Why Are Mailboxes Across The Street? (Explained)

Some people have the impression that curbside residential mailboxes must be close to the house or on the driveway. However, this is not the case for some mailboxes.

For some residential houses, you must place your curbside mailbox across the street. This can be common in a lot of areas.

In these areas, you would see mailboxes lined along one side of the street. This means that some residents must cross the street to access their mailboxes.

Some mailboxes are across the street for better and easier accessibility to the mail carrier.

Here Are is Why Mailboxes Are Across the Street:

Some houses have mailboxes across the street because this is a policy in their area as mandated by the local post office. The local postmaster specifically dictates to homeowners where to place their mailbox, sometimes across the street. This is to make deliveries faster for the mail carriers.

Why Do Some Houses Have Mailboxes Across the Street?

Some houses have mailboxes across the street because this is a policy in their area as mandated by the local post office.

In general, US Postal Service mail carriers follow a certain delivery route and accomplish their deliveries in their vehicle.

As a rule, curbside mailboxes should be installed and placed on the right-hand side of the road. It should also be facing outward so that the USPS mail carriers can access it without having to leave their vehicle.

Since the policy states that mailboxes should be on the right-hand side of the road, houses on the left side must have their mailboxes placed on the opposite side.

This is to make mail deliveries easier and faster for the USPS mail carriers, thus making them more efficient at their job. This is also a way for them to safely deliver mail because, on some roads, the traffic situation can be dangerous to drive from one side to another.

Because of this policy, mail carriers do not need to cross the road to deliver mail to the houses on the left-hand side. Plus, they do not need to drive through the same street twice since all mailboxes are on one side.

Can You Put Your Mailbox Across The Street?

When it comes to installing mailboxes, your local post office has specific rules and regulations that apply. It can vary from one location to another.

You can generally put your mailbox across the street only if your local post office instructs it.

Your local post office dictates which side of the street you should place your mailbox on, either the side of your house or the opposite side.

If you do not follow these rules, mail carriers are legally allowed to deny you any service. They may refuse to deliver your mail and pick up any outgoing mail.

Can You Move Your Mailbox Closer?

If your mailbox is on the other side of the road, it can be a hassle to have to cross the street to access it and check it for any mail deliveries.

Generally, you cannot move your mailbox closer to your house without permission from your local post office. Even if it takes some time for you to walk across the street to check your mailbox, you cannot move your mailbox without permission.

In addition, your neighbor across the street cannot move your mailbox even if it is close to their property. Moving a neighbor’s mailbox without permission may warrant some heavy fines or penalties as mailboxes are considered federal properties.

Tampering with a mailbox is a federal offense.

Rules and regulations on mailbox placement are made for a reason. This ensures that the services the USPS offers are being given efficiently to its customers, including faster delivery of incoming mail.

For faster deliveries, mailboxes should be placed at a spot accessible to the USPS mail carriers without them having to leave their vehicle.

Ultimately, the US Postal Service always has the last say regarding where a mailbox should be placed.

Why Do Countryside Houses Have Mailboxes Across the Street?

Many mailboxes are across the street in the countryside or rural areas.

This is being done per the policies of the local post office in these areas. These policies ensure the safety of the USPS mail carriers and the mail and packages they are transporting.

Countryside houses have mailboxes across the street so that the USPS mail carriers can conveniently and safely cater to them without using their vehicles.

The mailboxes should be placed on the right-hand side of the road in the travel direction of the USPS mail carrier.

This applies to all cases wherein traffic conditions can be dangerous for the mail carrier to go to the left side to reach the mailboxes. This also applies in cases where going to the left side would violate traffic rules and regulations.

Does The USPS Forget Mailboxes That Are Across the Street?

Since mailbox placement is part of the USPS rules and regulations, they do not forget mailboxes across the street.

The USPS mail carriers have a fixed mail delivery route in a certain area, and this route lets them get to all the mailboxes effectively and conveniently.

Their mail delivery routes do not let them skip a mailbox to ensure that all mail deliveries scheduled for the day will be completed unless there are uncontrollable situations that may delay the delivery, such as inclement weather or dangerous conditions.

So if your mailbox is across the street, you should not worry that the USPS mail carrier might forget it.

As long as your mailbox follows the prescribed specifications and placement, you will be catered to by the US Postal Service.


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