Are SMEG Fridges Worth It? (Solved And Explained)

SMEG is an Italian home appliance manufacturer brand based in Guastalla, Italy. This brand is known for its colorful kitchen appliances, with a vintage look and feel. 

Their refrigerators have become iconic because of their curved corners, chrome details, and vibrant colors. The look and finish of SMEG fridges are very reminiscent of the 50s.  

Their most popular product is the FAB refrigerator line, which comes in one-door and two-door options and is pricier than other refrigerator brands. They also have a bar fridge option. 

SMEG fridges cost more than $2,500, and they may not be worth it. 

Here is Why SMEG Fridges May Not be Worth it: 

SMEG fridges cost a lot and have been known to break. A FAB single-door fridge costs roughly $2,500, while a FAB double-door fridge costs roughly $3,400. SMEG fridges are considered mediocre in performance. They look nice and work fine, but the pros end there. 


How Reliable Are SMEG Fridges? 

According to reviews and customer ratings, SMEG fridges tend to break down a lot.  

Considering that they are a high-end brand, SMEG fridges break down several times as much as other fridges brands, according to customer surveys. 

Some studies have found that SMEG fridges are less reliable than cheaper brands of fridges. 

What is the General Opinion about SMEG fridges? 

SMEG fridges come in bright colors and vintage design that gives off a 50s vibe, which they are mostly known for. As for functionality and performance, they have a lot of features that other brands also have. 

Here are the features of SMEG refrigerators: 

  • Inverter Technology – The Inverter Technology feature ensures that the temperature is consistent, which helps keep the food fresh for a long time. 
  • Multi-Flow Cooling System – This feature optimizes the distribution of cold and humidity. Doing so can help you keep even temperature throughout the main compartment and the vegetable drawer. 
  • Total No Frost – This feature maintains an even temperature in the freezer, preventing ice build-up, which will save you the hassle of defrosting your fridge now and then. 
  • Fan-Assisted Cooling – This is cooling provided with a fan to assist air movement for better ventilation and more efficient cooling function. 
  • Electronic Temperature Control with Rapid Cooling – This feature of SMEG fridges lets you easily control the temperature in the fridge to help regulate the temperature and keep the food fresh. 
  • LED Lighting – LED lighting provides sufficient lighting inside your fridge, ensuring that every nook and cranny is well-lit and visible so you can easily see the contents and find the food items. 
  • Fruit and Vegetable Drawer with Humidity Regulator – This feature regulates the humidity in the crisper. It helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and eliminates any odor. 

Are the SMEG Fridges Worth the Price? 

Whether SMEG fridges are worth the price or not depends on what you prioritize. 

Vintage designs are great for SMEG fridges, and if you are not too particular about the functionality and features, they may be worth it for you, especially if you have the budget. 

However, if you are all about practicality, SMEG fridges are not worth the price. They do look good and have a unique design, but all the features and functionality that they have can also be found in other refrigerator brands – and for a fraction of the price. 

The features of SMEG fridges are very similar to that of other brands that they do not stand out. Plus, the storage capacity is lacking, especially for its size. The fridge takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, but it can only store enough.  

It is not recommended for big households. 

SMEG fridges have a beautiful vintage finish, but that only sets them apart from other refrigerators. They do not have any special features that boost performance and functionality unique to their brand, which makes them not worth it. 

Are SMEG Fridges as Good as Other Major Brands? 

SMEG fridges are as good as other major brands when it comes to the usual features and functionalities. However, SMEG fridges cost twice as expensive as other major brands.  

SMEG fridges are over $2,000, while you can get a fridge from another brand that costs less than $1,000, and they would have the same performance and functionality. 

Have There Been Any Major Recalls on SMEG Fridges? 

Over the years, there have been numerous problems with SMEG fridges. Smaller models have been prone to uneven cooling and condensation. Some units tend to break down easily and very early in their life span. 

There also have been complaints from users that the plastic parts of SMEG fridges are flimsy and do not appear to be durable. 

Some consumer groups have named SMEG fridges the “worst refrigerator” because of the problems they have encountered with it despite its high price. 

However, there have not been any major recalls on SMEG fridges. 

How Long Do SMEG Fridges Last? 

On average, refrigerators can last between 10 to 12 years, depending on the brand and the model. 

The major brands like Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and KitchenAid have a life span of 14 to 17 years. Samsung fridges have a life span of roughly 15 years.  

Meanwhile, LG fridges have the longest life span, with their website claiming that they can last for up to 20 years. 

SMEG fridges, however, can last for only up to 9 years, which is shorter compared to most refrigerator brands, including those that are way cheaper. 

Can SMEG Fridges be Fixed Easily?

A comprehensive SMEG Refrigerator repair guide will explain common issues with your SMEG fridge. It will also provide tips and show you how to repair your appliance without professional help. 

SMEG fridges have a one-year warranty that starts from its date of purchase. The warranty covers all parts and services within one year. The warranty does not cover scratches or cosmetic damage. The warranty can be granted in free repair, free replacement, or a refund. 

If the unit is out of warranty, repairing SMEG fridges can cost $150 to $200, including labor. This price does not include any parts needed for the repair. Depending on the defect, total repair costs, including parts and labor, can start from $250 to $500. 

While these repair costs seem reasonable, they add up to bigger expenses when your SMEG fridge breaks down often. 

If the issue occurs in the mainboard itself, the cost of repair can be as much as buying a brand new fridge. In this case, you are much better off getting a more affordable fridge with better functionality and durability. 

Final Thoughts: 

We cannot deny it – SMEG fridges look nice and can instantly brighten up any kitchen with their bold colors and unique design. 

If we are being practical, we would recommend any other brand instead. SMEG is lacking in terms of features and functionalities. For the price of the SMEG FAB refrigerator, you can easily buy a smart fridge -which does not look as trendy but has three times more features than the SMEG fridge. 

However, if you are after its vintage look and not so much on extra features, and if the price is within your budget, then you may find the SMEG fridges to be exactly what you need. 


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