How Much Do Oriental Rugs Cost? (6 Examples)

Oriental rugs are hand-knotted, made in Asia, and are more expensive than traditional rugs.

Oriental rugs are rugs that come in intricate designs and beautiful color combinations. They are great for accentuating any room by adding color and texture.

There are many options for Oriental rugs, with varying prices depending on the design and material:

Here is Why Oriental Rugs Cost More than Traditional Rugs:

Oriental rugs cost from $40 to $150 per square foot, depending on the type of Oriental rug. Oriental rugs are made from wool, cotton, silk, and bamboo. Natural materials are more expensive compared to synthetic ones. If imported, fees like taxes are involved, which adds to the selling price.

Six Price Examples on Oriental Rugs:

There are several types of Oriental rugs.

Here they are and how much each type of Oriental rug roughly costs:

Persian Rugs:

Persian rugs are the most common type of Oriental rugs.

They are also considered one of the most expensive. This is because of their knot count. Persian rugs are hand-woven rugs originating from Iran, which used to be called Persia, thus the name.

Persian rugs are among the oldest and highest quality Oriental rugs. They usually have classic designs and traditional red, brown, beige, blue, and gold.

Persian rugs normally cost $50 to $80 per square foot.

Chobi Ziegler Rugs:

Chobi Ziegler rugs are hand-knotted rugs commonly produced in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They are a type of Oriental rugs that comes in a traditional style with soft color schemes and subtle designs. The colors used are less bolder compared to others. These rugs have high quality but are moderately priced compared to other Oriental rugs.

Chobi Ziegler rugs cost somewhere between $45 to $60 per square foot.

Ikat Rugs:

Ikat rugs have one of the oldest known designs in the world.

The design of Ikat rugs is more tribal-looking and features abstract patterns and shapes. Some Ikat rugs are also dyed, which adds variations to the colors. Ikat rugs are made in different countries in Asia – such as Japan, India, and Yemen, to name a few.

These rugs lower knot count and are considerably cheaper than other Oriental rugs, with a price of $45 to $55 per square foot.

Bokhara Rugs:

Bokhara rugs originate in Pakistan, particularly in a city called Bukhara.

These rugs usually come in colors of red, navy, and brown. The design of Bokhara rugs is more traditional looking than the Persian rugs’ design. Many Bokhara rugs come in varying knot counts, so the price is dependent on that.

They can cost from $30 to $60 per square foot.

Kilim Rugs:

Kilim rugs are Oriental rugs with flat-weave characteristics.

They are known for their unique geometric designs, using lines and shapes. They also feature bold and striking colors such as red, dark blue, gold, and green. Because Kilim rugs are considered more flat-weave rugs, unlike the other Oriental rugs, they are less plush, making them thin and light.

Kilim rugs usually range from $50 to $70 per square foot.

Silk Rugs:

Silk rugs are called because they contain silk, typically blended with wool or cotton.

The more silk that the rug has, the more expensive it is. Silk rugs are extremely soft, with delicate fibers that add a feeling of finesse and elegance to any room. Because silk is expensive, these rugs are much pricier than other Oriental rugs.

They cost between $70 and $150, depending on how big the rug is and how much silk is in the blend.

Over-Dyed Rugs:

There are also over-dyed rugs, patchworks rugs, other types of Oriental rugs.

These are two types of Oriental rugs named based on how they are made.

An over-dyed rug is any old Oriental rug that has been dyed in a bolder single color to make it more striking. The usual colors used are fuchsia, teal, black, and red.

Meanwhile, patchwork rugs are made by hand stitching different types of Oriental rugs together to create one single rug with a unique patched design.

Both are made to up-cycle old Oriental rugs, and their prices range depending on the quality and knot count of the rug.

How Much do Old Oriental Rugs Cost?

Old or antique Oriental rugs cost more than brand new ones.

These Oriental rugs, specifically those made before World War II, appreciate. The ones made after the war do not.

Old Oriental rugs cost somewhere between $150 to $200 per square foot, depending on the type of rug.

So, for example, it would cost as much as $4,800 for a 4×6 antique Oriental rug. Because they are antique, they are considered more like art pieces rather than home decor and are fancied by collectors.

What Are the Best Ways to Save on Oriental rugs?

At this point, we know that Oriental rugs are expensive.

One way to save on Oriental rugs is by buying them new or slightly pre-loved. Unless you are a collector of antique items, avoid buying antique Oriental rugs, especially those that date back before World War II, because they are the ones that cost a lot.

Also, it is best to buy directly from the manufacturer instead of going to a showroom. You can save a lot when you do not need to pay overhead fees for a showroom. While it is nice to go to the showroom and get a feel of the rug, it is more expensive if you buy them there.

Why Are Oriental Rugs so Expensive?

Oriental rugs are so expensive because of the materials used to craft them.

As previously mentioned, Oriental rugs are made of natural materials like wool and silk, which are very expensive and blended with some cotton and sometimes bamboo.

Another reason for Oriental rugs is their craftmanship. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted by expert craftsmen. And even though these rugs have similar designs, each rug is unique and one-of-a-kind, showcasing the craftsman’s artistry.

Oriental rugs normally take months to make. Those with intricate designs take years. The same goes for those rugs made from finer yarns like silk, as they take much longer to weave.

How Long Do Oriental Rugs Last?

Authentic Oriental rugs can last more than a hundred years – this is not an exaggeration.

This is with proper care and maintenance. It is true that Oriental rugs made in the early 1900s still last today and are being sold as antique items.

Oriental rugs are durable because they are hand-knotted, making them more resilient than traditional machine-made rugs. Also, the materials used are of really good quality. Oriental rugs will still last as expected even when placed in high-traffic areas.

How Do these Rugs Hold their Value Over Time?

Contrary to popular belief, Oriental rugs do not appreciate over time.

As previously mentioned in this article, only rugs made before World War II will increase value. Nowadays, any rugs made after that do not.

That being said, you cannot just buy an Oriental rug to resell it in the next few years for a higher price. They must be at least 80 years old to be considered antique and collectible.

Are Oriental Rugs Worth the Money?

With their high quality, artistry, one-of-a-kind designs, and long life span, Oriental rugs are definitely worth the money.

These rugs are so comfy and warm, perfect for cold climates. Plus, they can give any room a luxurious feel – and that is a combination of style and functionality.

While buying an Oriental rug can certainly make a dent in your pocket, they are known to last for decades that can be passed on from generation to generation, like a family keepsake.


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