How Long Do Miele Dishwashers Last? (Solved)

Miele is a German manufacturer known for producing top-quality appliances for cooking, laundry, and floor care. Miele is most known for its dishwashers, which have the best capabilities in the industry.

Miele dishwashers have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

Here is Why Miele Dishwashers Last Very Long:

Miele dishwashers last very long because they are carefully designed, produced directly by Miele in one of their twelve factories. They have a scratch-resistant stainless steel body. Each unit carefully controls procedures to ensure top-notch performance.

Do Miele Dishwashers Last Longer than Similar Brands?

Dishwashers, on average, have a life expectancy of up to eight years. Depending on the brand and how they are used and maintained, they can last longer or shorter.

Miele is among the top brands of dishwashers globally and other brands like Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, and KitchenAid.

Bosch, Maytag, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and Thermador have a life expectancy of ten years, while Electrolux and Frigidaire can exceed that ten-year mark by a few years. LG can last up to fifteen years.

Miele, with its life expectancy of twenty years – twice as long as its competitors. This makes Miele tough to beat; it’s like there is no competition at all.

Do New Miele dishwashers Last as Long as they Used to?

Since Miele dishwashers go through extensive quality checks, new Miele dishwashers are expected to last as long as they are expected to.

Through the years, Miele has remained consistent with manufacturing procedures, quality checks, and the materials and components they use to ensure durability regardless of model and year of manufacturing.

Are Miele Dishwashers Expensive to Repair?

The amount it would cost to repair a defective Miele appliance ranges from $100 to $300 on average. Repair costs can be as low as $70 or as high as $500, depending on the type of fault.

Most Miele dishwashers models have a built-in diagnostic system that allows your dishwasher to detect a fault or error. This system will show the error on the door panel display.

If you want to avoid expensive repairs, it is advisable to contact a technician as soon as you see a fault or error in your Miele dishwasher. This will help identify the problem right away to get it fixed the soonest and avoid any further malfunction.

Is it Worth Fixing a year-old Miele Dishwasher?

Given that Miele dishwashers last long, it is safe to say that fixing a year-old Miele dishwasher can be worth it, but it would still depend on the type of fault.

If the repair costs are cheap, fixing it would be worth it. However, if the repair costs as much as $1,000, then it would be best to replace it rather than repairing it.

This repair amount is close to the price of buying a brand new Miele dishwasher, so you might as well replace it then get it repaired. The damage is probably on the mainboard if the repair costs this much.

Generally, fixing a Miele dishwasher, or any dishwasher for that matter, can be quite the hassle. It is always best to give your dishwasher the proper maintenance to avoid any need for repairs.

Here is what you can do to extend the life expectancy of your Miele dishwasher:

  • When installing your Miele dishwasher, make sure your dishwasher is level. This is important to ensure proper drainage.
  • Place the drain hose on a high hoop to prevent overflow.
  • Check the water pressure in your home and make sure that it is in a range that is suitable for your Miele dishwasher. The level of water pressure can highly affect the performance of your dishwasher.
  • Make it a habit to run one full load with all your dirty dishes. This is better than running several smaller loads with fewer dirty dishes.
  • Use RinseAid often. This is for you to achieve the best drying results. It also helps keep your dishwasher operating at full efficiency.
  • Clean your dishwasher. There are dishwasher cleaning solutions that you can use on your dishwasher to clean it and prevent mineral buildup thoroughly. This also involves manually cleaning the filter to remove any loose bits of food and dirt that are trapped.

Most importantly, follow what is stated on the detailed product guides that provide information on installing and operating your Miele dishwasher properly.

This helps ensure proper maintenance of your dishwasher for a longer life expectancy and keeps it running efficiently.

How Long is the Warranty on Miele Dishwashers?

All Miele domestic appliances, including dishwashers, come with a free two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

As part of the warranty terms and conditions, Miele will repair any defects in material or workmanship free of charge for two years.

What are the First Things to Break on Miele Dishwashers?

Normally, the first things to malfunction on Miele dishwashers are inlet and drainage. This is the most common issue that people encounter with their Miele dishwasher.

This problem could occur when there is a problem with your dishwasher’s water supply or if it has issues draining water.

However, these problems have a quick fix that requires a technician:

  • If the dishwasher is not filling, check if the water is connected to your dishwasher. If the valve is leaking or appears to be defective, it just needs to be replaced, which can come cheap.
  • If your tub is not filling with water, clean the water filter and unclog the water hose if needed.
  • If draining is the problem, clean the drain pump, filters, air gap, and non-return valve. Always check the drainage hose and straighten it if needed.

Check the pump and pump belt. Sometimes the impeller on the pump might be broken, and in this case, you need to replace the whole pump. If the belt is worn or broken, it also needs to be replaced.

What Dishwasher Brands Last the Longest?

More than proper usage and good maintenance, a huge factor in the life expectancy of dishwashers is the brand.

Some brands have been proven to last longer. This can be through a combination of good quality parts, sturdy design, and efficiency in operation.

According to different consumer surveys, the best dishwasher brands and Miele are Bosch, Thermador, and Whirlpool, with each brand having its pros and cons.

While most of these dishwashers brands have a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years, Bosch, Thermador, and Whirlpool are least likely to break within the first five years of regular use.

Among Miele’s competitors when it comes to dishwashers, it is Bosch that comes close. Bosch dishwashers are known for their durability and longevity, with the high-quality parts for manufacturing their appliances. Their dishwashers are proven to withstand a minimum of ten years of use.

If budget is a huge factor, then Bosch edges out Miele. The most affordable Bosch dishwasher costs $600, with the high-end ones ranging from $1000-2000. Meanwhile, Miele dishwashers start at $1,099 – almost twice the most affordable Bosch dishwasher price.

Just for comparison, most high-end Miele dishwasher costs $3,099. This makes Bosch dishwashers a good combination of durability, longevity, and affordability.

To sum it all up, Miele dishwashers are still the longest-lasting dishwashers in the world. Nearly every part or component of their appliances is manufactured directly by the company itself, making for its top-notch quality.

Miele has advertised their dishwashers to have a life expectancy of 20 years without compromising functionality.

In the end, it is all up to you to decide if you want to shell out a huge amount for a Miele dishwasher that can last for decades or go for a more affordable one with a little less longevity.


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