Can Polyester Rugs Be Used Outdoors? (Explained And Solved)

Polyester rugs are made from polyester fibers, manufactured synthetic fiber. 

It is a kind of plastic and is usually derived from petroleum, or in other cases, recycled plastic, crops, or even waste. Polyester rugs are durable and are a common choice for household rugs.

Polyester rugs are quite resilient in that they do well in different house areas, even in areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic.

That being said, polyester rugs can be used in outdoor spaces:

Here is Why Polyester Rugs are Good for Outdoor Use:

Polyester rugs are durable and can withstand outdoor elements and even different outdoor conditions like rain, snow, or extreme heat. They are affordable and good for spaces with moderate to heavy foot traffic. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, so they are great for outdoor spaces.

Do People Generally Use Polyester Rugs Outdoors?

Polyester rugs are quite popular, and they are commonly used in households. They are good for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They are generally used outdoors, as they are affordable compared to other rugs. Polyester is less expensive to manufacture, so they are quite easy on the budget. 

They normally cost less than $1 per square foot, which is already for a decent rug, while the more expensive polyester rugs cost only more or less $3 per square foot.

The fibers of polyester rugs take dyes well, so when buying polyester rugs, you can have a great selection of colors, patterns, and designs. It also means that they are resistant to fading, so leaving them outdoors, even in extreme sunlight, is completely fine.

Polyester rugs are very durable compared to other rugs, especially natural materials. It can withstand up to various weather changes.

This is why polyester rugs are commonly used as welcome rugs or as area rugs in patios or outdoor decks. Compared to other rugs, they do not easily wear out in the outdoor elements.

Can Polyester Rugs Withstand Rain and Moisture?

Since the fibers of polyester rugs are a type of plastic, they can withstand rain and moisture.

They have waterproof capabilities to withstand prolonged exposure to water, and the upkeep is quite easy. 

Polyester rugs are very easy to clean and maintain.

Can Polyester Rugs be Used on WOODEN Decks?

If you have outdoor wooden decks, you must know which rug to place on them. You would want a rug that can protect your wooden deck regardless of weather conditions.

Polyester rugs are great to be used on wooden decks. Since polyester rugs can withstand any weather, including rain, they can protect wooden decks and avoid causing any damage to them.

Polyester rugs also dry quickly that they are less likely to let the liquid through to the wooden deck. Plus, they are resistant to mold and mildew.

Furthermore, polyester rugs adapt easily to dyes and will not fade or bleed dyes out if exposed to extreme heat. 

This means they will not cause any discoloration to wooden decks when sunny outside.

Can Polyester Rugs be Used on TREX Decks?

Trex is a composite deck made from plastic film and wooden fibers. 

Trex decking, in general, is more durable than purely plastic decking, but they are a bit pricier, so you need a rug that would be well-suited to it.

Just like wooden decks, polyester rugs can be used on Trex decks. Remember that the backing is important since composite decks are prone to scratches. So make sure that your polyester rug has vinyl backing to avoid scratching the surface and damaging the deck.

Polyester rugs and other synthetic material rugs are generally safe for Trex decks. Polyester rugs repel mold and mildew and are fade-resistant, so they are good for Trex decks.

Do You Have to Treat Polyester Rugs for Outdoor Use?

Polyester rugs in themselves are already tough and resilient. 

They are made to last in outdoor weather elements, so further treatment is not necessary for them to be used outdoors.

However, one of the cons of polyester rugs is that they are quite prone to shedding compared to other synthetic material rugs. So a little treatment on them would be good. Spraying them with a rug protector can help minimize that shedding.

In general, polyester rugs are also quite easy to maintain. 

Here is how you can maintain your polypropylene rugs:

Vacuum your Polyester Rug Regularly: 

Vacuuming regularly helps keep dirt from settling deep in the rug fibers.

Vacuum both sides of the rug to help loosen dirt and debris. Ensure to disable the beater bar on your vacuum and vacuum on a low setting not to damage the rug.

Spot Clean Stains: 

When you accidentally spill a liquid on your polyester rug, clean it as soon as possible.

Dampen a clean cloth or paper towel with water and blot the area. Do not rub, as this will sink the stain deeper in the fibers of your rug.

Deep Clean your Rug Every Few Weeks: 

Do this when it is sunny. Start by wetting the rug using a hose or buckets of water.

Then with a gentle detergent or soap, use a scrub brush to lather into the rug. Let the soap sit for a few minutes before rinsing. You can then hang the rug under the sun to let it dry.

Polyester rugs are easy to maintain and do not require professional cleaning, making them great for the household. With proper cleaning and maintenance, they will last longer when used outdoors.

How Long do Polyester Rugs Last Outdoor?

In general, polyester rugs can last for a few years.

They can last between five to ten years, depending on how well they are cared for and maintained.

Polyester rugs last longer outdoors compared to natural material rugs. Now, this may sound confusing for a bit, as natural rugs generally have a longer lifespan compared to synthetic rugs, but this only applies to indoor situations.

Natural rugs do not fare well under extreme weather conditions, unlike polyester rugs. Let us compare polyester rugs with other synthetic material rugs in their outdoor areas capabilities.

Polypropylene rugs are durable and can withstand different weather conditions. However, polypropylene rugs are slightly more durable because they are non-porous.

That being said, they can last longer than polyester rugs and can last for more than ten years.

Nylon rugs fare better in high-traffic areas compared to polyester rugs. Polyester rugs are prone to shedding while nylon rugs are not, so between the two, nylon rugs would also last longer.

What Rugs Are Recommended for Outdoor Use?

Other rugs recommended for outdoor use are nylon rugs and polypropylene rugs:

Nylon Rugs:

Nylon rugs are one of the most resilient and durable rugs out there.

They do well for outdoor use. The fibers of nylon rugs are non-absorbent which means that they are quite resistant to stain. It also means that dirt is easy to remove from nylon rugs.

Also, the fibers of nylon rugs are elastic. This means that nylon rugs can easily retain their shape when placed in high-traffic areas. They also do not shed, unlike polyester rugs.

One of the cons of nylon rugs is that they are not bleach-friendly, so that any deep stain would require professional cleaning. Nylon rugs are also quite pricey compared to other types of rugs.

Polypropylene Rugs:

Polypropylene rugs have very good longevity. They are more durable compared to polyester rugs.

The fibers of polypropylene rugs are a type of polymer that is lightweight yet very durable. They are made to withstand any weather, and they can be left in outdoor spaces all year round.

Polypropylene rugs also last long, even in high-traffic areas. They do not shed and do not wear and tear easily.

Polypropylene rugs are also very resistant to stain. When exposed to the sun, they do not fade compared to other rugs, making them good for outdoors when it is sunny. When placed in areas with lots of moisture or liquid spilled over them, they will not grow molds or mildew.

However, they are more expensive than other rugs – which is reasonable given how durable they are in outdoor conditions.

To summarize, polyester rugs are recommended for outdoor use. Small polyester rugs work well as welcome rugs, while larger ones are good as area rugs to spruce up your outdoor space.

They add style without compromising functionality. They are a good choice since they are affordable compared to other outdoor rugs and easy to maintain.


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