How Long Do Area Rugs Last? (Explained & Solved)

Area rugs are floor coverings that are often much smaller than the room’s dimensions.

They come in various sizes, and they can be made of different materials.

Aside from being decorations, they also define or distinguish a certain area in a house. These are especially useful in open floor plans.

Depending on the material they are made of, area rugs can last for up to 15 years.

Here’s How Long Area Rugs Last:

Area rugs can last for 5 to 15 years. The lifespan of these rugs primarily depends on the material they are made out of. However, this lifespan can also depend on how much foot traffic the room or area experiences. Heavier foot traffic can shorten the life span of an area rug.

Do Area Rugs Last As Long As Other Rugs?

Area rugs are big rugs that are normally placed in high-traffic areas such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Given such placements, area rugs tend not to last as long as other rugs since they experience a lot of foot traffic which causes normal wear and tear.

Area rugs that are hand-knotted and made of wool tend to last long, especially if they are Oriental rugs.

Oriental Area Rugs:

Oriental rugs can even last up to a lifetime.

However, it is very unlikely that authentic Oriental rugs will be used as area rugs as they can be very valuable.

Most people tend to buy fake Oriental rugs if they look for a rug to use as an area rug.

Jute & Sisal Area Rugs:

Area rugs made out of natural materials like jute and sisal can last for up to 10 years, depending on the foot traffic in the area.

It also depends if the area has moisture, as these rugs do not do well in moisture.

Synthetic Area Rugs:

Synthetic area rugs such as those made out of polyester and acrylic can last for up to 5 years, especially in high traffic areas.

Polypropylene area rugs can last for up to 10 or even 15 years, as they are the most durable out of all synthetic rugs.

Are Area Rugs Worth The Money?

Area rugs can be worth the money.

Most of them are quite affordable, so even if they last for just 5 years, they can still be worth it.

Area rugs are functional as they can add warmth to your space. They also add a lot of cushioning underfoot, so they are very comfy to walk on.

If you have kids, especially younger ones or babies, area rugs make an area safer for them.

They are great pieces of home decor. You can use them to accentuate a room or add a pop of color to an otherwise very bland room.

Do Area Rugs Require Maintenance To Last Long?

If you want your area rugs to last long, they need care and maintenance.

The amount of care and maintenance that an area rug needs normally depends on its material.

Some rugs require more frequent cleaning than others, especially when the material tends to absorb dirt very easily.

Some require only very minimal cleaning.

What Area Rugs Last The Longest?

Area rugs made of wool last the longest, especially the ones that are hand-knotted.

This is because wool is a fiber known to be very durable.

Machine-made wool rugs can last up to 25 years. Some people have reported that their wool rugs have lasted for more than 30 years with proper care and maintenance.

Hand-knotted wool rugs, such as Oriental rugs, are the more expensive and rare wool rugs. They can be very valuable, and they have a long life span.

They can even last for multiple generations.

Another rug material known to last for a very long time is silk. While it is a natural material, silk fibers are quite durable. Silk rugs can even last a lifetime.

What Are The Most Durable Area Rug Brands?

The life span of area rugs can also depend on their brand or the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers use high-quality materials that make for very durable rugs with a long life expectancy.

Here are some of the well-known and most durable area rug brands:


Safavieh is a rug company that has established its presence in the rug market for more than 100 years with its elegant rugs that are very durable.

The company was founded in 1914 in Iran, and since then, they have been making high-end rugs using different materials, including wool.

They are now headquartered in New York.

It is a company known for its high-quality rugs that can last for a very long time, with wool rugs that can even last for a lifetime.


Karastan was founded in 1928 in the USA and is well-known for producing luxury flooring.

They offer rugs made from New Zealand wool, with incredible quality and a long life span.

Their rugs are well-made, with most of them being hand-woven, making them very durable.

Rugs by Karastan are designed to be both stylish and functional.


Sphinx is one of the world’s biggest producers of high-quality rugs, founded and headquartered in Egypt.

They have been in the rug market for over 40 years and have been known to deliver exceptional quality rugs at competitive prices.

This makes them one of the top choices for area rugs.


Surya is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugs.

Most of their rugs are hand-tufted and made from pure wool in India.

All Surya rugs are of incredible quality. Each rug is hand-made by skilled artisans or machine woven in a specialty manufacturing facility to ensure high quality.

Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living is a rug company that is headquartered in Georgia.

This company offers wholesale rugs of high quality.

They offer a wide range of handcrafted and machine-made rugs from different rug materials, with various colors and designs.

Their rugs are also known to be very durable.


Kaleen is a leading manufacturer, importer, and distributor of high-quality rugs.

This company has over 50 years of presence in the rug market.

Kaleen is a brand that was founded and headquartered in India. They are known for their beautifully-made rugs that showcase artistry.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA is a popular brand of rugs headquartered in New York.

It is part of the Furniture and Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers Industry.

With more than 20 years in the rug market, Rugs USA offers a huge array of area rugs in different styles, materials, and sizes to suit every design need and budget.

How Do You Make An Area Rug Last Longer?

Your area rug needs to be properly cared for and maintained to make your area rug last longer.

Here are some things you can do to increase the life span of your area rug:

Place a Rug Pad Underneath:

A rug pad will act as a buffer to minimize the impact on the rug, especially in areas with high traffic.

It also adds a layer of protection to the rug, so it does not absorb moisture. This is especially helpful if your area rug is made out of natural materials.

Rotate the Area Rug:

Foot traffic causes wear and tear on your rug.

Rotating your rug helps make it last longer as it distributes the wear more evenly, especially when you place it in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Vacuum Regularly:

Vacuum the area rug regularly.

Vacuuming cleans the rug. It also helps prevent the build-up of dirt and debris.

Most rugs require you to vacuum it on a low setting and avoid using the heavy beater bar so you would not damage it.

Always check the guide on how to care for your rug to know which vacuum setting to use.

Spot Clean Stains:

Spot clean stains as they happen.  In liquid spills and stains, spot clean the rug right away.

Do this by taking a clean cloth, or paper towel dipped in water mixed with mild soap and gently blotting off the stain.

Do not rub, just blot.

Get it Professionally Cleaned:

Has your area rug been cleaned professionally?

If needed and depending on the rug material, bring the area rug to a professional cleaner.

Doing this will thoroughly clean the rug and even remove deep-seated stains.

This will also refresh your rug. Professional cleaning can be pricey, but it will be worth it, especially if your area rug is expensive.

Final Thoughts:

Every house needs an area rug.

When buying one, we recommend getting an area rug made from the most durable material, wool.

It is also best to clean and maintain them as prescribed. Most rugs come with a guide on properly cleaning them so you can make sure that they last longer.


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