4 Hair Dryer Brands To Stay Away From (At Any Cost)

Like most things in life, hair dryers were not created equal. While there are some amazing hair dryers, there are a handful of brands you should avoid at all costs.

Whether they are poorly made or come with too many complicated instructions, a bad hair dryer can throw off your hair game. More importantly, a bad hair dryer can actually work against you and damage your hair.

Here are our top picks for the hair dryer brands you should avoid:

1. Conair Brand Hair Dryers

Conair has been producing hair tools and accessories for decades and can be found in almost every store across the country.

However, the number one complaint that consumers have with Conair hair dryers is that some models are not very safe. There is a large number of people who have filed complaints about their Conair hair dryers sparking, smoking, and even catching fire.

While there are occasions where this can be chalked up to human error, Conair does have a history of allowing defective products to hit the shelves.

Some customers claim that the plate at the tip of Conair dryers gets way too hot, which can lead to burns on your scalp and face. Also, since these dryers heat up some components of their units too quickly, it can actually damage your hair in the long run.

It would be best if you also used a heat protectant before using any hot tool on your hair.

How does Conair keep turning out and selling hair dryers by the ton? The simple answer is that Conair is considered a “budget brand, ” meaning you will spend far less money to get one.

Also, since they are so widely available, almost anyone can find one.

Our advice? Avoid this brand for your next dryer, no matter how convenient it is to find one.

2. Revlon Hair Tools

Much like Conair, you can find Revlon easily in almost every store. Revlon brand hair dryers’ biggest perk is that they are affordable, at just around $20.

However, as we know, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. So, why is Revlon making a high appearance on this list?

The number one complaint with Revlon hair dryers is that they get way too hot quickly. Another reason why Revlon ranks so high on hair tool brands to avoid is the smell.

Some customers have noted that Revlon hair dryers can produce a strong burning smell. This can cause panic thinking that your hair has caught on fire.

However, it isn’t your hair that is necessarily burning but the hair that has gotten caught up inside the hair dryer.

Most Revlon hair dryers come with a plastic guard on the back that filters out hair to keep it from finding its way into the dryer. However, it clearly doesn’t do the job it is meant to since the burning smell is among the top complaints with their products.

The last reason we don’t recommend a Revlon hair dryer is that they seem poorly made. Along with the heat spikes and smell, some people find that they don’t work the way they are meant to.

3. Andis Hair Dryers

Next on our list of hair dryer brands to avoid is Andis.

While this isn’t as well known as a brand as the first two on our list, people still have plenty of complaints. The first thing to note is that Andis hair tools are a slight step up from the other basic brands we mention, making Andis a mid-range hair tool product.

With a higher price tag than others, you would expect that Andis hair dryers would outperform more generic hair dryers on our list. However, that isn’t the case.

While some people rave about their products, if you dig deep enough, you can easily start to spot the problems with owning an Andis hair dryer.

The number one complaint about Andis hair dryers is that they are too heavy and awkward to hold. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to use these types of dryers on their own hair since they will quickly tire out your arms.

Another reason Andis has made our list is the consistency in how the product works. While some people love Andis dryer, a handful of people have noted that it stopped working after less than 6 months of owning it.

The number one complaint of Andis dryers is that they are not made as well as they used to be. This is often a big problem with most beauty brands looking to cut production costs.

4. GHD Brand Hair Dryers

GHD hair dryers started out as a generic brand that focused on creating a lower-cost tool that is still comparable to the ones that cost hundreds of dollars.

The reason why GHD has made our list has little to do with how they function and is more about the overwhelming problem of producing and distributing knock-offs of popular brands.

Most recently, GHD has been producing hair dryers that are meant to be functionally comparable to high-end brands like Dyson. However, the cost of these dryers can be upwards of $100!

In the case of creating knock-offs, often, the products are not ethically made and also come with a lot of problems. The number one model that seems to have the most problems are the hair dryers that feature a collapsible arm.

This style is perfect for storing and traveling because you can fold the air dryer and have a retractable cord and plug. Wanting a compact hair dryer is one thing and having a perfectly executed product is another.

Most people find this product flimsy and easy to break, surprising since it comes with a price tag higher than $100.

Lastly, some consumers find that the GHD hair dryers don’t heat up how they are supposed to. After all, a hair dryer’s main purpose is to dry your hair.

Which Hair Dryer Brands are Best?

We’ve talked a lot about what hair dryers you should avoid and why, but how about some brands that we absolutely love?

Not only that, but brands are backed up by consumers who also love them.

First, we have BabylissPRO. This brand was first introduced to me at my salon. I always leave my hair feeling so smooth, even after a damaging blowout.

Babyliss has so many different styles and sizes of hair dryers that you are sure to find the right one for you. The thing I love most about Babyliss is that it is affordable while offering an even heat distribution and a perfect blowdry every time I use it.

The next brand we would recommend is DryBar. DryBar started as a salon that specialized in blowouts on the go. They became so popular quickly that they started selling their high-send heat tools straight to consumers and can be found in most luxury beauty stores.

While they come with a hefty price tag, these little yellow beasts will keep your hair smooth for years to come.

Which Hair Dryer Brands Are The Cheapest?

We can’t talk about hair dryer brands that are the cheapest without mentioning two brands on our don’t buy list.

Conair and Revlon top the list not only when it comes to having a brand that isn’t the best quality and also having a brand that is the cheapest. Perhaps this is a good lesson that cheaper doesn’t always mean good.

Remington is also one of those popular brands you can find just about anywhere, with one of the lowest price points for hot hair tools. However, unlike others on our worst brand list, Remington offers some amazing tools that won’t spark or burn your hair.

This makes it affordable for most people and gives you peace of mind in knowing that your hair won’t catch fire.

Kiss is another cheap brand of hair dryer that you can find. However, they are a little harder to come by, mostly sold in beauty supply stores.

While there isn’t anything particularly special to note about Kiss brand hair dryers, most people find them fairly okay regarding quality and function.

Wrapping It Up!

The most important lesson is that brand recognition doesn’t always equate to a good quality product.

While some brands on this list don’t have the best track record for producing an amazing hair dryer, they are still loved for the many other products they offer.

This shows you that you shouldn’t shop the label but the quality.

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