Are Seagrass Carpets Good For Pets? (Explained)

With the popularity of natural fiber carpets on the rise, you might be wondering if a seagrass carpet will work for your home.

If you have pets, choosing a seagrass carpet over other natural-fiber options is excellent for comfort, cleanliness, and durability.

Here’s Why Seagrass Carpets Are Good for Pets:

Seagrass carpets naturally repel water, so you don’t have to worry about anything from your pet getting absorbed into the fibers. Seagrass carpets are easy to clean and maintain if your pets have muddy paws, the occasional potty-training accident, or any other liquid-related mess.

Do Pets Enjoy Seagrass Carpets More than Other Carpet Types?

The carpeting in the home can make it easier for pets to move around without losing footing. If you have flooring without a carpet, it doesn’t give your pet much traction to control their movements– especially during playtime.

Slick, tile flooring can be even more difficult for dogs to get their footing on. They aren’t able to dig in with their claws for traction. Even with a matte linoleum, your pet might still struggle to put the breaks on if they get too into playing and running inside.

Traditional carpets, however, can present challenges to pet owners. The fibers of these carpets often attract and hold hair, dirt, dust, and allergens. They can absorb liquids easily, meaning one house-training accident on a light-colored carpet could linger long after the liquid has been cleaned up.

Seagrass carpets are an excellent option for a home with pets. Whether you choose wall-to-wall carpeting or a large area rug, the natural fibers will give your animal the traction they need to move freely without the problematic absorbency.

Plus, for the pet parents, these carpets are durable and much easier to clean than traditional carpeting.

Seagrass, like the name suggests, is a water plant. Each fiber of the seagrass plant is non-porous and coated with a naturally occurring wax. The fibers naturally repel water, mud, dirt, or anything else that might come into contact with your carpeting.

It can be hard to predict when your pet might have an accident, knock something over, or come running inside with paws full of mud. With a seagrass carpet, you don’t have to stress about pets being pets.

You can easily clean any potential mess without the fear of permanent damage.

If unwanted liquid makes contact with your seagrass carpet, you can first absorb it with a dry cloth. Once the excess liquid has been lifted, you can wipe it up with the area with a wet cloth to avoid residue. If you’re worried about smell, stickiness, or sanitation, you can wipe the area with a soapy cloth for a more thorough cleaning.

For dry messes, like dirt or dried mud from your pet’s paws, you can easily use your vacuum to remove all unwanted particles. This also works well to clean up pet hair, especially if it’s shedding season.

If you’re concerned about allergies, a seagrass carpet is your ally. The carpet fibers do not attract or hold dust or other allergen particles. You can enjoy the aesthetic appearance of carpeting without the danger of heightened allergens in the home.

Other Natural Fiber Carpets:

There are other similar natural carpets you’re likely to come across while searching for the perfect addition to your home.

Some of the most popular options are sisal and jute. Still, if you have pets at home, seagrass is the best option.


While sisal is quite similar, there is one major difference: it will absorb liquids upon contact. While this can make it a natural humidifier in your home, it’s probably not worth the risk if you have pets.

Any accident that involves liquid can easily get sucked into the fibers of your sisal carpet. Once it has been absorbed, it can be tricky to remove.


Jute is another common option you might come across when shopping for natural fiber carpets.

Like sisal, the fibers of a jute carpet are also incredibly absorbent. This can work well in a pet-free home, but avoid jute and other absorbent fibers if you want your pets to feel free in their space.

To guarantee a lower-maintenance and more forgiving option, choose seagrass over sisal or jute when picking a natural fiber carpet.

If you already have another natural fiber carpet at home or want extra protection, you can always add a layer of sealant on top. Many sisal and jute sealant sprays on the market can help your carpet repel liquid.

Usually, they cannot guarantee a complete seal but help slow down the absorbing process.

You can even use these guards on your seagrass carpet if you want top-level protection. Especially if you’re placing your seagrass carpet in a high-traffic area, giving it the added protection of a sealant can help boost its durability and promote a longer lifespan.

You might also consider adding the sealant if you bring home a new puppy or another pet who might have a few accidents before settling into their routine.

Do Seagrass Carpets Work Well with Paws?

Seagrass carpets tend to be a bit softer and gentler than sisal carpets.

This can feel great on paws. Some pets really don’t like to rest on hard, bare floors. Giving them the option of seagrass is comfortable enough to rest on while providing plenty of traction for playtime.

Remember that your seagrass carpet won’t be as soft as plush carpets. If your pet likes to curl up on soft surfaces, you might need to put a snuggly blanket or pet bed on the seagrass carpeting so they can feel super comfortable.

When it comes to dirty paws, you can count on a seagrass carpet to be easy to clean up. You can use your vacuum to remove dirt, dust, hair, and other particles from the carpet.

Because of its woven pattern, you will want to move your vacuum in different directions on the surface. This will help clean out all the nooks and crannies in the woven fiber.

How Durable Are Seagrass Carpets When Used with Pets?

High-quality seagrass carpets are built to last in high-traffic areas. They are one of the more durable options for natural carpets.

Think of a light-colored, traditional carpet after a few years of use. The wear and tear can easily show if the light-colored fibers aren’t carefully maintained.

This won’t be the case with a seagrass carpet. They are great at resisting stains, letting them appear newer for even longer.

Plus, if you have a pet who loves to nibble on fringy furniture, they likely won’t be tempted by the weave of a seagrass carpet. Shaggy, decorative rugs might be cute to the human eye but can look like giant chew toys for some dogs.

Seagrass carpets don’t have the loose, chewable fibers that other decorative carpets do. If you have a dog who loves to nibble, you might find that a seagrass carpet doesn’t tempt him as much as your last rug.

How Hard Are Seagrass Carpets to Clean?

Because of their water-resistant status, they are considered very easy carpets to clean.

They won’t absorb a liquid mess the way a regular carpet would.

Imagine spilling a glass of grape juice on a white carpet. Nightmare, right? Regular carpets absorb liquid, leading to stains, smells, and too much effort to clean them.

Spilling the same liquid on a seagrass carpet is a much easier clean-up process. The liquid will pool on the surface and can easily be wiped up without leaving behind stains, smells, or any evidence.

They also won’t trap dust and dirt the way other carpets can. The weave of the carpet makes them essentially flat, unlike the loose individual fibers of a traditional carpet.

Their woven design will keep them from needing the need cleanings than traditional carpets require from time to time.

How Hard Is It To Remove Pet Hairs from Seagrass Carpets?

If you have a good vacuum, you can easily remove pet hairs from your seagrass carpet.

The woven fibers of the carpet won’t attract and hold hair, dirt, and dust the way other traditional carpets do.

Use your vacuum on the carpet, moving it in different directions to allow access to different parts of the carpet’s weave. If allergies are a concern, a seagrass carpet is a great alternative to other traditional carpets.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly, natural fiber carpet, look no further than a seagrass carpet.

These are ideal for pet owners since they clean up easily and won’t absorb liquid spills or accidents.

Plus, they’ll give your pet the traction they need to play while giving the home a warm, natural, decorative touch.


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