Do Oriental Rugs Go With Modern Furniture? (Explained)

Oriental rugs come in bold colors and feature traditional designs that can be overwhelming to decorate a room. They can be challenging to match, especially if you have modern furniture in your room.

Most people would think that oriental rugs only go with traditional or classic-looking furniture, but that is where they are wrong.

Oriental rugs can go well with modern furniture. With their bold colors and interesting designs, oriental rugs can bring any space to life.

Here Is Why Oriental Rugs Go With Modern Furniture:

Oriental rugs are timeless pieces of home decor that can go well with anything, including modern furniture. Though most modern styles require muted or black and white colors, some modern patterns and styles can match those bold Oriental colors and designs.

Is It Trendy To Mix Oriental Rugs With Modern Furniture?

It can be trendy to mix oriental rugs with modern furniture. The key is to balance everything, as too many textures and colors can be overwhelming and unsightly.

You can mix patterns, colors, and decor styles with your oriental rug as long as all the design elements balance each other out nicely.

For example, you can take a Persian rug with an intricate design featuring red, navy, and black, and it would go well with a plain black modern couch and a black metal coffee table. This way, the black couch and the black coffee table will tone down the “loudness” of the rug, so everything is well-balanced.

If you have colored furniture, you can get an oriental rug in subtle, neutral hues to use as an area rug. The color will soften the space and bring all the decor elements together.

You can also make your oriental rug the focal point of the room. Oriental rugs normally feature interesting designs, and they are often considered pieces of art.

You can decorate your room in a way that draws the eyes to the rugs by keeping your furniture minimal.

What Type Of Furniture Works Well With Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are classic and timeless decor pieces that would go well with anything if you put some thought into them.

Any furniture type and material would work well with oriental rugs, including modern ones. Whether you pair it with your bedroom furniture, the living room, or even underneath the dining room table, you can pair your rug with anything.

Do not just decorate with an oriental rug for the sake of it.

Consider the rug’s design, color, and pattern to go well with your furniture and other home decor items.

What Oriental Rug Colors Works With Modern Furniture?

There is no wrong or the right color of oriental rug when decorating a modern style room. Any color is fine as long as the room’s overall look is cohesive.

The key is to make sure that the color of the furniture is similar or complementary to at least one color on the rug.

You can look at a color wheel to know which colors complement each other. The colors that oppose each other on the color wheel are complementary.

How Do You Make Sure Your Rugs Match Your Furniture?

Rugs are a great way to add life to any room.

Rugs are also a good way to bring in your character. This is because the interior design of a house can express your style.

While it may seem challenging to decorate your room using oriental rugs, there are some interior design tips and tricks that you can follow.

Is It Okay To Mix Patterns And Prints With Your Oriental Rug?

Do not be afraid of mixing patterns and textures. It is okay to experiment with them. Mixing patterns with oriental rugs is fine.

The key is to break up the patterns. Do not just throw in patterns here and there.

For example, if you have a patterned oriental rug, it is best to place solid-colored furniture like a plain couch or coffee table. Keep large items or furniture like these minimal.

Then you can decorate the couch with patterned throw pillows that have the same color as the rug. Oriental rugs with intricate designs can go well with simpler geometric patterns.

Create A Color Palette Using Your Oriental Rug:

Another fool-proof way of decorating a room using oriental rugs is using the rug to make a color palette.

Take the individual colors from the rug and use these colors to design the room.

For example, if you have a red, dark brown, and beige oriental rug, you can furnish the room with a dark brown wooden sofa with white or cream-colored upholstery.

You can then go for a minimalist look by keeping the rest of the furniture, such as coffee tables or side tables, white.

Use Furniture Materials That Complement Each Other:

Decorating and furnishing a room goes beyond matching colors and patterns. You also have to consider the material for your furniture.

Check what material would suit your color palette best: wood, marble, metal, or concrete. The material of your furniture should complement the rug and the rest of the decor pieces in your space.

It is not difficult to decorate with oriental rugs. The key is to balance everything and make sure that the rug, furniture, and other decor items complement each other rather than overwhelming each other.

When decorating with oriental rugs, do not be afraid to think out of the box. Do not be afraid to mix patterns, prints, and colors. The possibilities are endless!


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