How Much Do Wool Rugs Smell? (Checked)

Wool rugs are natural fiber rugs that come from sheep. Since sheepskin rugs smell, wool rugs are no different.

Wool rugs do tend to smell sometimes, which can be quite unpleasant.

Here Is How Much Wool Rugs Smell:

When wool rugs smell, the odor can be distinct. The smell resembles that of a wet dog or barnyard animal. Most of the time, the smell can be so unpleasant or overpowering. It can be problematic, especially if your wool rug is expensive and you have invested quite a lot in it.

Do Wool Rugs Smell More Than Other Rugs?

Compared to other natural fiber rugs, wool rugs smell a bit more, so you can easily distinguish the smell of wool rugs.

Between wool rugs and sheepskin rugs, sheepskin rugs tend to smell more than wool rugs. While they both come from sheep, these two rugs are still different.

The fibers of wool rugs go through a lot of processing to manufacture them.Β On the other hand, Sheepskin rugs are the entire skin and fleece of the sheep that is turned into a rug.

Sheepskin rugs tend to retain some of the natural characteristics of unprocessed wool, so they smell more.

What Are Typical Reasons Wool Rugs Start To Smell?

There are several reasons that wool rugs start to smell.

The most common reason that wool rugs smell is being exposed to moisture. Accidental liquid spills can happen. When it does happen on your wool rug and does not completely dry, it will cause your rug to smell.

Placing wool rugs in damp areas of the house can also cause them to smell. Wool rugs absorb moisture, which will get trapped in their fibers and will eventually start to form an unpleasant odor.

Dirt and stains on wool rugs can also cause them to smell. If your rugs are dirty from food stains or having pets walk with their dirty paws all over your rug, your rug will start to smell. Any form of dirt can contribute to this.

Another cause of bad smells on wool rugs is the latex backings. If your rug has a latex backing material, it tends to deteriorate, especially if it’s made from poor-quality latex.

Deterioration will cause your rug to smell. In this case, the odor will not come out and stick to the backing.

Lastly, aging can also cause your rug to smell. Over time, the rug fibers can break down and cause an unpleasant musty smell.

If this is why your wool rug smells, then the rug may have reached the end of its lifespan. You would have no choice but to discard it and buy a new one.

Do Brand New Wool Rugs Smell More?

It is generally normal for new wool rugs to smell.

Because these rugs are made from animal fiber, they naturally come with a musty smell.

However, the smell of brand new wool rugs is different from dirty wool and poorly maintained wool rugs.

Does The Smell Wear Off With Time?

For brand new wool rugs, the smell does wear off with time.

When you remove your brand new wool rug from its packaging, all you need to do is give it a firm shake and put it outside for a bit so it can get some ventilation.

When in the packaging, the rug does not get enough ventilation which causes it to smell.

The smell will eventually wear off, leaving you with a new and fresh wool rug.

How Do You Remove The Smell From Jute Rugs?

If your wool rug starts to smell, then it means that it is dirty or that it has been exposed to moisture.

This smell can be very unpleasant and can pose a health risk for you and the members of your household. This does not mean that you have to throw your rug away.

Here is how you can remove the smell in four easy steps:

Vacuum the Wool Rug:

Start by vacuuming the rug. This is to remove any deep-seated dirt and debris from your rug.

When vacuuming, make sure to do so as prescribed so that you would not risk damaging your rug.

Use Borax and Baking Soda to Remove The Smell:

Borax and baking soda are very effective for removing odors.

Mix equal parts of each and sprinkle it all over your wool rug. Do this on both sides of the rug.

Use a good amount to cover the rug completely, but make sure it is not too thick.

Set the rug aside and let the mixture sit there for about two days.

Shake the Wool Rug:

After letting the borax and baking soda mixture sit for one or two days, take your wool rug outside and shake it.

Vacuum the Wool Rug Again:

Use a vacuum to suction and remove any remaining borax and baking soda on the fibers of your rug.

If your rug still has a bad smell after doing all these steps, it would be best to have it professionally cleaned. The bad odor is caused by deep-seated dirt and stains on the fibers of your wool rugs, and cleaning it yourself does not work anymore.

There are lots of rug cleaning services available anywhere, and you can be guaranteed that your rug will get the proper and thorough cleaning it needs.

Having them professionally will help remove all the deep-seated dirt and stains and the bad smell.

How Do You Avoid Small From Wool Rugs?

Over time, your wool rug can start to smell when exposed to moisture or when it is not properly cleaned and maintained.

Keeping your wool rugs free from any bad odors is very important because you would want to preserve your rugs for as long as possible, given how much you spent on them.

Here is what you can do to keep your wool rugs odor-free:

Remember That Rug Placement Is Important:

Think carefully about where you place your wool rugs.

Avoid placing them in rooms that get a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Vacuum your Wool Rug Regularly:

Vacuuming your wool rug regularly does wonders for it – and vacuuming twice a week helps keep the dirt off your rugs and keeps them looking fresh.

Remember that dirty rugs can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause unpleasant smells.

Let Your Rug Sit Under the Sun:

On a bright, sunny day, take your rugs outdoors and let them sit under the sun.

Doing so helps remove any bad odors from your rug and helps keep them looking and smelling fresh. It can also kill any bacteria on your rug.

Keep the face toward the sun for only a couple of hours when you do this. Then flip it and let the backside face the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

This is so your rug will not fade.

Place A Dehumidifier in Your Room:

Reduce the humidity indoors by placing a dehumidifier which helps control the humidity in the room.

Dehumidifiers minimize moisture and prevent your rugs from getting any unpleasant smells from the moisture.

Always Keep Your House and Floors Clean:

Keeping your house clean helps keep dirt and bacteria at bay.

It is as simple as that. A clean house makes for clean rugs that do not smell.

Wool rugs can be quite expensive compared to other rugs and are a great investment. They can last for decades as long as they are properly maintained.

It is very important to keep your wool rug clean and odor-free.


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