Are Dyson Hair Dryers Different From Other Brands?

While we all love to style our hair and make it look its best, it’s no secret that blow-drying our hair is not good for the hair and scalp.

Vacuum cleaner and fan company, Dyson, decided to try and tackle this problem and entered the haircare market in 2016.

Dyson Supersonic vs. Other Hair Dryers:

The Dyson Supersonic uses Dyson’s proprietary technology to create a more balanced hair dryer that can dry hair more quickly while causing less heat damage. Like other Dyson products, the high sticker price on the hair dryer comes with the engineering and high quality of all Dyson products.

How Are Dyson Hair Dryers Different From Other Hair Dryers?

The design is the biggest difference between the Dyson Supersonic and pretty much every other hair dryer on the market.

Since Dyson could shrink the motor, they put it in the handle. Normally, the motor is on the back end of a hair dryer, opposite where the air comes out.

In a Dyson, the motor is placed in the handle, with the air intake and filter located at the bottom of the handle near the cord. This creates a more balanced experience, making the hair dryer more comfortable to hold and maneuver.

It’s supposed to reduce wrist strain and be easier to hold.

This design means that the top part of the handle is hollow, and it has the same futuristic look as other Dyson products.

Dyson’s engineers worked to make the Dyson Supersonic an efficient hair dryer, promising to cut down drying time while mitigating heat damage to the user’s hair.

Are Dyson Hair Dryers More Expensive?

Yes. There is no denying that the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is an expensive beauty accessory.

The Dyson Supersonic starts at $429 on the Dyson website, and there are certainly hair dryers available for much cheaper, sometimes at only 1/10th of that cost ($40).

There are also quality hair dryers at about half of the price ($150 – $200), and they offer many of the same benefits. But the Supersonic’s claim to fame is that it is unique, and the Supersonic has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Dyson has also designed presentation cases to store your Dyson Supersonic, costing $60. They come in five different colors, can fit your hair dryer and the smoothing nozzle or styling concentrator, and features a magnetic closure.

If you travel a lot, this is a great investment to protect your Dyson while you’re on the go. The name is a bit of a misnomer since it’s essentially a closed box.

You’re not presenting or displaying your hair dryer when you buy the presentation case.

If you want to do that, you’ll have to get the magnetic stand. The design on these has a place to dock the hair dryer and three of the attachments, including the diffuser attachment, which is the bulkiest.

While most of the stand is made out of steel that matches the colors of the hair dryers, the bottom features a piece of cork that will protect your bathroom surfaces. These stands are also $60, and if you have the counter space and don’t travel that much, they’re an awesome futuristic way to show off the world’s most aesthetic hair dryer.

You can also purchase hair brushes that match the colorway of your Supersonic. Dyson offers a paddle brush and two sizes of barrel brushes.

The barrel brushes are $40, and the paddle brush is $51.99. Dyson has you covered with a $24.99 detangling comb for those in need of a wide-toothed comb.

Do Dyson Hair Dryers Last Longer Than Other Hair Dryers?

Dyson claims that their Supersonic hair dryer will last up to 10 years.

Since it was launched in 2016, theoretically speaking, the first ones should still be going strong.

Also, if you look at the cost of a cheap hair dryer that you have to replace much, much more often, you may spend the same amount of money on hair dryers over that decade. You may just have bought 5 to 10 subpar hair dryers.

So if you have the money to set aside to spend all at once, it may be worth getting the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. It’s undeniably a superior product to most hair dryers, especially those that range from $50 to $100.

Whether the hair dryer makes it a full decade, Dyson Supersonic hair dryers are made with high-quality motors and heater parts. One of Dyson’s claims to fame is its technological advances that extend the life of its appliances, like vacuums and fans.

We can only assume that Dyson hasn’t skipped out on those quality parts on their high-dollar hair dryers, so it’s safe to say that Dyson’s hair products will have a longer lifespan than their competitors.

Are Dyson Hair Dryers Better for Your Hair?

The technology inside a Dyson Supersonic creates a healthier environment for your hair and your scalp.

In addition to their intelligent heat control, the Supersonic also dries hair faster. This means your hair has less exposure to the damaging temperatures it takes to blow dry and style it.

Users with fine hair and sensitive scalps can use the gentle air diffuser to lower the temperature by up to 20 degrees. Dyson claims that you’ll still get the fast-drying benefits even with the air diffuser on.

Dyson also spent time and money developing attachments for various hair types. Even if you got the first drop of the Dyson Supersonic, you could buy these attachments separately.

They work with all models of the Supersonic, and they come included with the newer versions of the hair dryer.

This means that you can use the attachment most suited to your hair type while enjoying the fast drying and heat control features of the Dyson Supersonic.

The attachments also mean that if you have family members who have different hair types, you can all still share the Dyson Supersonic. It’s not necessary for everyone in the family to get their hair dryer specifically designed for curly, coarse, or fine hair.

As long as you’re not getting ready simultaneously, the Dyson Supersonic can work for the whole family.

The five attachments that ship in the box in 2022 are:

  1. The diffuser
  2. The gentle air attachment
  3. The wide-tooth comb
  4. The styling concentrator
  5. The flyaway attachment

There is also a sixth attachment called the smoothing nozzle, sold separately.

The attachments use magnets to attach to the end of the dryer, and they’re easy to attach, even when you’re in a rush.

They’re all backward compatible with all Supersonic models, and the attachments come in matching color options to the Dyson Supersonic dryers.

Do Dyson Hair Dryers Have a Cooling Setting?

Dyson hair dryers have three heat-level settings and one cool setting.

They also feature technology that keeps the Dyson at a stable temperature. It doesn’t get too hot and blows air that will damage your hair.

The Supersonic has a computer motherboard inside it to monitor and regulate the temperature.

If that is still too hot, they offer an attachment called a gentle air diffuser that cools the air an additional 20 degrees.

Additional Settings

The Dyson Supersonic has three Celsius temperature settings (100 degrees, 80 degrees, 60 degrees, and 28 degrees).

In addition, there are three airflow settings (high, regular, and low).

With these options, plus the attachments, you can create the best combination for your hair and whatever style you’re trying to achieve that day.

Are Dyson Hair Dryers Reliable?

Dyson provides a two-year warranty on their Supersonic.

Dyson also offers lifetime support to help you troubleshoot if you have any issues.

Some users have said that they have problems with overheating, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you regularly clean out the filter.


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