Do Kenwood Accessories Fit All Models? (Solved!)

One of the great things about Kenwood kitchen appliances, specifically the stand mixers, is that there are many possibilities to expand them through attachments.

Attachments are accessories you add to your Kenwood stand mixer to make them even more functional.

The good news is that almost all Kenwood accessories fit all mixer models.

Here Is How Accessories Improve The Kenwood Stand Mixer:

The Kenwood mixer can be expanded or improved with accessories. When you put attachments on them, mixing is not the only thing you can use them for. You can use your Kenwood mixer to make pasta, blend juices and smoothies, and chop and cut vegetables through attachments.

Do Old Kenwood Attachments Fit New Models?

When buying Kenwood stand mixers, one big concern is if old attachments will fit and work with new models.

That is because Kenwood users with old models and attachments sometimes buy new models of Kenwood stand mixers. Of course, they do not want their old attachments to go to waste.

Technically, the old attachments do not fit with the new models of Kenwood stand mixers.

However, you can get an adapter called the KAT002ME that lets you use your old attachments with your new mixer.

This adapter was specifically designed to allow you to attach older accessories to your new Kenwood mixer to make them compatible.

Do Old Kenwood Attachments Fit New Models?

Kenwood stand mixers have two outlets: high-speed and low-speed outlets. Each outlet has certain accessories that can fit.

For the high-speed outlet of Kenwood stand mixers, all attachments fit perfectly with no need for an adapter.

High-Speed Attachments:

Here are the attachments that fit all models:

  • Citrus Press Juicer
  • Glass Mini Chopper / Multi Mill
  • Blend-Xtract Smoothie Blender
  • ThermoResist Glass Blender 1.6L
  • Food Processor 1.2L
  • Continuous Slicer / Grater
  • Continuous Juice Extractor

Slow-Speed Attachments:

For the slow-speed outlet, here are the attachments that fit all models perfectly:

  • Rotary Slicer / Grater (Twist)
  • Grain Mill
  • Meat Mincer
  • Slow Juicer
  • Spiralizer
  • Flat Pasta Roller
  • Fettuccine Pasta Cutter (6.5mm)
  • Tagliolini Pasta Cutter (1.5mm, Twist)
  • Trenette Pasta Cutter (3.5mm, Twist)
  • Spaghetti Pasta Cutter
  • Pasta Shaper

Bowl & Tool Accessory Attachments:

When it comes to bowl tools and accessories, here are the ones that fit all models:

  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Whisk
  • Dough Hook
  • K-Beater
  • Creaming Beater
  • Folding Tool

Slow-Speed Attachments W/ Adapter:

Some attachments for the slow-speed outlet would need an adapter, either the twist-to-bar connection system adaptor KAT001ME or the bar-to-twist connection system adaptor KAT002ME.

Here is a list of these attachments:

  • Rotary Slicer/ Grater (Bar)
  • Tagliolini Pasta Cutter (1.5mm, Bar)
  • Trenette Pasta Cutter (3.5mm, Bar)

Do Kenwood Chef Attachments Fit kMix?

Technically speaking, the attachments of the Kenwood Chef do not fit the kMix. However, using the KAT002ME adapter, you can make your Kenwood Chef attachments fit the kMix.

This adapter allows you to use older Kenwood attachments on your new kMix machine.

Click the KAT002ME into the kMix attachment port and plug in your attachments to the KAT. The KAT002ME will fit ALL kMix Mixers.

The KAT can only use attachments designed for the Chef and Major models from the A901 onwards.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy New Accessories For Kenwood?

The cost to buy new accessories for Kenwood stand mixers varies depending on the type of accessories or attachments that you will be getting.

Pasta maker attachments such as Tagliolini Pasta Cutter, Trenette Pasta Cutter, and the Lasagne Flat Pasta Roller cost roughly $95.

Some pasta maker attachments like the Spaghetti Pasta Cutter and the Fettuccine Pasta Cutter cost around $100.

Some attachments cost around $130, such as the Pasta Shaper with Macaroni Pasta Die Attachment and the Rotary Slicer / Grater. Meanwhile, the Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Maker attachments cost $125.

The most expensive attachment you can get for your Kenwood stand mixer is the PureJuice Slow Juicer attachment which costs almost $200. The cheapest attachment is the Citrus Press Juicer attachment which costs only $50.

One of the best things about Kenwood mixers is that they are so versatile in terms of functionality. You can do so many things with it when you get the right attachments.

Even if you have old attachments, you can still use them with the newer Kenwood stand mixer models by buying an adapter that costs less than $10.

That is a lot of savings because you do not need to buy new attachments if you already have old ones lying around the house.


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