffusers that are great for traveling because they collapse easily into your carry-on bag.

Choosing a diffuser with longer prongs may work better if you have thick hair. If you need something to help you get your hair dry and wavy as quickly as possible, go for a diffuser with more surface area.

How To Buy a Diffuser:

You can buy them separately or as part of a set.

If you want to start using a diffuser and also happen to be in the market for a new hair dryer, many come with a diffuser attachment.

Even some below $50 come with this attachment, and if you want to spend the big bucks, the Dyson Supersonic comes with a magnetically attached diffuser.

If you want a diffuser to stick on the end of the hair dryer you already have, make sure that you’re searching for a universal style attachment. Most “universal” attachments will have a size range, so bust out your tape measure and make sure you know the diameter of your hair dryer.

Manufacturer Bed Head makes a purple and yellow diffuser unit called “Curls in Check,” which doesn’t have a long tube as most hair dryers, although you can pop off the diffuser part if you need to.

Instead, it features a wide diffuser plate built directly onto a handle. If you don’t use a blow dryer that often, it may be worth investing in the item that is a diffuser first, then hair dryer second.

How Does Diffusing Hair Effect It?

A diffuser is great for curly and wavy hair types because it helps replicate how curly hair naturally dries.

When curly hair is wet, it tends to appear longer and straighter, and as it dries, it absorbs the moisture to create the curls.

A normal hair dryer has a more concentrated, hot stream of air, which doesn’t allow the curls time to soak up all moisture properly. That leads to more frizz since the curls don’t get fully formed.

A diffuser will take longer to get your hair dry than a standard dryer, but your curls will appreciate the time you spend making them look their best.

When using a diffuser, you’re likely to have a lot more volume than if you used a regular hair dryer or let your hair air dry. For more volume, flip your head over and diffuse from the root towards the ends of your hair.

Does Diffusing Hair Make it Curlier?

From a scientific standpoint, whether your hair is curly or not has to do with how it grows out of your head.

There isn’t much that we can do about that since curliness happens on a cellular level.

However, most people are concerned with making their hair look curlier. A diffuser can enhance your natural curls and waves, which is a look that many people are going for when they use the diffuser.

It also helps separate your hair into distinct curls. This prevents frizz, and it also prevents your curls from becoming limp.

For those who don’t have naturally curly hair, you’re only going to get so much from a diffuser. They are more gentle on hair, and they can add a lot of volume for those with straight hair.

They’re not going to turn straight hair into curly hair, even temporarily. You may get a flowing, beachy wave, but a diffuser won’t set curls like a curling iron.

A diffuser will make your hair less frizzy due to the decreased heat and less concentrated airflow. Although it may take longer, if you’re a person who frequently uses a hair dryer, you may consider using a diffuser to help protect your hair and keep it healthy.

Are Curling Irons Better than Diffusing?

Curling irons with naturally straight hair will get the spiralized, curly look you want.

But the high heat required to shape straight hair into curls is fairly damaging to your hair, especially if you do it often.

However, if you use a hair dryer and then a curling iron to get a subtle wavy look, you could use a diffuser to get the same look in less time and in a way that’s kinder to your hair.

For those with curly hair, diffusing is one of the most gentle ways that you can style your hair and make it look its best. In some cases, people with curly hair may have straightened or blow-dried their hair and then used a curling iron to set and separate their curls.

That’s a lot of heat damage to heap on your hair, so a diffuser is better for a curled look.

Can Straight Hair Stay Curly After Diffusing?

You could use a diffuser to add volume to your straight hair and then curl it.

This would be a great look for a night out or a presentation, but it would be temporary.

Depending on the type of hair you have and the products you use, you’re not likely to get more than one day out of your curls or waves.

What Are the Best Hair Dryer Techniques for Getting Curly Hair?

Whether you’re using a diffuser attachment, please understand that great curl care starts in the shower.

Ensure that you’re using high-quality shampoos and conditioners formulated to help curly hair. Also, add a leave-in conditioner, which will help protect your hair from the high heat coming out of your hair dryer.

If you have time, let your hair dry partially. When you use the hair dryer, you’ll need less direct heat to get your hair fully dry.

Don’t feel that you need to get your hair 100% dry with the hair dryer. You’ll want to leave about 20% of the dampness in your hair so that it can air dry the rest of the way.

Use products specified for your curl type and apply them by adding the product to your palm and scrunching your hair in your hand. If using a diffuser, lift sections of your hair into the diffuser and work towards your scalp.

If using a hair dryer without the attachment, work in small sections on low heat and apply small amounts of oil as you go to protect the curls and keep them from getting too dry.


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