Do Velvet Curtains Attract Too Much Dust? (Checked)

One of the most popular fabrics used for making curtains is velvet. Velvet curtains add a luxurious and elegant feel to a room.

Velvet fabrics are usually made from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers made by clipping yarns together, resulting in a fabric that has a soft and downy surface. Velvet is also known as one of the softest and most plush fabrics.

However, velvet curtains tend to attract too much dust:

Here is Why Velvet Curtains Attract too much Dust:

Because of how they are made, velvet curtains have a rich and fuzzy texture that lets dirt easily cling to them and settle in the fibers. This is why velvet curtains attract too much dust. Velvet also easily collects other types of dirt, such as food crumbs, pet hair, and other debris.

Do Velvet Curtains Collect More Dust Than Other Curtain Types?

Velvet curtains have a rich, smooth, and luxurious texture. Velvet is a popular fabric used for curtains, upholstery, and other items you would see around the house.

Velvet curtains also have a sheen and luster that can easily brighten up a space.

However, velvet attracts dust easily due to its fuzzy, rich texture, which collects and traps dust inside. In general, velvet curtains collect more dust than other types of curtains.

Besides dust, velvet curtains also collect more dirt than other types of curtains. These curtains can attract pet hair, food crumbs, and other dirt and debris.

This is why it is very important to clean your velvet curtains regularly. If you do not clean them, dust and dirt will accumulate in the fibers over time.

How Hard Is Velvet To Keep Clean From Dust?

Dust can be found everywhere. Even in the cleanest and tidiest places, you will still find a small amount of dust around the house.

This is why, if you have velvet curtains, it can be quite hard to keep them clean from dust.

However, it is not impossible to keep your velvet curtains dust free. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep them clean from dust and other dirt.

How Can You prevent Velvet Curtains From Collecting Dust?

Velvet is a very good fabric for curtains, but they can get dusty. Your velvet curtains start to collect dust in their fibers, which can be quite difficult to remove.

However, there are ways to prevent your velvet curtains from collecting dust. When preventing your velvet curtains from collecting dust, it is important to note that this starts by keeping the rest of your house dust-free.

Remember that a clean house leads to clean and dust-free curtains.

Here is what you can do so that dust does not accumulate on your velvet curtains:

Vacuum the Floors Regularly:

Floors are the top dust collectors in your home, and the dust on the floor can easily transfer and cling to your velvet curtains. This is why it is important to vacuum the floors regularly instead of sweeping them.

Vacuuming effectively removes dust from the floor, while sweeping makes the dust move around and settle somewhere else in the room.

Clean your Furniture Regularly:

Dusty furniture can lead to dusty curtains, and cleaning your furniture, especially those made of wood, can help prevent your velvet curtains from collecting dust.

To clean the dust from wooden furniture, use a damp cloth where the dust can easily stick so you can remove it for good.

If you have furniture with upholstery, use a vacuum to suction and remove the dust. Do this at least once a week to keep your furniture free from dust.

Clean the Air and Heating Vents at Least Once a Year:

Dust build-up is very common in air and heating vents, and the dust accumulating in these places can move around and transfer to your curtains and furniture.

Dirty vents can make your house dirty over time. So make sure to clean the vents at least once a year to prevent dust from being released into the air and sticking to your curtains.

Change the Heating and Air Filters Regularly:

Air filters help keep dust and dirt away from your indoor living spaces.

When these filters become clogged with dust, these tiny particles can get in the air and stick to your curtains. Change filters regularly to prevent this from happening.

It would be best if you changed the filters at least once every 3 months.

Is Velvet Recommended For Curtains?

Velvet is a good material for curtains, so many people recommend it.

Velvet is a strong fabric, so it can hold up well and last for a long time. As curtains, velvet fabrics tend to drape beautifully and can add a feel of elegance and luxury to your indoor space.

There are different kinds of velvet fabric, so they are very versatile in style. Some velvet fabrics are shiny, while others are matte.

While velvet has a lot of great qualities, using this fabric as curtains also has some downsides. However, with just the right care and regular cleaning, you can maintain the good quality of your velvet curtains and make them last longer.

Here is how to properly maintain your velvet curtains.

  • Always check the care label. Before cleaning your velvet curtains, always check the label first for any specific instructions on how to clean your velvet curtains without damaging them.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush when cleaning your velvet curtains. You can use these two household items to clean your velvet curtains effectively. The vacuum can suction the dust and dirt while the brush can sweep the dust away.
  • Steam your velvet curtains. Velvet fabrics are prone to stain, so a handheld steamer can effectively remove stains and deep-seated dirt. Use the lowest heat setting and run it over your velvet curtain to clean it while moving across the surface. Avoid steaming one spot for too long as prolonged exposure to heat can damage these curtains.
  • When washing your curtains, use solvent-based cleaners. Remember to use water-free solvents if your velvet curtain is safe to wash. Solvent-based cleaners are very effective in cleaning your velvet curtains without causing them to fade.

Can You vacuum Velvet Curtains?

A vacuum cleaner effectively cleans and removes dust from different surfaces.

You can also use them to clean other household furniture and items, including curtains.

You can vacuum velvet curtains. Vacuuming your velvet curtains daily is safe and will not damage the fabric. Also, it is considered one of the quickest and most effective ways to clean velvet curtains.

Remember to use the soft brush attachment to vacuum your velvet curtains to remove dust and dirt, and put the vacuum on the lowest setting.

Velvet is a very beautiful and durable material used to make curtains. While velvet curtains attract too much dust, do not let that stop you from getting one, especially if it suits your style and the look of your indoor living space.

With some care and maintenance of your curtains and your house, you can keep your velvet curtains clean and dust-free.


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