Can Insulated Cups Go In The Dishwasher? (Explained)

Insulated cups have seals that are prone to breaking because of the heat in your dishwasher. Hot water can get between the outside and the interior insulated wall, making them sloshy and sometimes ruining them forever.

This is why manufacturers placed ‘hand wash only’ and ‘not dishwasher safe’ on the label of your insulated cups when you bought them.¬†

Can Insulated Cups Generally Go In A Dishwasher? 

Once the seal is broken, it will negate the insulation ability of your cup. 

Even a tiny break will affect the vacuum inside the cup, significantly reducing its insulation. The hot temperature inside the dishwasher causes plastics to flatten or warp. 

Let’s get a better understanding of how insulated cups work:

How Insulated Cups Work:

Insulated cups have air in between the inner and outer shells. From there, the vacuum is created. 

However, your dishwasher can potentially break this seal, allowing the moisture to come in, damaging the cup. 

When the seal is compromised, the water can get inside the cup’s inner and outer skin, and there’s no way of taking them out. The sloshing water will eventually become annoying the longer you use the cup.¬†

Make sure that you are handwashing all cups that require it. Keep your favorite cups out of the dishwasher.

These Insulated Cups Can Go In The Dishwasher?

Are you looking for dishwasher-safe insulated cups? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are the nine best-insulated cups that can go in your dishwasher:

1. Bubba Straw Envy Tumbler (Best Value for Money):

Do you have a tight budget? Here’s one you should consider.

The Bubba Straw Envy Tumbler is one of the best value-for-money tumblers safe on dishwashers. The cup features a spill-proof lid, including a large plastic straw.

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However, if you’re planning to put coffee in it, use a metal straw instead.¬†

This insulated tumbler is available in various colors and can fit in your car’s cup holder. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.¬†

2. Yeti Insulated Tumblers:

Yeti is one of the most popular tumbler brands in the market.

Their tumblers are as tough as their coolers. Just what you’d expect from a company that makes ultra-durable coolers.¬†

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Just the quality of tumblers lets you know that they mean business.

Yeti tumblers can maintain your drink’s coldness or hotness not just for several hours but even days! Likewise, these tumblers are famous for their ice retention and are pioneers of dishwasher-safe insulated tumblers.¬†¬†

3. Burnout Mug:

The Burnout Mug comes in with a unique feature called phase change material (PCM).

PCM quickly cools down your coffee using vacuum insulation and thermal heat at perfect drinking temperature and keeps it that way up to six hours. 

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The Burnout Mug is available in 12oz and 16oz sizes. This cup is for serious tea and coffee drinkers!

Great for home offices or for taking to work.

4. Atlin Tumbler:

Here is a tumbler for those who want to cut on costs but looking for something big.

The Atlin Tumbler is available in a large 30oz size, and its vacuum insulation will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours. 

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Even better, these tumblers are dishwasher-safe and come with a lifetime warranty. 

5. Rubbermaid Thermal Tumbler:

Rubbermaid is a famous brand for plastic products like food containers, coolers, and kitchenware.

Fortunately, the company has extended its services to produce some of the most cost-effective insulated tumblers in today’s market.¬†

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They have 10oz and 16oz made from stainless steel in four colored lids. They’re dishwasher safe and can fit perfectly in cup holders.¬†

6. Swig Life:

Do you love bright colors? This one’s for you.

Swig Life offers a variety of fun and bright colors and designs, and they’re not only good for the eyes.¬†

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They offer ‘triple insulated’ cups that are dishwasher safe. The lids are spill-resistant, while the holders are silicone base which means they’re scratch-free.

With these features, you need to be ready for some additional costs. 

7. Contigo Luxe Tumbler:

Here’s another famous insulated tumbler brand that keeps them at an affordable price.

They produce dishwasher-safe tumblers in two different types, namely, the auto seal lid and straw lid. 

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The company offers a lifetime warranty to sweeten the deal.

On the other hand, don’t expect them to be near Yeti’s performance.¬†¬†

8. Mora Double Wall Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug:

If you’re not a stainless steel fan, then this ceramic cup might be what you need.

While they’re not vacuum insulated, this ceramic mug still offers decent temperature retention for your favorite drink.¬†

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The mug comes with a lid that is splash resistant and remains closed until your spin the lid open.

It’s made from high-quality Paladin Clay to ensure it’s durable for continuous usage.¬†

9. Stanley Ceramivac

If you don’t like the taste of stainless steel mixing into your favorite drink, check out the Stanley Ceramivac.

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It features a ceramic lining inside and is the only dishwasher-proof. 

They offer a lifetime warranty if you like the idea of drinking a ceramic-based cup.  

How Do I Know If My Insulated Cup Can Go In The Dishwasher?

Not every insulated cup is safe in your dishwasher. 

Putting them into the dishwasher might compromise their insulation, nullifying their effectiveness in retaining your drink’s temperature.¬†

This is why you need to know if your insulated cup can go in the dishwasher. Moreover, choosing non-dishwasher-safe drinkware will seem like a chore at times.

When buying dishwasher-safe insulated cups, it would be best to look for these things:

  1. Know the materials that are good for dishwashers 
  2. Assess which type of drinkware you should wash 
  3. Find the “dishwasher safe” note on the label¬†

In addition, dishwasher-safe drinkware will always have the “Dishwasher Safe” symbol printed on the item.¬†

Also, the symbol doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes, they are in the form of a rack or drenched in water.¬†

Why Can Insulated Cups Turn Black In The Dishwasher?

Not all insulated cups are created equal. Some are dishwasher-safe than others. 

According to Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab director Sharon Franke, your dishwasher can potentially ruin the insulation of your insulated cups. Remember, your insulated cup is an essential travel item that you should always secure. 

A little more work like handwashing will go a long way instead of trying to take the easy route to the dishwasher, right? 

Likewise, you might find your favorite companion turning a little bit black after a couple of trips to the dishwasher. This is often the case for aluminum insulated cups. When this happens, you can use white vinegar and water. 

Mix them in a spray bottle and apply to the aluminum. Let it sit for a few minutes. Use steel wool and gently scrub the surface. 

Use more vinegar as needed.


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