Here’s Why Stainless Steel Cups DON’T Go In Dishwashers

Stainless steel cups are very safe and durable. They are made of non-toxic materials, are very resistant to impact, and will not break if you drop them.

They are sustainable and very practical to use, lasting a lifetime. However, stainless steel cups are not recommended to go in dishwashers.

Why You Shouldn’t Put your Stainless Steel Cup in the Dishwasher:

Stainless steel mugs and cups can be corroded or blemished if exposed to extreme heat or humidity. Because of this, putting your stainless steel cups into the dishwasher might ruin them or tarnish their color. Check the label to see if your cup can go in the dishwasher first.

What Happens if You Put Stainless Steel Cups in the Dishwasher?

Stainless steel cups are not safe to put in dishwashers because the dishwasher’s detergent and extreme humidity tend to wear down the stainless steel.

Stainless steel cups are generally indestructible. They also have properties that make them resistant to wear and tear even with repeated use.

However, if you place them inside the dishwasher, the acid from the food soils will make them lose their polish.

By wearing down their durability, your stainless steel cup may hold watermarks or lose its ability to keep things hot and cold.

Can Stainless Steel Mugs Go in the Dishwasher?

Stainless steel mugs are made of the same materials, so they are also not safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Insulated mugs made of stainless steel on the inside are not dishwasher safe. If you put them in the dishwasher, you will notice that the air-tight property will diminish and wear out after just a couple of washes.

Why Does Stainless Steel Turn Black in Dishwashers?

When stainless steel turns black, it has gone through an oxidation process called rouging.

Rouging is caused by two things: excessive heat and acid. Things in the dishwasher are exposed to heat, or sometimes even extreme heat, which causes the stainless steel to turn black in dishwashers.

Also, the detergent used may react badly to the stainless steel, causing it to turn black.

Are There Any Stainless Steel Cups that Are Dishwasher Safe?

Technically you can still clean your cup in the dishwasher. You might have to deal with the potential consequences, such as discoloration or wearing down.

Some stainless steel cups can go in the dishwasher, such as double-wall insulated mugs with stainless steel interiors.

Just make sure to check that your item is dishwasher safe before putting it inside.

How Do I Know if my Stainless Steel Can Go in the Dishwasher?

To know if your stainless steel cup can go in the dishwasher, always check the label or the packaging.

Checking labels is the best way to find out if your stainless steel cup, or any kitchen and dining item for that matter, can go in the dishwasher.

You will usually find “dishwasher safe” on the bottom of your cup or on the packaging it comes in. If you buy it online, check the company FAQs to see if they state whether or not the product is dishwasher safe.

How Come Munchkin Stainless Steel Cups Can Go in the Dishwasher?

Munchkin is a company that develops innovative and modern products for babies and children to make parents’ lives easier and more convenient.

Munchkin has stainless steel cups that are dishwasher safe. Munchkin stainless steel cups can keep drinks cool all day for toddlers.

They are lightweight yet extremely durable that toddlers can accidentally drop them without the cups losing their shape.

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These cups are insulated, vacuum-sealed, and double-walled stainless steel cups that make them safe to be put in the dishwasher.

To summarize, while you can put your stainless steel cups in the dishwasher, it is advisable not to do it. If you do not want your steep stainless cups to turn black and lose their polish, it is recommended that you only wash them by hand.


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