How Big Do Area Rugs Come? (Checked)

Area rugs are a great way to decorate the rooms in your house. They show off your personal style and they can jazz up an otherwise plain and boring room.

For open floor plans, area rugs are also a great way to define a space. It is a great way to visually separate your living space from your dining area so that each part of the room looks cohesive in terms of design.

The sizes of area rugs vary from 3×5 feet to 12×15 feet.

Here is how big area rugs come:

Area rugs can come as big as 12×15 feet, or 366×457 in centimeters. Generally, area rugs can come in many sizes to fit different sizes of rooms. As a rule of thumb, your area rug should not cover the whole floor of the room. It should only cover the space designated for the seating area.’

What Are The Typical Maximum Area Rug Size In Stores?

When buying rugs in stores, there are several rug sizes to choose from.

The most common size for area rugs is 8×10 feet or 240×310 centimeters. It is a really good size that covers 7.5 square meters or 80 square feet of floor space.

This size of a rug is great for most spaces and rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms to dining rooms. This size would fit any room comfortably, and cover just the right amount of floor space.

The maximum one that you can get is 12×15 feet or 366×457 centimeters. This is the largest size for standard area rugs.

This size covers about 180 square meters or 1938 square feet of floor space. It is roughly a third of the size of a basketball court, which means that it is pretty big and that it covers a massive amount of floor space.

When buying in rug stores, you cannot get a rug that is bigger than that.

How Come You Cannot Buy Really Big Area Rugs?

If you want to buy really big area rugs, it may be challenging to find one. The biggest size that you can buy at a rug store is 12×15 feet, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything bigger than that.

This is because the standard size for area rugs is 8×10 feet. This size is already good enough to cover and comfortably fit most spaces and rooms.

As per interior design rules of thumb, area rugs should only cover the floor where most of the furniture is placed on.

For example, in living rooms or lounge rooms, the area rug should only be big enough to cover the seating area. For bedrooms, it should only be large enough to cover the area where the bed and side tables are at.

An area rug should not cover the whole floor space of a room. As its name suggests, it should only cover the main area and then you can place some accent rugs in certain parts of the room. If you want an area rug to cover the entire floor space, might as well get carpeted floors.

Can You Order Really Big Area Rugs Custom-Made?

If you want an area rug that is bigger than the maximum size being sold in stores, or if you want one in a specific size that is not usually available in stores, there are some companies that sell custom-made rugs.

These companies can make a rug in the size, color, design, and shape that you want.

The Rug Company

This company, founded in 1997 in the UK, is fairly new in the rug industry but already has a good reputation for selling high-quality rugs. It also has locations in the US.

The Rug Company offers custom-made rugs where you can specify the size in feet and inches.

So if you want a really big area rug, that is bigger than 12×15 feet, you can order one here.

Beni Rugs

This company, headquartered in New York, was founded to celebrate the art of making and weaving Moroccan rugs by hand.

Beni Rugs aims to preserve the art of rug making while offering various options for customizing the color, size, and design.

Fedora Designs

This company offers rugs that are priced per square meter. This is a good company that sells oversized hand-knotted rugs in unique designs.

Their website showcases all the beautiful designs available.

If you want to order, you have to email them with the size that you want.


Sebou is a Swedish rug company that combines the tradition of Moroccan rug making by hand and the minimalist aspect of Scandinavian design.

They offer a service that lets you order a rug that is tailor-made to your specifications in terms of color, size, and design.

How Are Big Area Rugs Shipped?

When ordering area rugs, the usual concern that customers have is how these rugs are being shipped.

There are lots of shipping companies out there that ship big area rugs. In general, rug companies partner with reputable shipping companies or couriers so they can safely ship these rugs to the customers.

Reputable shipping companies have their own process of packing and securing the rugs before shipping.

This so that when the buyer receives it, it will come looking as expected and in mint condition.

As for the cost of shipping, the rug companies would often give you a quotation that includes both the price of the rug and how much it costs to send it to you.

They would give the quotation before you place your order. This is so you will only be paying a one-time fee for your convenience.


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