Do You Need To Unplug Hair Dryers? (Explained)

A hair dryer is an essential appliance in nearly almost every household.

A lot of people use this daily. When you have one in the household, it is important to know the safety risks when using it.

As a general rule, unplugging electric appliances when not in use is always advisable. This applies to hair dryers.

Here is Why you Need to Unplug Hair Dryers:

When you leave a hair dryer or any appliances plugged into the electric wall socket, it will still draw electricity even if it is turned off and not used as it draws electricity—the risk of damaging its components increases. Plus, you run the risk of it catching fire when left unattended.

Should You Always Unplug Your Hair Dryer?

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to using electric devices. This is why you should always unplug your hair dryer when not in use.

Once you have finished using your hair dryer, unplug it from the wall socket and allow it to cool, ideally on a heat-resistant surface. Doing this minimizes the risk of your hair dryer overheating.

While you won’t be running the risk of electrocution if you leave it plugged in because there is no current source, you can damage the components of the hair dryer if it gets wet, especially when you leave it in the bathroom.

It can also catch fire if you leave it plugged in. This may not be common, but as a general rule, any electric device with a heating element can catch fire when left plugged in and unattended.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so always unplug your hair dryer when you are not using it.

Do Hair Dryers Automatically Turn Off?

Most modern-day hair dryers have safety features that activate when an abnormally high temperature is detected. Given this, hair dryers can automatically turn off.

When using your hair dryer for several minutes, you may have encountered that it has suddenly stopped working. If this happens, don’t worry, as this is a common occurrence with modern hair dryers.

A lot of times, when your hair dryer automatically turns off, it means that it has overheated. Good-quality hair dryers have a circuit breaker that can detect an abnormally high temperature while using the device.

This automatic circuit breaker triggers the hair dryer to stop working. This is a good thing because it protects your hair dryer from overheating further, which can cause irreversible damage.

Extensive overheating can cause your hair dryer to catch fire. Overheating can also affect and damage the components, such as the motor.

When your hair dryer suddenly shuts off while being used, let it rest and cool down for a few minutes. Then you can press the reset button and turn it on again, which should work fine.

Do Hair Dryers Still Use Electricity When Plugged In?

When plugged in, hair dryers still draw electric current even if it is turned off and not being used.

This is why it is important to unplug your hair dryer as soon as you are done using it.

This also applies to all other electric appliances that have a heating element. Always unplug these appliances after using them. This prevents them from overheating, so you do not risk these appliances catching fire.

Can Leaving Hair Dryers Plugged In be Dangerous?

Even though hair dryers have safety features, such as an automatic circuit breaker, it is still not advisable to leave them unplugged when not used.

Leaving hair dryers plugged in can be dangerous. A hair dryer that is plugged in can still draw electricity even though it is not turned on.

You also must ensure that the plug and socket are in good condition. Check the plug and socket regularly for burn marks. If there is a buzzing or crackling sound when plugging in the hair dryer, it is best to contact an electrician to investigate.

The socket you plug in your hair dryer should have a residual current device (RCD) protection. This is a device that protects you against electric shock.

It also reduces the risk of your appliances catching electrical fires.

You can consider getting an RCD plug if you do not have an RCD protection in your fuse box. This is to protect you from faulty appliances that can be dangerous.

Additionally, check the cord of your hair dryer now and then for any signs of damage. A damaged cord can also pose a safety hazard.

You can get an electric shock. If you spot any damage on the cord, do not use it and replace the cord right away.

Can Unattended Hair Dryers Cause a Fire?

While it is not very common, unattended plugged hair dryers can cause a fire. This is why it is important to unplug a hair dryer immediately after use.

This is to decrease the risk of it overheating and catching electric fire. Any electric device that has a heating element can potentially catch fire.

In London alone, beauty appliances like hairdryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners have caused 17 fires in five years. So even if it is not that common, it can still happen.

As a general safety rule, always turn off and unplug appliances after using them. And when plugged in, never leave them unattended.


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