Do Sheds Come With Floors? (Solved & Explained)

This may seem like a daft question to some people, but if you are looking to invest in a shed, a good floor will ultimately determine how long it lasts and how well it serves your needs.

When buying sheds, most people often consider the size of the building and the exterior design. However, not so many people consider shed flooring.

Although it all depends on where you buy your shed, most suppliers will sell sheds that come with shed floors as a standard.

Why Do Sheds Come With Floors?

Shed flooring helps prevent moisture/dampness from seeping in, which may cause damage to the structure. It also provides a level base to walk on. In addition to this, flooring helps maintain structural integrity. Shed floors also provide a stable base to store tools and equipment.

Do Sheds Come With Floors?

Do All Sheds Come With a Floor?

Not all sheds come with a floor.

Some sheds come with a floor, while others do not. Most of the time, this will depend on the manufacturer from whom you plan on buying your shed as well as your personal preference.

Some manufacturers sell their sheds with floors, while some sell them without floors. Those that sell sheds without floors will either sell the shed and the flooring separately or recommend places where you can buy flooring for your shed.

You may decide to get a shed with a floor or one without when it comes to personal preference.

Flooring materials are pricey, and they usually increase the price of a shed. The floor can add about $100 to the total cost of a shed.

Most people usually prefer getting sheds without floors since this reduces the overall cost of the shed.

But all in all, shed floors are essential and they serve several advantages. So ensuring that your shed has flooring is actually more sensible.

Do You Really Need a Floor for a Shed?

Yes, you do need a floor for your shed. Shed flooring serves many advantages like:

For starters, the floor provides you with a stable surface. This gives you stability while walking and allows you to store your tools to don’t roll around in your shed.

The floor also gives your shed overall structural stability and integrity so that it can withstand the elements.

In conjunction with the foundation, the floor helps prevent dampness from seeping in from the ground. Moisture may cause damage to the structure.

The floor also prevents whatever you store in the shed from getting damp.

You can indeed get a shed without a floor. But in the end, the damages you incur in the future might be substantial compared to if you had just gotten a shed with a floor in the first place.

Do Plastic Sheds Come With Floors?

Unlike metal and wood sheds, plastic sheds will typically come with some form of flooring.

Of course, this is not always the case for all plastic sheds. So before purchasing one, you should always check with the manufacturer to confirm.

Most plastic sheds will have floors made from the same polycarbonate material as the walls and roof.

The plastic floor is easy to clean, which is one of its biggest perks.

You must understand that the plastic floor that comes with your plastic shed is neither a base nor a foundation. It’s only a floor, and for this reason, it’s only as good as the base it’s sitting on.

You, therefore, need to consider what kind of base is best suited for your shed.

Do Yardmaster Sheds Come With a Floor?

Yardmaster sheds do not come with a floor.

These sheds are designed to be bolted onto a solid base, preferably concrete or paving. The base doubles as the floor and has a firm foundation.

Yardmaster sheds come with a steel floor support frame that comes in handy where the base is unsuitable to use as the floor.

Do Metal Sheds Have Floors?

Some manufacturers sell metal sheds that come with floors, though this is not very common.

Most people, however, agree that the best metal sheds feature a built-in floor.

Metal sheds that come with floors are usually much stronger and sturdier than wooden sheds and plastic sheds.

More often than not, they have an integral metal floor that is bolted down to a concrete base during assembly to keep the structure sturdy.

Do Arrow Sheds Come With a Floor?

The answer to this question is not necessarily.

Arrow sheds usually come with Arrow floor frame kits. These are a framework of galvanized steel channels. These kits are usually installed after you have completely assembled your shed.

The recommended floor type for Arrow sheds is plywood. So, when you fit the Arrow floor frame kits with plywood, it forms a sturdy floor for your shed.

The catch is that Arrow sheds aren’t sold with plywood, so you have to get it separately and have it fitted to your shed’s dimensions.

What Is the Best Flooring for a Shed?

Before answering this question, we need to consider some of the factors when choosing your shed floor covering. These are:

1. Installation

Before deciding what type of flooring you should go for your shed, you need to consider the ease of installation.

Different flooring materials come with varying challenges of installation.

You should, therefore, review the installation guidelines to determine how complicated the process is.

If you feel comfortable and confident that you can do it yourself, then go ahead. Alternatively, if the installation procedure is complicated, you can always spend a little extra to get a professional to do it for you.

2. Curing

Curing or hardening is usually dependent on temperature.

Have you ever wondered why road construction happens in the summer only? It’s all due to curing.

Asphalt won’t cure/harden in cold months. The same applies to the majority of flooring products.

Sometimes, you can only apply some flooring products during certain seasons, depending on where you live.

You, therefore, need to consider this when deciding on the flooring type and when to install it.

3. Durability

A shed floor is more like a workspace, so it will most probably take a beating.

You will roll heavy equipment over it and also store some in it.

The floor will also be exposed to water and chemicals. You will drop things and drag them over them. It will face extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

So it would be best if you considered the durability of the flooring types before deciding on one.

4. Price

It goes without saying that you need to consider how much this will cost you.

Some flooring types are cheaper than others to install.

You will have to calculate the cost of your options and then consider how much you are willing to pay.

All that said, the best flooring for your shed is:

Pressure-Treated Plywood

Pressure-treated plywood flooring is an amazing choice, especially if you use your shed to store heavy tools and equipment.

One of its perks is that it has an appealing look and is quite smooth. Compared to other flooring options such as concrete, it gives off a more aesthetic feel which will come in handy, especially if you use your shed as a workspace.

Because it is treated, it is water-resistant. This means that it will protect your structure from any potential moisture damage.

Fire-retardant chemicals are usually added to pressure-treated plywood to create floors that are resistant to fire damage.

Pressure-treated plywood also has copper compounds that protect against damage by insects. Chemicals such as borate can be further added to discourage insect activity.

It is also not that hard to install, although you should probably enlist a professional’s help, so you do it correctly.

It can be costlier than other flooring options such as plastic, tiles, or concrete. But despite this, it is worth any application that requires resistance to moisture, insects, and fungal growth. What’s more, it has impressive durability.

In conclusion, floors are an integral part of any shed. Therefore, you should consider getting a shed that comes with a floor, even if you have constructed a concrete base for the shed.


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