How Long Do Jute Rugs Last? (Explained & Solved)

Jute rugs are so popular nowadays because of their textured feel and natural look and are made from fibers derived from jute plants.

Jute fibers are long and shiny fibers that can be spun into strong threads used for rugs and other household items. The fibers come in a range of colors, from off-white to dark brown.

Jute rugs normally have a life expectancy of five years, which is more or less the average life expectancy of rugs:

Why Jute Rugs Have an Only Average Lifespan:

The fibers of jute rugs are known to be strong, which are then hand-spun to make the rug. They are durable enough to last up to five years, but they do not do well in areas with high foot traffic. They are also not good for damp places as they are prone to pest infestation.

Do Jute Rugs Last as Long as Other Rugs?

Jute rugs last about the same as other rugs, such as nylon and polyester. All these rugs normally last for up to five years.

Rugs with a longer life span than jute rugs are made of sisal, polypropylene, wool, and silk.

Are Jute Rugs Worth the Money?

If you compare jute rugs with other rugs, they are not that expensive.

They are a more affordable option if you are looking for natural rugs with an earthy feel and texture.

For rugs as affordable as jute rugs, they are worth the money. They are cheap, yet they are stylish and durable. They are water-resistant and easy to clean.

You can even wash them, unlike other types of rugs. Jute rug also prevents the build-up of dirt.

Another good thing about jute rugs is that they are biodegradable. This means that if they start to wear out or are no longer good for use, you can throw them out because they will decompose. Unlike other rugs, they do not leave any chemical waste behind.

Jute rugs will be worth the money as long as you maintain them well. Because they are made of natural fibers, they can be easily infested with pets if you do not clean them properly.

In short, you need to take care of them because you do not want a cheap rug that can potentially be a health hazard.

Do Jute Rugs Require Maintenance to Last Long?

Just like all other rugs, jute rugs need to be cleaned maintained. This will help them last longer and maintain their quality over time.

Keep them out of dirty areas in the house, maintain them properly, don’t tug on them, and try to wash them gently.

What Jute Rugs Last the Longest?

Hand-knotted and un-dyed jute rugs would last the longest if you compared them to other jute rugs. 

Hand-knotted rugs are very strong because they’re made by literally knotting the yarns together by hand, which means that they are tightly bound to one another. They do not wear out as easily compared to rugs made by machines or mechanical tools.

Additionally, since dyes can affect the rug’s longevity, an un-dyed jute rug would last longer. Even if the dye is made of natural materials, dyed rugs would fade quickly and wear out faster.

A hand-knotted and undyed jute rug would last the longest.

What Are the Most Durable Jute Rug Brands?

Jute rugs are quite popular nowadays and have been widely used in rustic decor styles.

People love them because of their simplicity while still adding style to a room because of their texture and natural colors.

Here are some of the most durable brands of jute rugs:


nuLoom is a US-based brand founded in 2008, known for combining classic styles and modern decor trends.

They sell durable jute rugs, not to mention stylish and artistic, that come in different colors and designs. Their jute rugs are usually made in India and are either hand-woven or braided.

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The jute rugs they sell are marked by subtle but individual differences that make each rug one-of-a-kind.


Safavieh features a big selection of jute rugs and other rugs made from soft and durable natural fiber yarns.

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Their rugs are made with non-slip or cotton backing for additional cushioned support. Their jute rugs are purely hand-woven and made in India.

West Elm:

West Elm is a decor company that features great designs from around the globe.

Their products are designed in their headquarters but made with ethical production and processes that support the workers’ well-being and the local economies.

West Elm partner’s with artisans worldwide to create stunning home decor pieces.

West Elm offers jute rugs made from 100% jute fibers. Each rug is hand-woven and in the southern part of India.

Stone and Beam:

Stone and Beam is an Amazon brand that offers jute rugs in a casual and neutral style.

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While it is an Amazon brand, each piece is hand-woven in India, using only high-quality materials.

Serena and Lily:

Another company that offers stylish and durable jute rugs is Serena and Lily. Their style is more casual and coastal and relaxed yet refined.

Serena and Lily jute rugs are braided by hand and come in different shapes and designs.

They also offer blended jute rugs using other materials.

How Do you Make a Jute Rug Last Longer?

Proper care and maintenance will help a jute rug last longer with all rugs. Since not all rugs are the same, caring for a rug differs depending on the rug type.

Jute rugs require low maintenance compared to other rugs. Here is how you can care for your jute rug to make them last longer:

Shake It Out:

This is the simplest to remove loose dirt from your jute rug.

Shaking it may knock loose some fibers, but it will also get rid of a lot of dirt and grime.

It also prevents you from having to deep clean and get your rug wet.

Vacuum Dirt Often:

If shaking your rug does not remove some dirt, you can vacuum your jute to remove it.

Just make sure to remove the beater bar suction before you do. Vacuuming lightly in different directions should clean it properly.

Avoid Liquid Spills:

Jute rugs tend to decay when they get wet and are prone to pest infestations.

Avoid placing them in areas where spillage commonly occurs, such as in the kitchen or bathroom.

Spot Clean Stains:

Since jute rugs wear out easily when wet, spot clean any stain rather than getting the whole rug wet.

Use a cloth to dab the area gently. Do not rub.

Use a Mild Detergent:

Any harsh chemicals can be harmful to your jute rug, so make sure to use only mild soaps and detergents when cleaning them.

Mild detergents or soaps are great for rugs that just need to get some dirt and grime out. Don’t bleach or use harsh chemicals on your rug.

Don’t Hang it Up in Sunlight:

After cleaning your rug, just let it air dry.

Hanging your jute rug under the sun will make it brittle this is something you should not do. Plus, hanging it under the sun will cause some discoloration on your rug or make the dye (if any) fade.

Please place it in low to moderate traffic areas. Jute rugs do not do well in high-traffic areas, as they tend to wear out faster compared to other types of rugs.

Use a Rug Pad:

Using a rug pad underneath your jute rug will add protection as it minimizes the impact on your jute rug. It can also protect your rug from any moisture from the floor.

Jute is a very good material for rugs when adding decor to your space. With their natural colors and subtle designs, it is no surprise that they are so popular nowadays.

Just make sure to care for it so it will last long.


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